Monday, August 31, 2015

In This Corner!

Good evening folks, and welcome to a wonderful evening of boxing! I'm Howard Cattail and This! Is Fight Night!
Lets meet the pugilists!

In this corner! "Glitzy Gloves" Glitter!

And in that corner! "Calamity" Cashmere!

Touch paws, girls, and come out fighting!


What a furious start to the fight! Both combatants jumped in with tooth and claw!

They both got a mouth full of fur in the opening moments of round one!

Oh what's this?  An unexpected turn about! I'm not sure who's move that was, but it seems to have given both of them renewed determination!

I think "Glitzy Gloves" might have the upper paw at the moment!
What's this! Glitter has backed off?

"Calamity" seems to be catching her breath or reassessing her fight style. Will she come back with a vengeance? Or is this battle all but over?
But first, a word from our sponsor!
Treat toys! Every cat loves them right? Who cares if they don't know it's food!
Coming to a clearance aisle near you soon!

And we're back! Howard Cattail here again with all the action!

"Calamity" Cashmere has taken the fight to a new arena!

Has she given up? Or is this dive under the bench cave a surprise tactic that will win her the battle?

"Glitzy Gloves" Glitter intends to answer that question for you with a resounding "Not on your furry nelly!"

There is too much action for the camera! It's fast, it's furious! It's.... OVER!


Glitter: That means I won, right?
Cashmere: Just for the moment, Glitzy, just for the moment..
Glitter: Yeah, well Calamity, that's all that matter, hee hee!
Winner by a knock out/chase down, "Glitzy Gloves" Glitter! What a fight this has been! One that will live in our collective consciousness for ages to come! 
This has been Howard Cattail. Thank you for joining us here tonight. We'll see you again soon for another big battle of the Furious Furballs!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I can NOT believe my babies are FIVE!

Leo has been here for almost four and a half years, the girls just over a year. They still seem like babies to me. LARGE babies, but babies none the less. They certainly play like kittens! And that's why we're having a big blow out party for their FIFTH BIRTHDAY!

But first, the obligatory baby picture!

Leo is top left, Glitter in the front and Cashmere on the right.
Bottom left is, I believe, Spritz, another sister. Not pictured here are the other two sisters, Mitts and Tuxie/Trixie.
Glitter: We dun like you, humans!
Cashmere: Yeah, go 'way!
Leo: Please... I can't back up any further!
Spritz: Before I get squished please!

Hard to believe that these scared, feral babies who wanted no contact at all with people are now the most loving, attention hungry, cuddlebugs! We are ever so thankful to Chrystal for rescuing them and for letting us adopt them!

You can read their harrowing rescue tale in Chrystal's book! Which you can buy HERE. And trust me, it's worth the read! Leo and the girls' family show up near the end of the book, but there are lots of other awesome rescue stories! Oh, and as an added bonus, if you buy the book, Winnie's Wish gets money to keep rescuing more kitties!

Onto the party!

Please enjoy lots of yummy foods!
Image result for hamImage result for roasted chicken

Some delicious drinks!

Our favorite hallucinogens!

 Image result for catnipImage result for silver vine powder

 Don't forget cake!!!
Image result for cake for cats

And Ice Cream!

Oh there will be dancing and playing all day and through the night! Please pop over and join us!
Pull up a box and listen to the cat band!

We could think of no better way to celebrate Leo, Glitter and Cashmere's birthday than to ask for adoptions for other Winnie's Wish kitties! Please visit the Daily Dose site and check out the kitties on the side bar, all waiting for their perfect homes!
If you are so inclined, you could make a donation to them via the paypal button on their site, or even fulfill Wish List item! (It's my understanding that they are in serious need of litter, but any items on the list would be greatly appreciated!)

Thank you all for coming! We would not be here if you, our dear friends! It was, after all, your suggestion that we start a blog when Leo was adopted, and we are so so so glad we took that advice!
Thank you!

Happy Birthday Leo the Chinese Lion!
Happy Birthday Glitter!
Happy Birthday Cashmere!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop! Dora the Kitten!

It's Tuesday! That means it's time for Opt to Adopt!

Oh have I got a treat for you today! Today's Winnie's Wisher is the most adorable little calico kitten!
That's right, I said aDORAble!

Her name is Dora! And she's just so sweet!

The name Dora means 'Gift' now, who wouldn't want this darling little gift for their very own??
Can you help find her the perfect forever family? Distance is not a problem, transport can be arranged! Please share her everywhere!!

