Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A View From A Fire

We have a tiny bit more information about the fire we talked about on Friday. What we did not see from our side of the fire was that our front the man who lived in the house was treated for smoke inhalation. But he and his four dogs were taken out safely.

Glitter saved four dogs! I wonder if she knew that.. Do you think she would have had she known? MOL Well, her experience with these doggies, and others, is just hearing them bark from across the fences, so she probably doesn't know that she's not supposed to like them.
(Yes, I know lots of doggies and kitties get along. When I was growing up we always had a dog and cats and they were mostly fine with each other.)

I have a few pictures of the damage. I'm surprised at how it hardly looks like anything. Of course, these are from a distance and from behind a fence.. but still, considering how bad and big the fire was, I expected to see more damage. Even from here.

The angle this is taken at may make this look strange, but there is the burnt down fence and behind it, although it looks like it's to the left of it, is the garage roof, sunk into the garage. If you look way over to the right, you will see how tall this one used to be. The black tree to the right had been on fire, as well as the part of the leaning over tree that is over the garage. The black on the standing upright tree goes much higher. Like I said on Friday, the flames were taller than those houses.

Maybe a better shot of the blackened trees.. Funny how the leaning one is fine at the bottom, but black from the middle up. (I don't know what those white things are back there, this is our neighbors back yard)

You an kinda see how much damage there is to the roof, even if you cant see the crumbled sides of the garage. I don't feel comfortable having anyone jump fences to get better pictures.. These ones were taken by Twin1 for me.

This is what you call bad placement. Our neighbors wood pile was at the exact spot where the fence burned down! A lot of it looks charred to me. That probably helped make the fire bigger because it's probably seasoned wood, nice and dry.

And here's the hero herself! Fire Chief Glitter! I'm so proud of her! I cannot imagine how much worse this could have been if it hadn't been caught when it was. It got so high so fast that I think even another five minutes would have been devastating.
Glitter: Dogs, you say? Hmm.. Well, I suppose that's ok. As long as they don't try to come over here to thank me! They can just bark it from where they are if they must. You can call me a hero if you want, I just wanted that orange light to go out so I could sleep. 

I'll stop talking about it now. Two days is a lot for a fire that wasn't even our garage! lol But it was a huge deal for us, being 'in the middle of it' and going through that night. We don't usually get a lot of excitement in our mostly quiet neighborhood!


Random Felines said...

things like that in the middle of the night are scary! glad it wasn't any worse

Summer said...

That was scary to have that fire so close - I mean, look at all that charred stuff! Glitter, you are a very good girl!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guys.....we R glad ta lurn yur naybor N hiz pupz R all oh kay....ewe can bee veree proud oh yur self glitter.....yur mom & dad & familee & friendz R...high pawz two ewe ♥♥♥

Eastside Cats said...

I certainly was scared when there was a firetruck in front of my house...but nothing on fire...so I can just image how it felt when there was a real fire and real damage. Glitter, we hope you've scored a couple of extra treats and stuff!

sandy l said...

Hooray Glitter! It is a big deal - fires can spread rapidly and it could've been much worse. Thank you Glitter!!

sandy l said...

Hooray Glitter! It is a big deal - fires can spread rapidly and it could've been much worse. Thank you Glitter!!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

There is a certain irony that the firewood burned when it wasnt sposed to...