Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Mommy Update

 Leo: Well, the momma is in the hospital and we're all hard up for pets and snuggles.. (not covid) She's been there since Saturday night but finds it hard to type with some monitor thingie on her finger. Couldn't crochet either until they moved her IV, so yikes, she is not a happy camper! She says she misses us like mad and we miss her so much too. We are hoping she will be home soon, maybe by the weekend, but we dont know. And now there's like a ton of white freezie stuff out there which will make her homecoming even harder! Please send hugs, love, warm thoughts and purrs for all of us! 

PS, that's an old picture of me since she doesnt have any new ones with her. Please enjoy the tummy from afar because it is not on display for the touchie-feelie stuff. Who you think I am, Glitter? MOL! 

Loves to all of yous!