Sunday, January 2, 2022

Leo's Scared Sunday Selfie

Leo: Friends, I is hidin' my face 'cause I had a scare! We all did!! Last Tuesday, while ridin' high over our post with the Auction Results, mommy got a call from daddy, and he was in the back of an ambulance! Mommy freaked. Out! We all ran from her, lemme tell ya, freaked us out too! Daddy got hit on the highway and his bus/van got flipped over! He got thrown down the other side when it flipped and landed on his face, ya'll, his face! 
You shoulda seen how we looked at him when he got home from the people vet building! Cashmere just jumped up on the arm of his chair as usual and stopped in her tracks and stared and stared and stared at his face! Kitties, people's got no fur to cover the multiple colors they can turn, it's freaky. 
He's got both of his feets wrapped up too, so he ain't walkin' right at all. Daddy said one is a cast and one is a boot, but the cast is on the bad sprain and the boot is on the broken one, does that sound right to you? Us either.. 
Momma says daddy needs surgery on his footsie, but daddy said maybe, and they don't stop going back and forth on it. Daddy has to see a second people bone vet for a second opinion so mommy stops harpin'.. I mean talkin' about it..  
One good thing, we gots him trapped now! He can't get away from us so we gets ta nap on him alllllll the time! We have to hold him down so he can heal and recover, right? That's what good kitty nurses do, so me and the girls, we's takin' this job very seriously! 
Another good thing is that Twin 1 and Twin 2 and their mommy (my mommy's sister) are coming over all the time and helpin' us all out. More people for pettin' time! 
So that's our scary end of year story, we sure hopes this new year is much better!!! Our folk's is tired of bein' hurt and not feelin' good! Anyone who wants ta send power o' the paw, purrs or prayers sure is appreciated by our daddy! And mommy too, maybe she'll feel your good will and stop freakin' out so much! 
Oh, and Happy New Year to ya all!!!! Purrs everyone!