Friday, May 30, 2014

Celestial Skyway?

When we made the decision to adopt Cashmere and Glitter we decided to make some adjustments to make the girls more comfortable. Chrystal told us that Cashmere tended to like to be up high. We have Leo's short cat tree in the front window and his nearly destroyed blue tree up to the cabinet shelf. Star uses them on occasion, but she's not much of a high percher so we tend to call these things Leo's because he loves them.

Two high places, one not that high at all, was not going to be enough for four kitties. So I talked to my cousin P, who just recently became a cat person and who's husband T likes to do wood work and he agreed to make us some shelves for the kitties.

I've seen some amazing shelves all over the internet, but I really like the ones with shadow cats on the wall behind them. So that's what we went with. The shadow cats are not done yet, but he rushed and got us the shelves up just in time for us to leave to get the girls!

 I'm not sure I'm keeping the pictures on the sides after the shadow cats go up, probably not. The heat vent is covered now, didn't want anyone going for a stroll in the duct work!
The 2 bottom paintings were done by my aunt, the mom of the cousin P.

Leo checked out the paintings, but has yet to traverse the shelves.

Hmm, there's something familiar about the grey tabby in the middle.. If I could only remember from where..
(was this foreshadowing? I hadn't noticed before! cue intense music!)

Long time readers might recall that shortly after we got Leo, three years ago, we started redoing the living room, (That redo not being finished being the reason we still don't have window trim, curtains or closet doors..) Back then we had intended a kitty super highway around the room. Plans for that were forestalled when we (by 'we' I mean 'I' because Greg kinda figured it might not work but I was insistent..) realized that the ceilings were too low and even Star, a tiny cat, could not stand on a shelf over the window..

A shelf/walk on this wall was always going to be in the mix, but we couldn't figure how to get them to it from other walls due to the odd configuration of our house. I think this turned out even better than I imagined it would be!

No one has been up there yet, much to my disappointment. I've seen Star looking at it, but she doesn't seem to have any interest, just like she didn't with Leo's cat trees when we first got them, took her months to decide to use them. Leo would have gone up after he was done sniffing that picture, but I inadvertently made the noise I use to tell Star to stop it when she gets growly and hissy at him so I think he thinks it's off limits.. We'll work on changing his mind soon. Cashmere is still getting used to things, still hiding a lot, but I know she'll enjoy it in time. And Glitter has been eyeing it up pretty good so here's hoping!

On to the girls! Here's Cashmere doing just a touch of exploring..

I'm not so sure about this place yet.. But I'm giving it a chance. My sister says the people are nice anyway..

Glitter loves loves loves to be petted! Here she's showing off an excellent elevator butt pose as she gets some scritches!

Oh that's the spot! I'll have you trained where to pet me before too long!

And lest you think I'm neglecting Star, here she is playing princess and the pea on the bed cover I am using to keep kitties off the material while I make the brides maid dresses for twin 2. Please note the smug expression..

I sleep where I want to sleep, Lady, and nothing you put down is gonna stop me!

Hope everyone has a nice restful, peaceful, weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Thankful For New Family Members

I started posting about getting Glitter and Cashmere into a new home on Monday. I know I confused many of you. I was being intentionally vague and suspenseful and mysterious, or at least trying to. I was kind of thinking I should keep it up in the air until Chrystal got back from vacation and could announce it at the same time as me. I was just too excited!

When I told Chrystal what I was doing, she said I should just go for it and say it out right! So here it is for those still in the dark:

We adopted Winnie's Wishers
Glitter and Cashmere
into OUR family!

Glitter and Cashmere are Leo's sisters. They were a litter of six feral kittens who's feral mom was far far far too feral and afraid to be tamed so she was TNRed. (Trapped, Neutered and Returned) The other three sisters are in good homes. Glitter and Cashmere were adopted, but circumstances required that Chrystal take them back and bring them back to health.

We kept hoping for homes for Winnie's Wishers, especially Leo's sisters, but time kept passing and there was no interest! Then one day Chrystal asked me what I thought about an opportunity that might get Glitter adopted. The only catch would be that there was no way to guarantee, or really even hope that Cashmere would be adopted with her. Cashmere is shy shy shy. And she depends on Glitter!

I had thought a million times that maybe we could take them, but no, Star would freak and Leo's happy and this and that and a million reason not to.. But when I heard that Chrystal was considering this, my heart said NO! These girls cannot be split up! And they cannot go anywhere but here!

Funny how 'crisis' tends to make everything clear. This was early in April and we started immediately making plans to get the girls. Our vacation is this week, so this was the earliest we could get them. We had a lot of things to do to get ready, so it worked out. But boy was it hard sitting on the secret!

The only other person in on the secret was Ann of Zoolatry, who made the wonderful coming soon banner and the current one for me! (She does wonderful work! If you need a banner or anything done consider going to her!)

So the cat is out of the bag now! I'll tell more of the story of getting them here soon. The big news is that they are here! And Glitter is already such a love bug! Cashmere is hiding a lot, but on the drive home I saw a lot of potential for her to be a love bug too. Leo is handling things well. Star.. *sigh* well, we knew she'd have issues. But so far no fights, just lots of hissing and growling. That Glitter and Cashmere ignore completely!

Here are some of the first pictures of the girls when we first let them out of their 'cat room'.

This picture of Cashmere is blurry, not just because I take bad pictures, but because I'm taking it from all the way in the living room, down the hall, into the kitchen, past the dishwasher where she's peeking out to see if she feels like trusting us strange people!

Oh I don't know about you people....

