Sunday, July 3, 2022

Good News All Around

 Y'all, we gots good things happenin' finally! 
Leo: I do too know how to share, I don't know what everyone's talkin' about.. 
Glitter: Dude, it's because you usually try to chase us girls off when you wanna sit somewhere.
Leo: I never!
Cashmere: Dude... 
Glitter: Seriously, dude. 
Leo: Ok ok But that doesn't mean I don't know how to share, I just usually don't choose to! 
And this isn't even the good news!
See their daddy's feet in the picture? He's finally, after six months! finally out of the boot/cast/thingie! He's not walking all jaunty and without a care, but he is walking without the boot! Looks like he will not need surgery and will be able to go back to work probably by the end of the month! Things are looking up for our guy! 
(and the trial is finally going to start for the guy who hit him, fingers crossed that all works out right!) 

The other good news is Leo! You may or may not know that I'm always lamenting about his weight and begging him to please please eat more and put on a pound or two, anything! I just want him to have a buffer for when he gets sick, which is every spring and fall. Him and Glitter, allergy season or air/heat changes really gets to them. EVERY time he gets sick, he loses weight and I swear never puts it back on. But this time! He (and Glitter) went in to the V. E. T. for their usual snotty eye goopy issues and since we cannot pill them, they got long acting shots and a return in two weeks for a second one. Well at his second trip in, HE GAINED!!!!! 
Leo put on two whole ounces in two weeks!!! I nearly cried! 
You have no idea... It's so hard when they are skinny in the first place and are not food motivated. This is such a huge relief for me. And I'm so proud of him! 

Glitter gained four ounces, but she's a substantial kitty cat normally and has a bit of a buffer so, ya know, not as big of a deal but I'm glad she's healthy. 

Cashmere, by the way, never gets sick, and is at a good weight all the time. Stable Mable, that girl, lol

So there ya go, they all laid on daddy without fighting, daddy's getting better and is outta that boot, and Leo gained weight! We're just rockin' along here!