Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I've been working on a project, so I havent made any new Halloween pictures. So I'm going top put up last years which I still think is cute! So without further ado, here's the Princess and the Barbarian!

Happy Tricks and Treats!

By the way, to see my project, check out Daily Dose after she posts today! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daddy's Pics

Where in the world does the time go? I didn't get to visit yesterday at all! And I haven't had time to prepare much of a post either... In fact, if it hadn't been for Greg taking pictures of the kitties today and sending them to me, I wouldn't have anything at all!

I will be around to visit and catch up today I hope! I've missed seeing all the kitties and critters!

Oh, and Katnip Lounge, regarding my toothy post yesterday.. I, too, play with kitty teeth when they're exposed! Well, when they're sleeping anyway, unless I want to get bit by said teeth!

Here's today's pictures, taken by Greg of sleepy kitties!

Star on the bed

Leo on the Royal Footstool on a snuggy!

Hope you all have a quiet day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Toothy Monday

Oh my gosh, what a busy weekend. And not with anything exciting! But what it comes down to is.. I don't have time to do much of a post... But I do have something cute to share! I was going to save this for Tuesday, Toothy Tuesday and all that.. But since I'm pressed for time.. Besides, it's too cute to hold on to!

Here's Star! You hardly ever get to see her teeth unless she's biting something or yawning! So I thought this was particularly cute!

She was sleeping all curled up, her head upside down and her brilliant fang exposed!

And just because I think he's cute too, here's an old one of Leo showing off his fangs! His are exposed a lot because of his cute tiny overbite!
I vant to bite somevone? hee hee

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Remember when Katie won Cat Ruler of the World on the Zee and Zoey site? Well we also won! We won a gift certificate to!

It took us forEVER to figure out what we wanted! But we finally did and it arrived yesterday! Wanna see?? Sure you do!

It's a kitty picture frame! I am going to take my time and figure out exactly what pictures go in it, but I just love it! And it's bigger than I thought!

Look how well it was packaged!
It's in bubble wrap, encased in tissue, in a box, encased in more tissue in another box! wow! I'm impressed!

So was Leo. He had to inspect the minute it was out of it's packaging of course.
This for pictures of me? why it not grey?

Thank you Zee and Zoey!

No one asked us to review this, we were just excited to get it!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Treat Time!

Greg went a little nuts recently at the treats section of the pet store. He bought every non-fish flavor of Temptations and a few Friskies Party Mixes. Did you know there were 21 flavors of Temptations?? Seriously! Of course a lot of them have fish, and Leo can't have fishy things because they cause crystals in urine and he had that issue before so we try to be careful. (by the way, Friskies only makes 13 kinds of treats, the horror!)

Star goes nuts for these treats, and Leo used to too. But recently, this is what crunchy treat time looks like around here. Don't ask me why, but I put Star's on an ad rather than on the floor and I have no idea why, she'd eat them off the bottom of someone's dirty boot if I put them there!

Star: *crunch crunch snarf munch*
Leo: *whispering to himself* I could poke her in the butt and she'd not even notice..

Star: Don't count on it, idiot boy.. Oo one got away! *crunch!*
Leo: I didn't say nothin'! *whispers* Still think I could though..

Where are Leo's treats, you may ask, because it looks like he SOOOOO much wants Star's treats... Here they are, and yes, he knows they're there..

Seeing this last picture, can you see why I think Leo has six extra vertebrae?? I also think he has about six extra bones in his tail, it's that long!

(Yes, that's a snuggy.. I don't care, I love them!)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I don't know what to say about today's pictures, honestly. It's just Star being possessive about her toys. Specifically the kick-a-roo. Although I think she was playing with the little mousies and stuff there too while her back was to me.
Keep on walking, big boy... These are mine.

La dee da, I'm batting my toys, la dee da..

Thought I said these were mine?

And just what are YOU looking at? And clicking that flashy box at..?

A girl just isn't alowed to play by herself, is she? *sigh*

I appreciate all the comments about the do not call list yesterday. And that does work, to a point.. We're on it, trust me. But all that means is that telemarketers can't call. Of course, some still do, and as one blatantly said when I told her I was on it, "How much did you pay for that?" Nothing, of course, I replied. "Well, you get what you pay for!" She said and hung up on me! Real nice..

The do not call list does not stop charities, surveys, political calls, or people you gave your number to, or who someone else gave your number to.... Not their fault if this unknown woman gave my number. Not my fault either... but that doesn't stop them from being nasty either. Some people just can't be nice I guess..



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love and Betrayal

(This is long, refresh your coffee, put your feet up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!)

In the wee hours of the morning.. And I mean wee! Before any kind of light was even considering peeking into the gloom of a rather stormy night.. I’m talking early people! Like, no early birds even stirring from their comfy tree hammocks (well how do YOU think they manage to sleep up there without falling out of the tree?) Not even an early worm starting to squirm! Are you picking up with I’m laying down here? Ok then.. Where was I?