Glitter loves to be pet and it wasn't long at all before she was running out getting good pets before running back again! Here she's getting some love from Greg.

Ok, this one pets pretty good. I might start liking him maybe!

More stories about these new sweet members of our family, and sweet Star and Leo too, soon!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mouth, Here's Your Money and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Only one person got the hint yesterday! And I was sure I'd totally given it away!

So, to the title of this post. You've heard the saying 'put your money where your mouth is' meaning meaning if you're going to tell people to do something, you do it too!

I have long been an advocate of Winnie's Wish and begging for help finding homes for the great kitties there! Yes, I have a vested interest, it's the wonderful blog/rescue that I got my darling Leo from! And from the minute I got him, I've been after people to spread the word, to adopt, and to help find people to adopt.

You could say I've already 'put my money where my mouth is' by adopting Leo. But I decided to do more. This weekend Greg and I drove quite a long way to get two, yes TWO, Winnie's Wishers into a new forever home!

Recognize them?

They had a rough time traveling.. So in case you don't recognize them, here's their adoption posters

Yes, Glitter and Cashmere are in their home now. But there are still too many great kitties in the Winnie's Wish cathouse!

Would you please help some, one, or all of them find their very own homes? Thank you!

You can find out more about all of these sweethearts on the Daily Dose blog. Chrystal is on vacation, but you can still contact her and tell her you want a kitty!

Thank you!

Monday, May 26, 2014

You Want a Hint?

Who wanted a hint? You want a hint? Oooooh boy are we excited! So I'll give you a hint....


Here's the hint....

"Look Up"

Hee hee! So excited!

Leo: We're still on the look out!
Star: Guess we have to wait a little while too.
Leo: I hate waiting..

Tomorrow! Ooo We can't wait!


Happy Memorial Day!!

Friday, May 23, 2014


Leo: Is it time yet?
Star: No, not yet..
Leo: Are you sure...
Star: I feel it in my bones.. so yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Leo: Oh boy!

Oh boy! Can't wait! It's gonna be awesome!
Have a great weekend..... On the edge of your seats? hee hee

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Purrsday!

Leo is hanging out on top of laundry baskets today! He's one happy boy!

I'm not paranoid.. I always have my lasers on. Besides, if Star wanted the baskets, she would have been in them already, right?

Can you feel it? There's something in the air...

Oh boy, it's gonna be awesome, I just know it!

What you talkin' 'bout, Leo?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Toesies and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Leo's showing off some of his extra great toesies in some older pictures!


The Winnie's Wish kitties we're highlighting today are a little older, but have years and years of love in them! Tracy Mae is six years old and Teddy is eight, they would love homes of their own soon!

Tracy Mae is a sweetheart who just wants a human of her own that she can purr and purr and purr for. She loves to be petted. She may do better in a home with no other kitties, or maybe just one other kitty. In the cathouse she just tries to stay out of the way of the other cats. But she loves loves loves pets and attention!

Teddy is a real loverboy! He's laid back and kind and loves EVERYbody! Cats, humans, he doesn't care, he loves loves loves everyone! Won't you give him a place to love you forever?

You can find out more about both of these sweeties HERE.

And you can find all the adoptable Winnie's Wish kitties on the sidebar at Daily Dose!
(Oh my gosh, they just got one silver and two more black kitties and one of them looks like a miniature Spitty the Kitty! They are over their limit of kitties, so please please please help find lots of great homes!!)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Predictable Cats? Not So Much

Cat's sleep in laundry baskets. Right?
There is no where you can put a laundry basket that a cat won't sleep in it. Right?
Given the choice between a squished up few inches of chair and a laundry basket full of soft towels with a soft quilt on tip and a cat will, what? No brainer, right?

This is why I don't fully understand cats sometimes!

What? I'm a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, covered in fur.
I guess only tiny little Star could fit comfortably in the three or four inches left of that chair. And look cute napping there! What a silly girl! I mean, she's the reason there's a blanket on top of laundry baskets around here, because she won't stay out of them!

I nap where I want, when I want. I'm allowed, I'm the boss!

Yes, you are the boss Star. I'll stop taking your picture so you can return to your nap, sweetie.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Long Napper

Leo is a long napper. You can take that in a couple of different ways. For instance, he naps for a long time. Especially when he requires your arm to keep him from sliding off and you have to stay in a particular position until said arm nearly falls off. Then he'll give you a disgusted look, turn around and snuggle back in for the rest of his nap, probably still requiring an arm. If you're lucky, it'll be the opposite arm this time, but don't count on it!

He's also a long sleeper because, well, because he's a loooonnngg cat! You can see that in the following pictures where he's nearly got his rear end up on the back of the couch and his nose about hanging off the front. Long kitty is long! Long napper is long!

We hope you all have a long, restful weekend!
And we are hoping Chrystal has a nice, long, restful, wonderful vacation! We are anticipating the wonderful surprise she hinted will be coming when she gets back! What a tease, huh, to leave us with a cliffhanger when she's going to be gone for two weeks? MOL

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Straw Hat Day


Star and Leo wanted to participate in Straw Hat Day! (even if they have to use last year's pictures)


We're going to be kind of scarce in commenting for a while and want to apologize ahead of time. You see, Twin 1 (The Loud One) and Twin 2 (The Scared One) are both getting married. Twin 2 first, and I'm making her brides maids dresses. Among other things for both the wedding and shower. It's going to take a lot of our time and energy. So please know that we love you, but may not visit/comment much for a while. When Twin 1's wedding comes up next spring, we'll be in the same boat again! But there should be a break in the middle!