I mean, really, how can you resist this face!
You can read about how she went from the side of the road in the middle of the night to becoming a Winnie's Wisher HERE. (Scroll through July and August for more stories on her on the Daily Dose site)

And you can see some more great pictures of her (along with some other Wishers) HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption:

Monday, August 24, 2015

One Last Try

Ok, last one, I promise! This is the last of this playing with the treat toy series. Whew, I got a lot of pictures without a lot of excited kitties, didn't I? So far the string treat is a fail and they haven't figured out how to get the crunchy treats out of the rocking body without daddy bapping it for them!

Glitter: I don't know what you're trying to pull on us, but this thing is getting frustrating!

Ok, Glitzy Girl, I don't want you to be frustrated. Let me take the head off of that wibbly wobbly kitty treat dispenser. Maybe more will fall out easily.

Glitter: Hmm, I don't know if I feel like trying it again. After all, right here is my favorite springy toy. Enie meany miney mo...

Glitter: Ok, one more chance. I can still see treats through the little hole..

Glitter: Oh hey! The hole in the top is big enough for my paw to fit in!

(see her paw through the little hole!)
Glitter: Ok... I feel the treats.. I think I have some... At least one!

I don't have any pictures because she was FAST at this point! but Glitter yanked out some treats and stuffed them in her mouth with her paw! Some fell on the floor and she gobbled them pretty fast too!

She would stick her paw in and drag the treat dispenser back into her body so quickly! You can only see a peek of it through her fluff, but she finally got the treats herself!

Glitter: I've got this thing licked now! Hide my treats.. I'll show you!
Leo: Ok, you figured it out, but it's still just those yucky crunchy things.
Glitter: Brother, you just don't know what's good!

So over all I got the hint that they were not thrilled with this thing. Especially the string treats! No one will even take a bite of those. The girls like all crunchy treats, but I don't think they were thrilled with rocky thing. Maybe it would work easier on a hard floor, not carpet.

By the way, this was not a product test or anything, this was just us playing with a new thing. We had fun watching them trying to figure it out, but I don't think they had a lot of fun!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Treat or Toy?

We left off on Tuesday with Cashmere thinking the string treat part of the treat toy was a toy, not a treat. (I hope you followed that sentence because I think I confused myself..)

Leo had left the field to the girls so Greg took one of the string treats, broke it into a smaller piece and offered it to Leo. He'd been so excited when I opened the package of those string treats that we were sure he was interested enough to give one a taste. And then we'd, finally, have a treat that Leo would eat!

Leo: What is this you're offering me? It smells intriguing but..

Leo: Oh hey! It's not what I thought it was! I know what it is now!

Leo: It's a stringy toy! *whack, bat, whackity bap!*


Back to the girls. Greg gave the rocky wobbly toy another shove to show them, again, that if they played with it, it would give them treats! 

Glitter: Ok, I think I'm getting the idea now.
Cashmere: Oh yeah? What's the idea?

Glitter: Ok, it's either a torture device designed to make us smell the treats that we can't get to.
Cashmere: Hmm, I don't know. What's the "or"?
Glitter: The what?
Cashmere: The "or"! You said "either" and you can't have an "either" without an "or" so what's the "or"?
Leo: *whap bap bop shoveshove tap* All I know is the bit he gave me has some excellent play potential!

Glitter: Oh right. Well the "or" is.. It could be a daddy toy designed for him to play with. The treats rattle around in there and he must like the sound or something. He's messing up and letting his 'rattle' parts fall out. So he's obviously bad at playing with his new toy.
Cashmere: That makes sense. But man, you'd think he could find something other than OUR treats to use as his rattle bits! I mean, how rude!
Glitter: I know, I know. But at least he's letting us have them when they fall out.
Cashmere: Hmm, does that make us his maids, cleaning up after him?
Glitter: *crunch* I sincerely hope not..

Oh boy... Well, they don't seem to have the idea quite yet.. One more part to this story to go. Do you think they'll get it??

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More "Fun?"

We left off yesterday with the new treat toy thingie not making a great first impression. Leo backed away to a safe distance and the girls were trying to figure out how those treats got out of the thing. No one had figured out that the stringy bits were actually treats as well.

Glitter: Well, I've had enough, time to rest against one of my favorite leaning places.
Cashmere: But I still want treats!
Leo: I don't like the looks of that thing. At all.

Greg knocked it again, to show them how it's done and to release a few more treats.

Cashmere: Hey! More nummy treats appeared!

Glitter: Oh really? I only caught a glimpse of them before you inhaled..
Cashmere: Yeah, like you wouldn't have if you'd been here!

Cashmere: *snarf crunch*
Glitter: Any left?

Cahmere: Nope. But hey, these stings look like they might be cool toys!
Glitter: Worth getting up for?