In the wee hours of the morning, my slumber was disturbed by the motorboat sound that can only be my sweet baby boy Leo purring. With a soft smile on my face I reach out to pet my darling boy who’s obviously so ready to be pet that he’s in pre-purr mode.

I feel... nothing. Ok, even though it’s dark dark dark, I crack open one weary eyeball so I can try to locate my sweetie, perhaps I can at least make out his form in the inky-ness. He has to be close, just listen to that motorboat purr! And I haven’t even touched him yet!

Do you know what my one groggy eyeball sees? Betrayal! Betrayal most foul!

My darling boy is NOT standing by me for pets, purring in anticipation.. No, he’s dancing around like a moonling and fair BEGGING his daddy to pet him!

"My cat!" I try to yell but it comes out more like a moan than anything else as both of my eyes open to this awful duplicity. And I can see it clearly by the hall light which Greg has turned on as he gets ready for work far earlier than normal. (A change in hours for a month while a coworker is home with his new baby)

"Isn’t it funny," my betraying husband says upon seeing that I’ve been waken by his infamy, "He won’t have anything to do with me downstairs, but every morning he begs for my attention."

EVERY morning?? EVERY! This treachery happens every stinkin’ day??? I’m stabbed to the heart! And the worst of this is... Leo never lets me pet and snuggle him upstairs... He won’t even sleep next to my feet because I move too much, no, he lays on Greg’s side!

Downstairs, he NEEDS my touch, lays on MY chest so I can’t breath, sleeps between MY feet on the Royal Footstool, pushes MY laptop away so he can have my undivided attention! But upstairs, he has more of a "I know you love me, just keep your grabby hands on your side of the bed, k?" kind of attitude to me.

But this, this is going TOO far! "That’s my cat!" I mutter with a little more clarity.

"Take him. I’m trying to get ready for work here."

"Come here Leo, come on baby," I cajole. Nothing. "Oh Lee-o Oooo" I chorus, sounding like the guards singing their way back into the castle in The Wizard of Oz, which he normally comes to.

He takes a few steps closer and gives me a perfunctory sniff, but before I can do more than reach out, he’s gone back to Greg and I barely got a touch of the ends of his feathery tail furs..

Betrayal. I say it again: Be-tray-al!

I go back to sleep, suffering from sever furry neglect and depression.

Ok, I have not been sleeping well for a while. No sooner does the clock hit 8am and the calls start. Political calls, surveys, and just for fun, thirteen bajillion insurance companies! Seems some woman put my phone number on a website saying she wants medical insurance so please call! Do you KNOW how many insurance companies are out there?? Do you know how many are RUDE when you tell them they have the wrong number or have been duped by this woman named Teresa Espsosa?

What I’m saying is, I’m not sleeping great and as you know, my ‘morning’ never starts before noon so that’s at least four hours for these people to bug me in my ‘night!’

But today, today I did not get any calls! No one bugged me! No one told me how I should vote. No one wanted me to do a ‘short’ survey that in actuality takes seventy five hours to finish because they have to keep repeating things so I can understand their accent, the duplicitous wording of the questions, and hear them over the loud voices of their fellow workers!

So I slept the sleep of the betrayed, yet undisturbed. Then I get up and go downstairs and find the reason for this.

Love. Love and understanding from a very unexpected place.

Star, the little girl so fully devoted to her daddy that she’d rather tear my arm off than look at me, (unless he’s not home, then I MUST pet her in the exact manner as she wants for exactly how long she wants or it’s the claw for me!) has done me a great favor!

She’s knocked the phone off the hook. And not only that, but she’s dragged it half way across the room and made sure the handset is far from the body so that it cannot even attempt to settle back into the cradle!

Now is that the sweetest thing ever? At least SOMEone loves me...

I do love you, mommy, most of the time. Now make over with the Temptations!

I do too love you! I just likes to choose when I shows it.. Fancy Feast please?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lickus Interruptus

So Leo is sitting happily on his cat tree licking away on his fuzzy legs. (Yes, I'm going with legs, I don't care what it looks like!) When he got distracted. But he never really lowered the leg that had been in the Playing The Cello position.

Where the heck did Star go?!

Oh, there you are...

That's it, just go to the door and not toward me.....

Ah, back to my bath. Lick lick lick...

Oo! Birdie!

Where ya goin' birdie? Aw come on.. I just wanna chat!

I don't think he's buying it, Leo. Perhaps if your leg wasn't over your head?

Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, we're TRYING to get a Tocktober picture... No real luck yet.. Leo is positively uncooperative! But we kinda got a few of Star. It's going to have to do for the moment I guess.

You have rumpled my fur trying to get me to raise my rump... I'm glad you missed!

Can't a girl eat in peace? Fine, I'm going to use my fluffy tail to hide as much tock as I can!

