Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Watched

So what was Leo watching so intently yesterday? Two of you guessed it right! Sometimes, Cats Herd You and Mark's Mews both guessed he was looking at Star!

I know I'm fascinating. You can both stop watching me now.

That's the best picture I could get of her, she refused to look up. I swear she's ducking like that on purpose, not just washing her paws.. Little brat!

Tomorrow is Dr Seuss Day! Oh boy have I been working on something fun! I hope you all are as excited as I am!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Won A Book!

Oh my gosh! Cat Chat had a book giveaway of Gary Pattersons book, Cat Laughs, and I won one of them!!!! Thank you so much Caren and Cody!!!


AND he signed it!!!!!! (I love Gary Patterson, can you tell???)

Star had to come inspect it, of course. She had to get her nose in before Leo, who did a serious inspection of my Christmas books, got the first sniff!
Well, it smells good. But it keeps making mom giggle, and that is jarring when you're trying to nap on her. So I will reserve my judgement. Though SHE seems to love it.

Hee hee, ok, gotta run, gotta read my book!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Snack Star

Star knows where the snacks are kept. She makes sure we know that she knows where the snacks are kept. Do you think Star wants a snack?

This is the snack box. Inside is all the good stuff.

It's got stinky goodness, crunchies, temptations, and some stuff they thought we'd like. They were wrong. But the rest is pretty good stuff.

So lets crack this baby open and make over with the good stuff!

Uh, dad... It's on your lap, but it's not open. What? Were you thinking I was going to hatch it or something. Do I look like a Snack Chicken?

Pets?! No, dude! I want snacks, not pets!

Ok.. a few scritches... purrrrrr but then come on, snack me already!

Star does not like being teased with the box, I don't know why.. hee hee We gave her the snacks, please don't lynch us!
Um, please don't notice the Christmas tree behind her.. We'll find time to take it down. Soon. Someday.. I hope..

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Illuminating Weekend

The kitties at Friends Furever gave us an awardie! Thank you guys so much!! You're awesome!

Here are the rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award:
1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Say a few words of gratitude on your blog and follow the link.
3. Pass on the award to at least five other bloggers.

We're passing it on to the following:

1. My Three Moggies
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4. Katie Isabella
5. Peeballs and Pooplogs

Thank you again!!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bye Bye Birdie

Alas poor Da Bird, we knew ye well.

But now you're gone. Sort of. You're in pieces anyway. And though no one has come forth to confess to causing your demise, I greatly suspect that the culprit possesses several extra toes..

I suppose I'm partly to blame. I didn't notice you dangling down behind the couch you rest upon. If you hadn't been dangling, you couldn't have been bitten in two. Or three... And perhaps we'd know the final resting spot of your feathery bird part.

Yes, it's true. All that was found of the victim is the pole and string. The string has a few places where it's ready to break as if it's been bitten, but not completely through. (I have all the parts, so don't worry. I know that this string, unlike the stringies, can be swallowed and cause problems so I located and removed it.)

I do have a few pictures of the last Da Bird session. They are not the best quality, which is why I haven't posted them yet. But they are cute, in a weirdly flawed kind of way. Which is why I'm going to post them now, sort of a post mortem post..

This first one is Star. And the picture doesn't work because she's in a sunbeam. She was darker, but I tried to lighten the picture so she could be seen. Didn't work that great..
I'm playing with Da Bird, but this is the only semi-viewable shot you're going to get. Ha!

Now Leo has it, but the sun coming in the window makes it hard to get a good shot. But he loves his tree, so what ya gonna do?
Got ya by the string! Bwhahaha! I'll chew  you up! Unless mommy pulls you away..

Another back lit one. But something odd is going on. do you see it?
Rats! You got away! And now you're trying to invade my mancat cave??

Here's a close up. Leo's paw must have been moving so fast that the background showed through it! I don't know how else to explain it.. it's the weirdest thing! That ledge that's showing through his paw is at least half a foot behind the paw.

This one is also backlit, but because I was aiming the camera lower, the flash went off and kind of.. equalized it? Same as the one above.
You are in my mancat cave! You better not mess up my girlykitty posters! uh.. Not that I have anything like that in there... heh..

Star wandered over to see what all the fuss was about.
Star: Hmm, Da Bird is knocking around in that barbarian's cave. Maybe it'll knock everything out and clean it up.
Leo: Don't go in, don't go in, don't go in....

This last one.. Backlit, blurry, and I swear, Leo looks like he has a pointed squirrel nose.. But he's got Da Bird between his paws!
Gotta watch her, make sure she keeps going.. Don't want Princess Hissyface touching my birdie!

And that's it. No more Da Bird. *sniff sniff*

Have a good weekend, and if you have a Da Bird, hug it and tell it you love it! While you still can!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Star loves to get her nightly drink on the sink. She even braves going past Leo without swatting him to get there! There is a serious ritual to all of this too.

She puts her paws up on my leg and I pick her up and put her on the counter. She walks to the end as I fill the glass. Then she turns around and inspects the water. If it doesn't please her, she turns around and goes back to sit on the end again. I refill because I've spoiled her just that much. Sometimes this happens twice before she's satisfied.

Then she starts drinking from the opposite side of the glass, her tongue licking up the side. Which I think is odd because I thought they lapped up from the middle! But Leo does it the exact same way. Except he makes a mess, dribbling as much over the edge as he laps up!

Both of these video's are Star getting her drink on. It's a shame you can't hear how loudly she laps!

The other day, Star came in for her drink and did not notice, or if she did, she didn't care, that Leo was already on the counter getting his drink. Leo prefers the glass on the end of the counter and he sits about where the glass is for Star.. So he's sitting there, and Star asks to get up by putting her paws on me. I told her she didn't want to do that, but I picked her up anyway, thinking she'd stop before stepping off of me and onto the counter. But no, she went right onto the counter, nose to tail with Leo!

Leo, for the record, is the one who freaked a little. He gave up his drink and position and jumped down immediately! ..And went to the other side of the room to play with a dried up hairball that I hadn't seen.. sigh.. He tucked it carefully under the bathmat when he was done too. I wonder how long it's been there!

Sorry about the confusion yesterday! I thought the huge paw was a give away. It was Leo listening to your troubles!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Want Some Back?

Why is it that Star can be playing, oh so cutely, facing me so I can see how adorable she is.. and the second I reach for the camera, she rolls over and all I get is her back?

I make sure she doesn't hear it open. I'm careful not to look straight at her so she KNOWS I'm looking at her.. And yet, it always seems like that's the exact moment when she rolls the other way! Argh!

Like this, for instance. She was facing me, and looking as adorable as possible playing with her kitten kick-a-roo. The camera comes out, and before I turn it on, she's rolled over.

Couldn't help it, it was trying to get away!

Then she rolled around so I could sort of get kind of the side of her.. and she hides her face in the toy!
I love my kickies, I love to rub my face on them! Rub rub rub!

Thought I was going to get a good one here, but at the last second, she kicked it over her head with her back feet!
Wee! Kicky is really moving today!

So I give up and put the camera down. And she rolls to fully face me again... Reach for the camera, and she's done, gets up and zooms out of the room and I swear, leaves behind those little dust clouds that you see in Road Runner cartoons! *sigh* Gotta love her!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Moose and the Mouse

If you haven’t been over to Daily Dose today, please head over before you read this! Because today is our brick story!


Did you read it? Yay!

We got our brick this time for my parent’s kitty, Sir Moose-a-lot Goodyear Roadkill Thunderbottom! He’s a cat as large as his name!

I told his gotcha story over at Daily Dose, so I’m not going to say that again, but I’m going to tell you a funny story from just before Christmas.

My parents have a dual recliner loveseat so they can, after countless years in separate recliners, sit next to each other! Moose likes to sit on them, my dad mostly I think. And I think he likes this set up because he’s got his choice of blanketed laps to enjoy.

They were both in the recliner, or I should say they were all three in the recliner as Moose was in my dad’s lap. Dad and Moose were sleeping, as usual. My mom saw movement, looked down and a mouse(!) was crawling up her leg on top of the quilt!

She grabbed Moose so he could get it, but Moose missed seeing it. But since he was up (rudely awakened!) he decided to visit his food dish.

They live in the woods, and have had their share of critters getting in the house. And as many of you know, having a cat does not mean you won’t get mice occasionally. Moose will catch them, IF he sees them.

