Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beddy Bye Tail

This story took place over a few days/weeks while we were deep into wedding mania and it's going to take a few posts to share the whole thing.

Sometimes you have to take a break or you'll go crazy staring at yards of satin and chiffon and glitter.. So I took a little time one day to make a cute little beddy for the kitties. I had seen pictures of it and thought well that looks easy! And figured I could throw it together in maybe an hour. Do you hear the death knell yet? I sure didn't..

I bought a couple of yards of cheap material (a dollar a yard, where do you find that any more!) Then I went to find the instructions. Hmm, they had to be there somewhere, right? Hello, instructions! Where are you?! All I could find was a set of pictures on a site in a foreign language. There were no instructions for me to put in a translator even! Just pictures!

Well, I've been sewing for more years than I'm going to admit, so surely, I could figure it out by these pictures, right? What death knell? I'm sure that's just something on the TV or something...

It took most of the day, and ripping out more seams than I ever have, but I finally finished the bed! And wow, some measurements sure would have helped! The bed was HUGE! And the walls probably shorter than they needed to be. I mean, I have some large kitties, but this thing could fit two of them with room to spare! I bet if they tried, all three of them could fit! Seriously, it looked more like a bed for a mid sized dog than a cat.. But it also looked really soft! So with a confidence that really made that death knell ring, I tossed it onto the floor and waited for the kitties to notice and love it and adore me for making them so comfy!

And I waited......

Finally! Cashmere noticed!

What fresh hell is this? I disdain it, whatever it is.
 Sigh... Maybe someone else will like it!

Along came Leo!

What the fluff... Um, I don't think so! Buh bye!

And fancy pants just kept walking..

Is anyone ever going to like it?? Guess you'll have to keep reading. :)

PS, it's the angle of the picture that makes Leo look like a good fit for the bed's size, trust me, even my big boy would be lost in that thing!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

GOTCHA DAY FOR THE GIRLS! and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

I can't believe it's been a whole year since we drove to Illinois to get Leo's sisters from Chrystal!! Boy did that year go fast!

After they were returned in bad shape from a failed attempt at adoption, I couldn't bear it, I had to make sure their next home was their last, and that it was a good one! So we packed up for another eight hour trip and went after our sweet little girls! Ok, big girls!

We had gotten Leo three years before and he is my sweetie pie, my heart cat, my loving little boy. At the time, Star was still with us and she was not happy about Leo, and double not happy about the girls arrival! But she hated the girls less than she hated Leo, so it was some kind of progress anyway.

Chrystal warned us to expect the girls to take some time to settle in, after all they'd been through it would take them time to trust. I think the eight hour ride back home helped me and Cashmere bond though. Glitter was sick the whole way and I tried to comfort her without pressing her too much. But Cashmere leaned into my hands through the cage, soaking up all the attention I could give her.

Once we got home, Glitter was much better and showed herself to be a big cuddle bug, even if she only allowed pets and loving when all four of her feet were on the ground. Cashmere enjoyed scritches but yes, she would run if she got spooked.

A year later and the girls are both big cuddle bugs! They want pets from anyone who comes into the house and they greet everyone like wonderful little hostesses! Glitter is still not a lap cat, but she loves to sit next to people who will pet her. Cashmere will lap sit, but really prefers to sit behind or beside people. Do you know how hard it is to sit back when a kitty insists on sitting behind you? hee hee

We couldn't be happier with our sweet Winnie's Wish kitties! All three of them!

This is Leo on the left, Cashmere in the middle and Glitter on the right.

Happy Gotcha day, my sweet girls! I'm so glad we reunited you with your brother Leo, and that you all get along so well! You make us so happy and fill our house with love!


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Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

We thank all those who have, are, and will serve!

Tomorrow is a big day around here, we're telling mom that cough or no cough, she's posting!

