Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Toy Tuesday and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

We got these new toys earlier in the month and these pictures are from a few days after that. That purple toy with the pink tail with feathers on the end goes all by itself. When you push the button to turn it on, any time it's bumped it rolls around, whipping that tail and flipping it enticingly.
And all the kitties did was watch it.
Until Glitter finally decided that those feathers were intriguing enough to risk it. She waits until it stops and is careful not to set it off again then she lays there and plays with and licks the feathers to death.
Leo, or rather "feather boy," wants to learn her technique very badly.
Leo: Hey, are those feathers? That might be mine..
Glitter: These are not the feathers you are looking for..

Leo: No? Well, I was pretty sure they were.. But I'll look over here instead.
Glitter: *whisper* That was almost too easy!

Glitter: Oh hi.. Um, you didn't catch all that, did you?
Leo: Nope, not finding anything over here yet..

Glitter: Oh sure, I can leave this toy any time I want to. See, I let go. No big deal!
Leo: I'm running out of things to look at over here that might be my feathers..

Glitter: Oh come back here feathers! I missed you so much!
Leo: Did you say 'feathers'??

Glitter: Um, nope, no one said anything about these juicy delicious feathers!
Leo: But I swear you just said.. Hey! Those are too feathers!
Glitter: Ok ok, almost done.. *slurp*
Leo: Uh.. on second thought, maybe I'll wait til they dry..

Glitter: Sounds good to me! *sluuuurrrrpp*

Leo, I don't blame ya!




Read more about beautiful Sienna with the extra toes HERE. She's a Winnie's Wisher who is wishing for a patient forever home soon!

FUNdraiser for Winnie's Wish still on!


Sorry for so little writing. I can only go without the brace on my wrist for so long before the aching sets in, but I can't type with it on!

Blog Hop!


Unknown said...

Looks like that is a very fun toy! Sharing Sienna's information in hopes that she finds a home for the New Year.

Marilia said...

I hope Siena finds a forever home!

Hannah and Lucy said...

They look like very tasty fevvers Glitter. We hope you get to rest your wrist a little of Christmas.
BTW getting those cat beds was the best thing Mum ever did for us. Lucy (the tabby) is never far from hers and sleeps in it all night every night.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Brian said...

Y'all were sure having some fun with those toys! Oh that Sienna sure is pretty and we hope she gets to go home soon!

Photo Cache said...

wow glittery ball. so much fun.

Emma and Buster

Summer said...

Glitter is a very funny girl!

Talking-Dogs said...

New toys are always good! Sienna is beautiful! Sharing.

The Island Cats said...

Your new toy sure looks like fun! And tasty!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Brulee likes to lick the feathers, too.

Marty the Manx said...

You do look like you are fevver lovers for sure!!!!

Dogs N Pawz said...

Siena is beautiful. Hope she finds a forever home soon. Sharing.