Cashmere: Na, I don't think so..
Glitter: Figures.. Color me unimpressed. I may be starting to hate that thing.

Cashmere: Whoo hoo! Look at the air time I got on that string!
Glitter: So it IS fun?

Cashmere: Um... na, just stay where you are, no fun here at all.. *grab, flip, toss, catch, roll*
Yep, more to come! And here's a hint: Leo gets back involved!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Is It a Toy? Is It a Treat?

Last week I teased you with a picture of my kitties exploring a new treat toy that we found on sale. If you haven't seen this thing before, it's got two kinds of treats. There's a soft-ish string like treat that you stick in the toy's ears (does that seem as weird to you as it does to me??) and crunchy treats you put in the belly. There is a weighted, rounded bottom so that when the kitties whack at it, the treats fall out of the hole in the side.
I imagine it would rock better on a hard floor, not on carpet, but we were lazy and put it where we could get pictures easily.
As I've mentioned, Leo has not been a fan of any kind of treat for a long time. He acts like we're trying to poison him with Temptations.. He will even turn his nose up at their nightly canned food snack if it's not up to his standards, and even if he does like it, he only eats a bit, then walks away. The girls, however, are treat lovers!
So this ought to be good, right?
It started promising. When I opened the pouch with the stringy treats in it, Leo came running! Whoo hoo, something he'll like? It took me a few minutes to set the thing up, especially with three kitties pacing over my toes as I fiddled with it.
I set it down and.. I shared a picture last Wednesday of sniffing.
There was lots of sniffing! And a very promising bitey on the stringy treat from Leo! I was excited!
Leo: *chomp* Stringy!
Glitter: I smell... treats! Where are they?
Cashmere: It smells like they're here.. but all I see is this weird rocking cat thing..
He didn't even leave teeth marks on that string treat..
And Greg had to give it a whack and knock some treats out to show them how it was done.

Leo: That didn't taste like my stringy toy..
Cashmere: I swear there is something edible around here somewhere.
Glitter: Seriously, make with the treats, lady.

Cashmere: Hey! Where did this one come from?
Leo: *sniff sniff* eh, is that all?
Glitter: Where? Lemme see some!

Glitter: Seriously.. I'm gonna ask one more time.. Where. Are. The. Treats?
Leo: Um, you're scaring me.. I think I'm outta here!
Cashmere: There was one right here.. but I eated it.

Cashmere: I think I see some in there.
Glitter: Great! But how do we get them out?

Cashmere: Maybe we don't get them out.. maybe we stick out nose in!
Glitter: I think one touched the carpet here before.. they smell like good treats.

Glitter: Did sticking your nose in work?
Cashmere: I don't want to talk about it.. *snort* I tink I hab treat dust ub by dose..

Oh there's more to come.. To be continued! (think they'll figure it out?)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Lick and a Promise


I teased a story about the kitties and that new treat toy the other day, and I promise, it's still coming! But I realize now that I don't have time this week to do it. I am not sure I will blog the rest of this week, but I will be back for sure on Monday! Busy busy weekend coming up that's taking a lot of my time to prepare for.

Please forgive us, we'll be back soon with the funny story and more fun, promise!

I could not resist giving this post that title! It's something my gramma used to say when she couldn't give a room a thorough cleaning. "I'm just going to give it a lick and a promise" she'd say, meaning she'd give it a quick once over and come back for deep cleaning later. So of course I had to find a picture of a lick with Leo so I could make my promise! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Treat Toy and Opt to Adopt West Woods Family

Have you seen this new treat toy thing?

It's got holes to put these rope like treats in the top and a hole in the side for little kibbley treats. It's supposed to make your cats play to get their treat, right? Well I found one on sale and decided to see if my babies would like it.

Leo has not been a fan of any kind of treat for a long long time but the girls love any treat, so at least some of them should like it, right?

It's too long of a story for today because I really want to get to the Opt to Adopt part, so look for a lot of pictures soon! Oh my gosh is it funny!


This week, I still have a BIG WISH for some Winnie's Wishes! This sweet family, the West Woods Family, are so in love with each other, so close, so sweet. Is it at all possible to find a great home for FOUR sweet kitties? If it is, I know that we, you and I, are the people to find that home! We can share them on our facebook, twitter, whatever social media we use, we can ask family and friends, we can do it, if we but try! So will you try with me?

I know it's a big thing to ask, so at the very least, I would love to see at least some of these kitties go together, please help however you can! All four, or in pairs! Or Nisha could go alone if it has to be that way. But my wish is for each of them to have family with them in their new, forever homes!

You can read more about these great kitties HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption: