Sunday, March 6, 2022

Not Quite A Sunday Selfie


Leo here, ya'll! Thought I'd update ya on what's goin' on 'round here but didn't feel like waking up waking up enough to get a true selfie. So admire my toe hawks whilst I regale ya with an update. 
I figure that 'cause I'm gonna talk about daddy's feets that I might as well show you mine! And yes, I was sleeping like this for a long time. Mommy said I was too cute. She ain't wrong! 
So last we wrote, over a month ago! Dang, we missed all of February! Daddy had had his accident and was hobbling around in a boot and a cast. That lasted as long as it took for him to get that second opinion from the bone people vet then he put it in something else that laced up.. or something weird so mommy bought him a pair of larger shoes so he could wear one on that foot over the lace up cast thing. That lasted for a few weeks but when he went back, that sprained foot was no better so that foot got another xray and then put into a taller boot than the broken foot. Which is NOT getting surgery, much to mommy's displeasure because it's still in three pieces and is no closer to being healed or even coming together than it was the first day. But that sprained foot is the worst pain one, and it's not really sprained but has torn or pulled ligaments and tendons. Pretty ouchie I guess. 
So one foot is in a gray boot that goes half way up his calf and the other is in a black boot that goes to the knee. He's using his knee walker but which foot do you move it with?? The sprained one I guess, gotta be off the broken one. He's also using a wheelie walker on occasion, the kind with a seat you can use when you gets tired. 
We're so used to it that he can roll right next to the girls and they don't even flinch or move. I do, because I'm smart enough to know he's tipped that thing over a few times! 
We have been holding him down as best as we can. Mommy's gettin' jealous because even I spend a lot of time on him when he's got his feets up in the recliner. And worst of all, I have started sleeping up against him, sharing Sleepy Time Territory with Cashmere!  
Don't fret, we still pile on mommy, even all three at once occasionally! It's just that we're tryin' to help daddy so we pile on him too, yes, sometimes all at once. 
We all had to go to the vets last month. Daddy could not take us, no way. Not on his knee walker and with three PTU's! (that's Prisoner Transport Unit's to those that don't know kitty slang) So Twin 1 and her hubby came and took us. Glitter and I got antibiotic shots, Cashmere got.. some other shot. Turns out she wasn't sick (she never, ever gets sick!) but she was having a flea allergy problem. Mommy thought she got rid of those darn fleas or that at least they were dormant in winter, but nope, vet says that her rash was from fleas. We all got another shot updating our kitty shots, thanks for bringing that up doc.... I got drops for my nose, yeah, I fought that! Glitter got drops for her eyes, if you that that's easy, you don't know how strong and tough Glitter is, despite her beauty pageant appearance! 
As soon as we got home, as Twin 1's hubby let us out of our carriers, he quick as you please, and all by himself, put flea meds on our necks! Mommy was in awe! Usually takes two or three people to do this, because, you know.. we're fierce. We didn't even fight Hub1 though, and we don't hate him! He's seriously a great cat guy, he had skillz!
We gots a lawyer. No, not for the unappreciated vet visit, but we should consult with him over that! For daddy's accident. The guy who hit him was unlicensed, uninsured, under the influence (drugs), and in someone else's car! We know he was arrested, but that's all we know right now. I have a feeling it's not gonna be a short process... 
Mommy has wanted to help us with a blog post for a long time now. But since daddy's home all the time, he has stolen her laptop! She has had so little access to it that she has, after years of fighting and saying never ever, she put facebook on her phone! *gasp!* Time's, they is a-chaingin'! We'll try to wrestle the laptop away from daddy more and post more often, we miss our friends! 
Purrs and head bumps to all of you!