Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Attack of the Lazy Fluff Monster!

 It lurks on the floor... Waiting... Always waiting.. 
You're just walking along... happily minding your own business..
AHHHHHHHH!! Attack!!!!!!!
Cashmere: So... If I walk by you, you're gonna whap at me? 
Glitter: And wrap my paws around you and maybe even nibble! Bwhahahahaha!
Cashmere: Ok... What if I go the other way then? 
Glitter: Um... I'll wait. 
Cashmere: See ya! 
Glitter: ...... 

Glitter: I think she's coming back later.. right? Who doesn't want to be attacked by The Floofinator!  
Mom: Aw, I'd take an attack by your sweet puffy paws!
Glitter: hee hee! rawr! Well, come here!

Yes, it's true. I have the laziest players/attackers ever. If it can't be caught while laying on their back, then it can't be caught! Look at that sweet face on Glitter, you know you want that attack. Go ahead, get closer!


Oh boy! Have you seen the Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa Raffle??? Please check it out, $5 a chance at winning this wonderful soft nap spot for your kitty (or tiny dog)! 

Please share a banner on your blog or social media, please help this raffle do really well for the kitties of Winnie's Wish! Thank you!!
Full details on the Winnie's Wish Auction site (no auction right now, just the raffle info)

Friday, March 26, 2021

Leo's Tenth Gotcha Day! And Raffle Starts!

 Here's one of those first images I had of him.. My sweet baby boy! Little Giant Footsies!

Not much later than that first picture, he was growing and turning into a real house kitten.

And then, his final Winnie's Wish Cat House picture, looking like a junior high year book picture, half grown into a sleek and furry darling boy. 9 months old he was, and handsome with it.

Chrystal had rescued him, tamed his feral little heart, and then entrusted him to me!We drove far to get him, Chrystal drove far to get him to me. We met and little hearts and flowers spewed from our heads. Love at first sight! 

He rode on my shoulder, didn't want to let go of me. In his new home, he made little impression on his new fur sister, Star, but he was firmly attached to me from the start. He cried when he lost sight of me while exploring, I'd call him and go looking and he'd come running, mewing as if to say, 'hey you got lost! Don't do that!'

Ten years later, I'm still in love with my furry baby. He's still stuck on attached to me (I'm having trouble typing because he's leaning on my arm and I don't want to disturb him) 

Ten years!!! Say it ain't so! I don't want him to be getting older! I want him to stay my baby! Well, he is my baby.. but I don't want him to age anyway!

For his birthday he will be allowed as much nip as his little heart desires. And he's a nip head so I'm concerned for my good nip supply.. He will get all the cuddles he wants and even his favorite snack (even though he's only mildly into snacks in the first place..)



I'm so grateful to Chrystal of Winnie's Wish for giving me my heart cat and I'm honored to be her chief fundraiser! It just feels right to me to kick off the Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa Raffle on Leo's Gotcha day! 

                      (please take and share the banners, help spread the word!)

I put the full information on the Winnie's Wish Auction site, but here's the run down: 
Either use the donate button here on my side bar, or on the Winnie's Wish Auction site, or go to paypal and look for my email address: anniclan@aol.com under my husbands name, Greg Piskula and donate $5 for each ticket you want. Put the word SOFA in the comment/note section. If you can, please use the 'send to a friend' option to save on fees.  
You get one entry for every $5. If you donate $10, two entries. Donate 15, three entries, and so on! 
This starts today!! And ends April 2, at midnight EDT. On April 3rd, a winner will be drawn!
Every bit of your donation/entry will go to Winnie's Wish to help the 32 Wishers living there!

Thank you everyone! 

And one final.. I love you, Leo the Chinese Lion! Happy Gotcha Day baby boy!!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thankful Thursday with Cashmere

 *whispering* Cashmere would like to tell you that she's thankful for boxes, but she can't because she's too busy napping on this one. I'd like to say that I'm thankful that her little black toe beans are showing and you can see how velvety black the bottom of her paws are! Adorable right?! Oh oh, and her cinnamon belly furs! Even the underside of her tail is cinnamon!

PS. Tomorrow the raffle starts for the Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa! (But to those of you who have sent early, we'll count that and make sure you're in the drawing!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Three Cat Window

 Check it out!

Leo: (On the ham-mick/box with the ears of annoyance) If I ignore them, they aren't here and I still get the breeze.
Glitter: (In the middle) This is awesome, why was this closed for so long? Oo what was that? Someone passed by, I can smell them! 
Cashmere: (on the right also sporting ears of annoyance) So many new smells, maybe I'll just sit here and listen for a while before looking.. Maybe I'll get it all to myself soon and can look freely from my, I mean, the ham-mick.
To be honest, I'm not sure those are real ears of annoyance or ears of listening to all the cool night sounds. No one was really grumpy and they were all together, something we're seeing lots more lately and that I love! 

 I put all the raffle information on the Winnie's Wish Auction site. We're not doing an auction, but I thought it was a good place to keep the information where it stays on top and is easy to find. 

It starts this Friday and helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish, so please check out our very first raffle!

Please feel free to take and share the above banners! Help us spread the word!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa Raffle Info

 Winnie's Wish
"Fancy Crocheted Velvet Sofa" Raffle

March 26 - April 2 at Midnight EDT

This lovely soft Fancy Sofa is made with velvet yarn over a cushy, high density foam center. It's approximately 17 inches across and 10 inches tall at the back. Complete with three fancy pillows securely fastened on. Big enough for any kitty, several kittens, maybe even small doggies! Colors are a soft blue, a dark blue, soft gray and white.

Raffle Entries are $5 US Each. Purchase one or as many as you wish. We'll divide your donation by 5 to determine how many times your name goes into the bowl. 

There are two ways to purchase Raffle Entries: 
PayPal to anniclan@aol.com (or use the donate button on the sidebar here). Note 'SOFA' in the comments. If possible, use the 'send to friend' option on to save fees from being taken. (Hey, we're all friends here, right!)
Mail a check or money order; email anniclan@aol.com for instructions. You'll have to let us know how much you are sending so we can add your entries whether it arrives before the drawing time or not. 

Winner will be drawn Saturday April 3rd. I will (try to) video it and post the video along with the Winner Announcement. 

All donation entries will go 100% to Winnie's Wish Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, home to 32 rescued kitties. 
Here is what Chrystal, the woman with the giant heart for these kitties says about the Wishers: 

The cats of Winnie’s Wish call this place home. This is where these 32 cats will spend the rest of their lives.  I try to make those lives happy ones.  There are kitty beds, cat trees, outdoor decks, nooks and crannies, toys, and lots of room.  There is heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer.  Fresh water, tons of food and tons of kitty litter.  A few of the cats have special foods because of issues they have.  One cat has special food and even special water (distilled) because of chronic UTIs (which are now staying under control).  Some of the cats, also because of special issues, have daily supplements.  And this past year a couple of Wishers have needed ongoing prescription medications.

So you can see that the need is great. The cats are wonderful. And Chrystal seriously appreciates every bit of help.  So please enter as many times as you can! ;)

I will put another post after this one sharing some information about the Fancy Sofa that I put on my Celestial Kitties blog with maybe a few other details.

Here are some banners that you are free to use to share the Raffle on your blog or facebook or wherever you would like. Please help us spread word about the Winnie's Wish Fancy Velvet Sofa Raffle!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Caturday Art

 I just had to play around with Leo's Sunday Selfie from last week because I love the picture so much! I had to stop myself from making too many art pictures with it!
Using Lunapic as usual, the first one is: 
 Made a gif with Shamrock

 And here's the original

That was fun! I think I actually like the sketch2 one best this time because of how it highlighted his fur!


More information on the upcoming Fancy Velvet Kitty Sofa Raffle!
I've decided that it will start on Leo's Gotcha day! It'll be this Friday the 26th! I think that's about a perfect time since he was a Winnie's Wisher and the raffle is to help the kitties of Winnie's Wish Cat Rescue and Sanctuary!

The original Fancy Sofa was in an auction quite a few years ago and was won by Robyn of Love and Hisses fame. It's still getting a lot of use by kittens and cats alike there. Robyn graciously said I could use her pictures to show that one off. Here it is with some of her foster kittens enjoying it:

I loved the Fancy Sofa but it was the only one I ever made because it was not exactly as easy as it looks. I still have the yarn I got at the same time to make one for my kitties and have never made it! 
Then I started seeing that someone was making the fancy sofa out of velvet yarn! Now, I love Velvet yarn, even though it comes with it's own challenges, but I never ever thought about using it for a fancy sofa! But I love it! Those velvet fancy sofas were raffled off by the cat rescue Love and Hisses Robyn fosters for and they have been a big hit. 
Well, after seeing those, I couldn't NOT make one, so I got me some of that Fancy Velvet Yarn and made a Fancy Velvet Sofa! 
I did make this one a bit bigger just because the yarn is bigger and you have to use a bigger hook and I didn't want to do the math to make it fit the original dimensions, lol!

Here it is again, so you can, hopefully, fall in love and want to buy a raffle ticket and thereby help the kitties of Winnie's Wish!

Remember, Fancy Velvet Cat Sofa Raffle begins Friday, March 26th!


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St. Patrick's Day


Leo: Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! Toss back a bit 'o green (nip infused) beer with me to celebrate! 



I finally have a sneak peek at the upcoming Fancy Velvet Sofa Raffle! Ooooo I hope you all like it! 

It's crocheted with velvet yarn so it's extra soft and cushy! I also made it a little larger than the original Fancy Sofa (seen on Love and Hisses because they won it in one of our auctions a few years ago) it's 17" across and 10" high at the back. Big enough for large kitties! 

Raffle coming by the end of the month, keep an eye out for updates!

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Leo's Sunday Selfie

 Leo: Hey everyone! I'm sure you're wondering why I look a bit annoyed in my Sunday Selfie, right? Lemme tell ya! Our daddy went and broke his hind paw, I mean, foot. No, that's not the annoyance, we feels bad for him for that part. The annoyance is that he gets around the house on some really weird rollie thingie that mom says is called a knee walker but we think looks like a quad-bike thingie that he rides like a tall scooter complete with motorcycle handlebars! Lemme tell ya, when he goes scootin' through the house, we scatter!  

I mean, it's nice that he's sittin' in the recliner a lit and we can pile on him when we're not piled on mommy, but man, I don't like that thing!

Glitter does though, she steals it and naps on it, saying the 'seat' is perfectly sized for her. To each their own I guess, she can have it!  
A quick reminder that we are going to have a raffle soon, hopefully this week, for a velvet fancy sofa for kitties! I'll share a picture as soon as I can! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dr. Suess Day


Happy Dr. Seuss Day everyone!! Ours is old, but still told!





Just letting you all know that coming soon will be a raffle for a velvet Fancy Sofa for kitties to benefit Winnie's Wish! Keep an eye out for it!