Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursdays in the Garden with Moose

I’ve been blogging for a little while now, and I really enjoy the special days other kitty bloggers do. Tortie Tuesday, Tuxie Tuesday, White Wednesday, Meezer Monday for example are days I can’t do because I don’t have kitties those CATegories.

I can, and occasionally have done Wordless Wednesday and Wordy Wednesday.

I could do Formerly Feral Friday, though I haven’t yet. Femme Friday would work too, if Star didn’t just glare at the camera... Mancat Monday would work, but most of my posts are about Leo anyway. I could CERTAINLY do fuzzy Friday since it’s for out of focus pictures, and I have plenty of those!

I really like the Thursday in the Garden, but my kitties don’t go outside and I haven’t had a garden in a few years. I don’t have any kind of indoor garden either as I have a brown thumb.. When I was first married, my mother-in-law, a real wiz with anything growing, gave me a few plants. I watched in horror over the next few months until the last brown leaf fell to the carpet.

Nothing I did, water, don’t water, feed, don’t feed, keep cats out of it, put in sun, keep out of sun, nothing worked. Nothing would keep them alive. I even asked Greg to take over their care for a while to see if they would perk up without my inept handling. But it was too late. The only plants I should care for are silk, and I could probably figure out how to turn those brown somehow as well!

So while I like looking at cats in their gardens, I knew I wouldn’t be able to post on Thursday in the Garden for myself.

But there IS a cat in my family that is a feline gardener! I introduced him in my blog a while back. It’s my mom’s cat, Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom. Roadkill and Goodyear are more nicknames than part of his name.. but it does sound impressive.

Roadkill pose 
(helping with the laundry, that's an 18 month size shirt)


And he is an impressive cat, if you define impressive as leaves an impression on your body when he walks across you. Yes, Moose, as he is known to those who love him, is a huge cat. HUGE. And so heavy that he dents you with his tiny kitty feet holding up all that round beefy mancat goodness.

My parents have a lot of garden and Moose inspects it all. They have a flower bed. An actual wrought iron bed frame with a raised bed garden in it. Unfortunately there’s no picture of Moosey actually in it, but it’s still pretty enough to post.


Moose exits the house from the bathroom window. Like any cat, he stands half in and half out of the ‘door’ while he decides if he’s actually going out. You can see the flower ‘bed’ from there.


And of course, when it’s time to come back in, he sits at his special door until someone opens it for him.


And now, very recently, he’s taken to sleeping in a new spot. I say it’s because he can keep an eye on his ‘door’ and who comes in to let him out.


Let’s head out to the garden, shall we? Moosey will lead the way.


Here he is guarding the garden around a flowering crab apple tree.

Closer up

And at the front garden, he seems to like the bricks. Keeping his footsies dry maybe?


Then again, maybe not..


Some pretty wave petunias in a pot with some other things. Moose is there, see under the van’s bumper?

That’s about it I guess, time to head back inside. Passing the garden between the porch and sidewalk.

Stop taking pictures, get in there and feed me. Can't you see I'm wasting away?

Remember the hibiscus I gave my mom for Mother’s day? The one Leo bapped at?


Here’s it’s new spot on the corner of the sidewalk.


I can’t close this without showing Moose in the garden in the winter. He wasn’t sure he really wanted to go out in the snow.

Are you kidding me?

But nature called so he had to find a few inches of dirt amongst the roses under the eves.

I can has dirt?


Random Felines said...

Wow - Moose is a.....big guy! :) Tell your mom she has a lovely garden.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Thank you for the tour of Moose's garden. Mom says I'll never be able to do a garden tour because I'll never go outside.


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Moose is a very big guy! But a sweetheart. My dad cannot go to sleep without him.

I hear you truffle, Leo and Star are in the same boat, they will be forever inside. And we're all fine with that.

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

We loved getting Moosey tour. We love to garden and have several feline assistants.

Cory said...

OMC, Moose is a big boy! What a beautiful garden he has to snoopervise. We adore his full name, probably the best we've ever heard. MOL!