Little brat girl... Not as much of a brat as Leo in this situation, but brat just the same! MOL

Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Blogosphere Trip to Australia!!

Here it is Friday already and I haven't done anything for the Blogosphere Trip to Australia hosted by Gracie!

Since it's getting so chilly here, Leo and Star are taking advantage of the warmth and meeting a very interesting someone on the Australian beach!

Leo: What? I am trying to get a tummy tan but I hate getting sand in my toes..

Star: Yes, I'm sure you're very nice, but no, I do not want to ride in your pouch, thank you very much..
Hope everyone who's going has a great time!


Please don't forget about the kitties who need homes over at Daily Dose, they got another little kitten today! They have NO room! Please, help!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not A Garden

We were going to have a garden this year, but time once again got away from us, so there isn't one. We do have a really nice maple tree behind out house. There is a silly squirrel (ok, Star, and evil squirrel!) who loves it, he will lay, monorail style, in the crotch of the lowest big branch all the time, it's too cute.

When the leaves start changing, this tree is the prettiest ever! The front of the tree goes first, the tips start going bright red, then it slowly moves up the leaf until it's all red. Here is the branch we can see from the living room that Greg is threatening to cut off because it's so low.

Isn't it pretty? And I'm not one of those people who goes nuts over changing leaves.. Well, maybe I'm just partial to this tree..

What's funny is that while the front is turning, the back is mainly green:
In the few days since Greg took these pictures for me, the red has creeped up further on the front leaves, and the back leaves have turned golden. Weird huh?
I bet I know what you're thinking.. Where's the dang kitties! Ok ok, let me show off Leo who is using the new cat width window sill. Please note that not a speck of work has continued on either the rest of the window or the cat Skywalk... sigh. And now it's starting to get cold.. Another winter with no curtains? Looks that way..
Oh, the sill standing! Here you go!
I's only half using it, mom, does it count?
Yes, Leo, it does.
Please note that it was a bright day and Leo was all shadow until I severely lightened that picture.. Here's the original:
I wish wish wish I could take pictures like some of you out there do...
PS. We blatantly stole the 'not a garden tour' idea from Spitty.. Now we need Star to head over to give him some licks and snuggles so he doesn't mind too much..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

National Feral Cat Day

I just found out that today is National Feral Cat Day!

I have a formerly feral cat!

You might know him as Leo the Chinese Lion!

Who? Me!!

Yes, you, Leo! Aren't you glad you aren't still out there in the cold cruel world?

Yes! Life here is awesome!
Thank you Miz Chrystal for the save! And for giving me to mommy!

Formerly feral kitties can make awesome animal companions, perfect pets, cuddley buddies!

There are more wonderful formerly feral kitties in the cathouse over at Daily Dose. Including Leo's sisters. So please, if you have room or know someone who does, consider adopting a formerly feral from Chrystal!

Take two, they're awesome!

Pick a Pair of Ferals
Pocket Full of Love
Adoptions! Adoptions!
We All Win Now! 

Here are Leo's sisters, you can check them out as pairs on the Pick A Pair post, or individually on the Winnie's Wish post.



Please share Winnie's Wish with everyone you know. They can get the kitties to a good home anywhere in the US and even Canada! And they are so desperate for homes.. The cathouse is full, and there are more kitties that need room there. So if one gets adopted, that makes room for another to be saved!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Star Day

Spitty has been complaining about a lack of Star.. Funny, I thought I'd had a lot of her on here recently.. Not enough for King Spitty I guess! So today is some more of Star sleeping silly..

Apparently she doesn't have to have her claws STUCK in things, as long as she can stretch out her arm, she's happy..

She's got her paw up and resting on the leg/side of my sewing cabinet.

And here's the little darling giving me the back of disrespect because I take too many pictures I guess.. Actually, she's watching for that evil squirrel to come by again. This is her hunting spot. She sits on the edge of the carpet and waits. When the cocky squirrel comes right up to the door, she dives at him! One of these days he's going to have a little squirrel coronary!
I know you're out there.. waiting.. plotting.. and I'm going to get you!

I asked Star what she thinks of when she thinks of Spitty. She showed me this:
The silky black Spitty dear!
 No, wait. THIS!
The silky black CROWNED King Spitty!

No wonder she's all fainty when she talks about him....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stringy Action

Leo loves his stringy, did you know that? Here's a little more proof.

And here are some pictures from the same play session.

Where'd it go?

Got you now!

Here his tail is going so fast it's just a blur! So's his head..

My stringy!

Have you been over to Daily Dose today?

Frosting really really really wants some people of her own! She's a darling sweetheart who just wants someone to love on.

Her only issue, and some might not even consider it an issue.. is that she likes to give love nibbles. Not hard enough to hurt or draw blood, but nibbles just the same. She might outgrow it if she has some constant love in a new home, but you never know.
Are you the right home for her? Do you know who might be? Please help her find a home SOON!