So then mom saw the mouse behind the chair and grabbed Moose again. (Poor cat!) But when they looked, the mouse was gone, again. I think Moose was done with this business at that time, so mom woke dad up, telling him there was a mouse under the chair.. And it came up and was on my dad’s feet! Bold little sucker! Apparently he knew how to avoid the cat, but not the people!

At that point my mom wrapped the quilt around the mouse and took him outside. She shook it out of the quilt and heard it scurry away in the leaves. Whew!

This all happened, as I said, before Christmas. So Greg and I found a very special gift for Moosy boy. We found a mouse toy that squeaks when it gets jarred. Perfect for mouse catching training!

I think you’ll see by the following pictures, that Sir Moose-a-lot Goodyear Roadkill Thunderbottom agrees!

Here he's getting his mouse, and I think he's pretty happy with it!
Oh, thank you, this looks yummy!

Look at that grab! Too bad the mouse isn't in the picture, but dang, it's gonna be dead!

He caught it! Chomp!
Nom nom nom!

Let's get a closer look look at that.. he is trying to stuff the whole thing down his gullet!
*gulp!* Dothent quite fith, mighth haff ta chew..

The mouse is mid-air here! He's a good tosser!
Fly, you crazy squeaker! I'm gonna catch you again and kill you dead!

So you see, adopting a kitty worked our pretty well for my parents. They love their Sir Moose-a-lot Goodyear Roadkill Thunderbottom! And if you are in need of a little fuzzy love in your life, please PLEASE check out the kitties in the Winnie's Wish Cathouse! They all need homes so badly! You can find them on Chrystal's sidebar on the Daily Dose blog.
If you don't want a kitty for yourself, please share, tweet, spread the word! We need to Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Kitten Season!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daddy's Lap

Ok, I think this might be the third time I've posted pictures of Star on her daddy's lap.. but you have to understand! She's been here for almost 12 years, and this is probably the third or forth time she's SAT on him! She sits next to him, near him, on the arm of his chair. She's started walking across him back and forth, but to actually sit her butt down and STAY there... Well, that's just wildly unusual!

She will sit on me about once a day, and at least once a week she demands that I rub her tummy and her head at the same time while she lays on me. But for her daddy, whom we all KNOW she favors and loves, she doesn't sit on him. I think that might be because he's never really wanted the cats actually on him, he prefers them next to him. But he just gets so smiley and excited these few times she actually sits down. It's adorable really!

*My* daddy has just the right touch for nose pets. Not too soft, not too rough, just right.

This Back of Disrespect (BoD) is for mom and her flashy box.. Why can't she just let me enjoy my daddy in peace?

Oh stop acting like you're stifling a squee, I can sit on my daddy if I want to.

I might even nap here.

I can't help it, she so rarely does this, that I have to capture it for posterity!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sleepus Interruptus

Poor kitties.. sometimes they just hate the flashy box, don't they? Mine don't mind it terribly, but once in a while it bugs them... Like when they're napping. Or trying to.

I got the one eye glare here..

Hey... I'm tryin' to sleep here..

Go 'way please.......


In the first two pictures, he was doing the one armed dangle, you just can't tell so much from that angle, but it was not touching the couch at all. Then he got comfy when he finally shut his eye. Poor sleepy boy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

It's Valentines day, so I'm going to get sappy and mushy. If you don't want to read that, please feel free to skip down to the pictures!

First of all, Happy Valentines day to my sweet Greg. I could not imagine how my life would be if I'd said no to that blind date. I recall when you showed up and I saw you through the window from the mirror where I was putting finishing touches on my hair, you got out of your classic sky blue Lincoln Continental, pulled a comb from your pocket and fixed your hair. I smiled.

Not wanting to look like I was waiting impatiently, I stayed where I was, watching you come up the walk until you were out of sight. Only once you rang the bell did I make my way to the door, heart fluttering all the way. I could not remember your name until three quarters through the date, but I knew it would not be a one time date.

I spent half of the movie wondering if you'd try to hold my hand or put an arm around me. When I glanced over from the corner of my eye and saw you, head rolled back, mouth wide open, almost silently snoring, I stifled a giggle and quit worrying and wondering and enjoyed the rest of the movie all by myself.

Talking all through dinner until they almost closed the restaurant around us was amazing, and in one of your stories, I finally heard your name and repeated it over and over in my head so I wouldn't ever forget it. We talked on my couch until two in the morning, and even though I didn't get a kiss, hug, or even a handshake, I still knew this was going to be pretty special. I love you, and always will. Happy Valentines day, my love!

