Friday, June 28, 2013

Pizza Face

It used to be only when we had chicken that Star would make a pest of herself at dinner time. Well, she's expanded her palate and now includes something from nearly every meal!

And Pizza, oh boy, she's got a real taste for pizza! She gets bits off slices as we go, but Greg also makes sure she gets to 'hoover' up anything left in the box.

Oh boy, cheese.. sausage.. pepperoni... Oh my cod, what's that?

BACON! Mmmmm This is my kind of pizza!


June is nearly over and we're still hoping to get some kitties adopted out of the Winnie's Wish cathouse! Please, spread the word everywhere so these wonderful kitties can get their forever homes!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bunny Watch 2013

Did you wonder what Leo was watching and grinning at yesterday? (Did you notice the grin?)

No, it wasn't Star. It was a wild bunny nibbling up the dandelion greens growing in the driveway!

Star was oblivious.. She did notice Leo looking in 'her' direction, but basically ignored him, and the view.
Star: What are you looking at, barbarian?


Leo paid her little attention. Except for the fact that if she hadn't been right there by the door, he'd have been IN the door watching that bunny!
Leo: Fried rabbit. Rabbit stew. Rabbit fricassee. Roast rabbit. Hasenpfeffer. BarBQ rabbit. Beer batter deep fried rabbit... *drool*

Bunny: Do I hear drooling?

He couldn't take it, he had to brave getting into the door, closer to the treat, I mean, the bunny.
Leo: No, no drooling! It was... the faucet dripping, yeah that's it, just a drippy ol' faucet!
Bunny: Oh, if you're sure..  Mmmm The dandelions look more sumptuous over this way.. *munchmunch*

Star remained oblivious.
Star: Hmm? I don't want to wake up.. Keep your distance, barbarian...zzzzzz
Leo: Don't go too far, bunny! I want you to join me for dinner!

Leo: How do you feel about.. BarBQ Mr. Bunny?
Bunny: I prefer my dandelion leaves raw, thank you.


I'm still having trouble leaving comments over on Daily Dose. I sure hope you're visiting over there every day to see the kitties! It's so very serious that we work together to find homes for these sweethearts. The cathouse is full, that means no other kitties can be rescued, no matter how desperate their situation!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Window Woes

Leo: This is my tree! This is my window! This is my view! And whatever that critter is, is mine! Bwhahaha!
 *Hiss, scramble, growl, scuffle, thud, scamper scamper scamper, scrabble up, smugness*

Star: Heh heh heh "Yours?" Not any more, chicken boy!

Star: And that's a possum, he'd kick your butt too. Nice view from here though.

Star: My nap spot now. Zzzzzzzz
That's ok, Leo wanted down from there anyway I'm sure. He got some mommy snuggles and was very happy and purry!


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Monday, June 24, 2013

You're Really Reaching Now

Leo has an ornery streak..

Yo! Momma, what you think you're reachin' for? Not happenin'..

Tryin' another angle? Nope, not gonna happen! Don't even care if you're after my chin (which I love) or my tum (which I rarely allow) but I think we're done here. You've activated The Fang!

*giggle giggle snort* I really stopped her, didn't I? No pets when I's feelin' playful!

Sheesh, Why does he show that tummy, that chin, or those cute little toothies if he doesn't want pets and snuggles?? Wadda brat!


It's still June, still Adopt A Cat Month and the cathouse at Daily Dose is still full! Please, they're getting desperate for adoptions! While the cathouse is full, no other kitties can be rescued!
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mommy's in trouble!

Oh boy is our mommy in trouble! She forgot yesterday was daddy's birthday!

I plan to barf where she's sure to walk. Imagine! Missing MY daddy's birthday!
Everyone knows he's the best, most wonderful daddy in the world! Hrmph I'm indignant for him.
Ok ok, I'm sorry! Happy Birthday Greg, a day late!


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Leo's Got Star's Toy

Since Star was not too enamored with the new purple toy, I decided to toss it to Leo on his tree. Of course I overshot and it landed in the window behind him..

Hey, this smells like my new red toy!

Except that it looks a little different and has Princess Hissyface smell on it.

First swipe at it and he knocked it straight to the floor.
Well it flies well! And the fevvers are very nom-able!

I picked it back up and tossed it on his tree again, with greater accuracy this time. He jumped up after it ...and laid down on it.. Shades of how he treated the red one?
Not very comf-ra-ble.

Then the little bugger started playing with it, but he pulled a Star and kept his back to the camera and hid the toy from view! Brat..
*chomp bat chew whap crunch!*

I think he likes the new toys.. The jury is still out with Star.


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Star's Toy

The other day I posted pictures of Leo stomping on his new feather ball toy. That was not the only one we got. Besides that red one, there was also a purple one. I tossed it to Star. She was thrilled..

Really? Just throw it at me and I'm supposed to what? Jump for joy? Sure..

Hmm, we may have to work on her a little.


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Toy Dance

I don't get it, but Leo will tug toys back under himself and stomp on them with his back feet. We call it the toy dance.

So what new toy is he stomping this time?

Ohhh I'm stompin' stompin' stompin' on the new toy!
Oh yeah, stompin' stompin, stompin' all day long!

Ah, this is what it is! Seems to have retained it's shape even after all the dancing! it's got some nice loops that claws can hook pretty well and flip it right into the air! Hard to get pictures of that, he's so quick!


I have been having trouble leaving comments over on Daily Dose for some time now. Recently it only lets me post "test comment" and then nothing again.. Frustrating. Neither Chrystal or I can figure it out. So I will say here what I've been trying to say there.

The cathouse is full up again, and you just know there will be more kitties showing up needing help. So please please help find homes for the sweeties of Winnie's Wish! Share and tweet and email your friends and family! Look at the kitties with an eye on who you know who could be their forever family and then tell them! Please do what you can to help these sweeties find their people, their home!
And please don't forget that with many kitties come many expenses, so if you can, please donate!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recovery

Star reflects on her weekend. (Please note the curly tummy furs she's showing off, they are as soft as they look too!)

Oh fuzzballs, there was way too much barbarian in my weekend...

Seriously.. the horror... I can haz a do-over?

I think Leo might feel the same way...


June is Adopt a Cat month! Winnie's Wish has some great kitties who need to find their forever home fast! Can you help find their people? Please!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to my dad! Love you daddy!

Of course you all may know him as Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom's dad.

Purrs and prayers always appreciated for my dad as he goes through cancer treatments.


Don't forget that June is Adopt a Cat month!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Star Flies

Do you hear Star singing?

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky..

What? A girl can't have a fantasy life?

Hope your weekend takes you to great heights!


Please check out the Winnie's Wish kitties and help them find homes this month. There are a few new ones and oh my gosh are they adorable!! Share them with everyone you know please, so they can find their forever families!