Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

 Darn it, I missed it by.. about a minute! Well, we still want to wish all of our friends, furry and otherwise, a happy Thanksgiving and to say we are thankful for all of you! 

And once again, I'm digging out my old standby Thanksgiving picture of Leo when he was new here and Star, our sweet little angel kitty. 




Coming in a few days, A Winnie's Wish Holiday Auction! More details soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Leo Takes Over

 Hello dear friends, Leo here! I'm putting on my smarty glasses (thanks to momma's weird phone thingie) to tell you all that people's is weird. 


Momma goes no where and does not much and still does not find time to blog for me?! That's just not right, I'm tellin' ya, not right at all! Too many month's have passed since she said she was gonna start trying to blog for us more, well, she's a big ol' liar! So I'm takin' over!

First off, we're all doing really well. Ok, some of us have fall colds, but we are fine, if sneezy. But that's fairly normal for us so no worrying. We've been keeping tabs on you, our friends, when we can and are happy to see those of you who are doing well and are so sad to see the ones who have gone to their rainbow bridge. Our hearts is with all of yous and we send many hugs and purrs. 

Next, I want to put this out there because if I don't, it's likely to keep getting pushed back like it has all summer and fall... We is planning an auction fundraiser for Winnie's Wish! It should start after the Thankful holiday and will have lots of good stuffs, so get your bidding paws ready, ok! There, I announced it, she can't get out of it now, bwahahahaha! 

Not that she wants to get out of it, but she has been letting time slip away from her over and over, it's kinda sad really! But that's a human for ya, am I right?!

Look for us more, because we'll force momma to blog and give updates! Hope to see more of you too! 

Purrs, Leo