Happy Valentines day to my sweet furries too! To my pretty Star, or should I say Greg's pretty Star! I wanted you from the first moment I saw you, and even when you were tearing up my arms until I thought I'd be scared for life, I still loved you! I love that you're a daddy's girl. And I love hearing him talking to you when he thinks I can't hear.

Like when I heard him tell you, "I know you're not bad, you're just drawn that way," quoting Roger Rabbit. I had to smile. Or when he confessed just yesterday about your computer time. He said he pets you a lot at the computer and I asked how in the world he gets anything done, he had to say that he didn't really get much done, he just pets you because you demand it.

As for me, I just love how when you occasionally will bless me with your presence at night, you will walk up one leg, perch on my back and have a bath, maybe rub in my hair, before walking back down on the opposite leg. It's so silly, and so cute and it always makes me smile.

My darling heart kitty, Leo. Who wouldn't love a kitty who runs down the stairs and dives into their arms like you just can't wait another second to be cuddled and snuggled? How can I not love a kitty who gets so obsessed about laying on me that you almost destroy my laptop by shoving it out of your way?

You make me smile when I feel you jump onto the bed and settle in leaning against my feet. Even though you refuse to move up and get pets at night, just knowing your warm presence is right there makes me happy. Even though I now know that you bug daddy for attention in the morning, I know you're still my kitty.

Leo, you make me giggle when you don't realize what a big cat you are. How you think you can squeeze into tiny places is beyond me. Why you don't think you can jump up on a counter that you can rest your chin on when standing on your back feet makes me giggle. I'm just so glad that you're my kitty, and that you've chosen me as your person.

Ok, enough mush! Time for pictures of the kitties! They're the ones I made for last year's Valentines day, but I haven't had time to make new, so here they are again. And if you feel the need to point out that I could have made new pictures in the time I took to blather all that sappy stuff above, well, I'm afraid my ears are closed to that logic!

Star first!

Then Leo!

Happy Valentines day to all of you, from all of us! We hope you take a few minutes to be sappy today too!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ok, so we all know that Star took over the butterfly blanket. And since we spoil her rotten, we keep it either folded or comfortably rumpled in The Chair for her. The snuggies are not warm enough for this time of year for me, so I resorted to getting out a big red furry blanket. Leo loves the big red furry blanket! He loves to sleep on it even if I'm not using it.

Everyone has their own blanket, right? Everyone should be happy right? *sigh* Of course not.

Tonight, Star stole the big red furry blanket when I set it to the side for a minute. So I'm blanket-less and Leo's blanket-less and Star gets everything.

Mine. All mine.

All blankets are mine. Everything in the house is mine. If you're lucky, I might let you use some of it.

And no, Leo won't use the butterfly blanket, he doesn't like it for some reason, even if I'm using it, or Star is not.

Ever wonder who runs your house? Check the blanket situation...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Switcho Chango

Guess who's trying to take a nap in daddy's/Star's chair now!

Ya know, this is pretty comfy!

I think I like it too! What? Where's Star?? I need a nap..
Maybe he's paying back for this from earlier in the week:
Star in his spot with his stringie! And his feather toy, but it's not touching her at least!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Boxing Lesson

Star knows how to box! And I don't mean the kind that makes Leo dive under the bed.. If a box enters the house, she MUST examine it.

I know what you're thinking, that this is just an ordinary box.

Hang on, there's some postman scent here... It's ok, he doesn't appear to have a dog. Anyway, as I was saying, this is no ordinary box.
It's a great double decker super stacker set of boxes! And they are mine because someone else doesn't realize he can jump up here! Ha!

To be honest, Star didn't make the double jump herself, she came from the chair.. But she's right. Leo does not realize he can make big jumps like this even though he can reach the top just by stretching! Kitties are silly..

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Upside Down Weekend

Leo goes belly up to get all comfy for the weekend!

Good thing I got fluffy pantaloons, huh, 'cause mom takes some unflattering angled pictures..
I gotta wriggle around to get as comfy as I can on top of my stringies.
Have to practice my cute looks too.. in case I ever decide to like a treat or something.
Hope you all have a comfy weekend!