Saturday, August 31, 2019

Belated Birthdays Caturday Art

Well, I've done it again. I've been late on every event in the kitties' lives this year, so why not be late on their birthday as well... And I missed our blogoversary entirely in April.

On August 27 Leo, Glitter, and Cashmere turned 9!

Say it ain't so! Why, they're still my babies! My little bitty (giant) kittens!! Who let them get this old?? Was it you?! Well, I don't like it, not one bit! They must stay babies!

And because it's Caturday Art as well, I think I'll art up their baby pictures!

Here's the original. Only one of Leo's sisters is missing from this picture. Mitts was playing, they were watching her. She wasn't as scared of the humans as the rest of them were when they arrived at Winnie's Wish.
From left to right: Cashmere, Spritz, Glitter, Tuxie/Trixie and Leo

Using lunapic, this is Beauty




Tie Dye (I have no idea why Tuxie/Trixie's head came out like that, not very tie dyed, is it?)

The other three sisters were adopted as well, so happy for them! Happy birthday wherever you are, girls!

Happy Birthday to my babies! Happy Birthday Leo! Happy Birthday Glitter! Happy Birthday Cashmere! I love you all!

On behalf of their birthday I've sent a whole bunch of litter and some treats to Winnie's Wish. I invite you all, either on behalf of my kitties birthdays, or because of your kitties, or just because you love kitties, to make a donation or Wish List purchase on Amazon for Winnie's Wish!
Every bit helps as there is no other funding for Winnie's Wish except us. And every little bit is so appreciated! So if you can, if you will, please do what you can from where you are! Thank you!

Winnie's Wish Wish List on Amazon link

Daily Dose blog link, with a donate button on their side bar

Of course, if you prefer, there's a donate to red Winnie's Wish button on my side bar and if you use it, I will use it to send wish list items to Winnie's Wish in your name (I have amazon prime, no shipping costs!)

Monday, August 19, 2019

Mostly Missing Mancat Monday

You know when you go to take a picture because your kitty is just too cute and the little bugger moves just as you snap the shot? Well that explains today's picture!

Leo: Time for my pettin', I'll come to you this time!

So why use that shot? Well, I adore that feathery tail of his! Especially when the tip of it flips over from side to side as you see here so it looks like a big fluffy question mark!

Aside from that, the "mostly missing" part of the title kind of describes how we've been blogging lately! It's my fault. Not that it would be the kitties, right? But still, it's been bugging me that I can't seem to get myself together enough to blog more. I have a lot of reasons, but they would start sounding like excuses and that's just boring. Basically it boils down to that I used to always try to post around midnight and now I can't and I feel weird posting in the middle of the day. But now I'm thinking I have to get over that and just post when I can and not worry about what time of day it is!
So, here's hoping we won't be mostly missing any more but will be at least partly back!

We'll work on being better about commenting too.. I've been visiting, but for some reason when I use firefox, which I've had to start using for most stuff, comment boxes are missing for a lot of the blogs I read. I'll try to figure it out so I can comment more, just know I am reading and we loves you all!!