Oh, and thank you all for all the words of comfort about the sickies going around here. We understand lots of folks have it too and it's a real humdinger so we hope you all get better too!
Mom's mom, Sir Moose-a-lot's mom, came home from the hospital the day mom posted about her being in, she's doing better. Thank you again!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stinkin' Sickies

Hey pals, Leo here. Wedding's over, right? Gonna blog regularly. Gonna visit friends. Gonna get lots of attention and scritches. Sure sure, we believe ya, mommy. So what happened to my cuddle times, hmm?
I'll tell you all what happened to them! Have you ever tried to lay on the chest of someone who wont stop coughing and sneezing and blowing their noses? Oh sure, the heat coming off of them is great! But who can enjoy that when they wont stop with the cough cough coughity cough! Pretty hard to nap through sneezits, even across the room!
It's not just our mommy and daddy either. Mommy's mom gots it so bad she's in the hospital! We feels bad for our ol' buddy Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom, her kitty, because even if we have to deal with the noise and complaints of our peeps, at least they's at home!
Nasty thing is going around! So we hope your peoples don't get it!
Frankly, we're ready to get back to normal around here with a more regular snackin' schedule!
Momma says she thinks they might be starting to feel better, but me and the girls, we gots a big ol' skeptical about that! We'll believe it when we sees the bloggies, and snackies, rolling in!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Crowded Conditions

Why is it that some of the cutest pictures have the most embarrassment factors in them? For instance, the picture I want to share today has a shelf in the bathroom in it. The embarrassing part is the condition of the towels the cats are on.. I'm shocked and disgusted by the amount of fur and the wads of fur hanging off of them. I guess it shows that they use this as a soft cushy bed regularly..

I will tell you that those towels are not in use by humans. Those are my favorite decorative towels that I didn't want ruined by grubby human bodies. Um, yeah... Anyway if you can overlook that part of the picture I can tell you the cute story behind it.

Leo: Um.. 'scuse me..
Glitter: Ok, you're excused.
Leo: Lemme rephrase.. Can I helps you?
Glitter: Oh, sure, you can scooch over some, that'd be great.
Leo: Scooch over? There is no over! I'm as scooched as I can be without scooching off the shelf!
Glitter: Ok, whatever you think is best.
Leo: *sigh* girls..

I know, it looks like Glitter was there first and Leo tried getting up behind her, right? Nope, not what happened! Leo was all sprawled out there, snoozing happily away. Glitter was on the sink counter. Just as she was jumping down, Greg was heading up the stairs. This, for some reason, freaked her out. Even though she loves Greg and often keeps him company when he's up there.

She turned around and hopped up in front of Leo, shoving him over and squeezing herself in. Leo, having been so rudely awakened, just sat there, unable to figure out what to do. Greg proceeded to use the room for it's intended purposes which also seemed to displease his usually pleasant friend. So she decided to vacate the premises. Leo still didn't know what was going on, but at least he was able to get back to his nap.

We hope you all have a great weekend of uninterrupted naps in whatever location you choose!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thankful Thursday

We're all so thankful that the wedding went beautifully! TLO is all married off now! We'll post a few pictures when we get them together.

We're thankful for time to rest and recover from the big build up to the big day! And we are thankful to be back and thankful that our friends are still (hopefully) around!

And Glitter is thankful that they make interesting TV shows about cats that she can watch, with much attention!

The Truth About Cats, huh? Well, I suppose they got some of it right. But wow, some of these cats are pretty mouthy! Oo there's a handsome Tom! Ok, this is a good show!
We're also thankful that sweet Katie Isabella gave us this awesome award a while back and we finally have time to post it!
Thank you Katie!
We're supposed to tell three unknown things about us, since there are three kitties, they'll each tell one!
1. Leo allows his front paws to be played with and tickled, but no one better ever touch his back feets!
2. Glitter headbutts people in the small of their back so hard that they feel like they're going to pass out or fall over!
3. Cashmere loves everyone and wants everyone to pet her and scritch her chin and if they don't, she thinks their is something wrong with them!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Manic Monday

Cashmere (in the back): Well, this is it! The big week!
Glitter (in the middle): Yep, Saturday is the Big Day!
Leo (front): Which means after that mommy will be done fussing with dresses and cakes and other fru fru stuffs and can get back to the important things!
All: US! And the blog and our friends of course, but mostly us!

Yep, I'm the one in manic mode, but at least it's not panic mode! So we should be good to go for the TLO's wedding Saturday!