Thursday, May 27, 2021

Throwback Thursday

 Today's Throwback comes from May 8th, 2012. A fitting post seeings as today is Chrystal's birthday!! Happy Birthday Chrystal!! 

fyi, I did not have the girls yet, just Leo and Star. So when I'm talking about Leo being included, so are the girls! 


Looky Looky I Got A Booky! 

I did! I got my book! The bestest book in the world! Know why? Because my dear friend Chrystal wrote it!!! And it's about ANIMALS! And that means CATS!! And do you know what's even better than a book about CATS?? A book that has MY cat in it!

That's right! Leo the Chinese Lion makes his entry into Chrystal's Rescue near the end of the book! My kitty, my heart cat, my sweet snuggly baby boy is FAMOUS! He's in print! He's the handsome hero at the end of the book that gets rescued and gets to live happily ever after with ME!

Ok, it might be the pain drugs still talking.. but I'm seriously excited about this!!!! And I'm not the only one!

Wow! Look Winnie's on the cover! *I* am a Winnie's Wish Kitty!
This the most awesomest bestest book EVER!!

What? You want to read it? What ARE you on? This MY copy, get your own!

Seriously Leo?? Little brat! I'll read it while you're sleeping... Or I'll read it to you! that'll work!

But you people can get your own copy! And when you do, part of the moneys for it go to help the rescue kitties! Kitties like Leo!
Go to Chrystal's site to see about it, Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with Your Coffee) (this post talks about the book)
And go HERE to get the book! Yes, you can get it from amazon, but then the kitties only get half of the money they'd get if you went straight to the publisher!

And seriously, see the size of it? It's super thick and really big! (remember Leo's a giant cat) So aside from being a great book about a great subject writen by a great woman, it's a great value pound for pound! :D


 See why it's fitting? Chrystal's book, and today is Chrystal's birthday! Yeah, I know you got that already. ;) And yes, you can still get the book! And yes, buying one (or multiples!) helps the wishers!

So you know what I'm sharing next! Still time to get in on the Chrystal's Birthday Package Party! I"m planning on running the banner through the end of the month! And I'm holding off on using the funds sent to me already until then also, then I will make a big package from all the donations that came to my paypal for just this purpose! (use the donate button on my sidebar for that)

You can also send donations to the donate button on the Daily Dose blog, Chrystal's blog, to send cash which help with vet bills, meds, and other things the wish list doesn't cover. Also, there's a link to the Wish List to send your very own package! 

Please join in and do what you can to make this a wonderful package party! Like I said yesterday, even $5 helps! And share share share! Thank you!!


Timmy Tomcat said...

We sent our donation and hope all our friends do too. Truth is that book got Dad more into rescue and started us reading cat books of which we now have over 200. Thanks Chrystal for all you have done and hopefully you will do! Thank you to all our friends in rescue!

Eastside Cats said...

I'm in trouble; I've ordered books and they should start showing up any day now...The Hubby is going to be, "Dear, I thought we'd agreed that you'd check books out from the library!" "Yes, hun, but some books I've JUST GOTTA HAVE!"

pilch92 said...

I didn't know Leo is in the book, that is cool. XO

World of Animals, Inc said...

That is super pawsome Leo!! You are going to be so famous now. We are going to have to pick this book up. Thanks for sharing. We wish Chrystal a very Happy Birthday!! Have a fun rest of your day.
World of Animals Bensalem

Brian said...

That was a fun one! Happy Birthday to Chrystal from all of us too! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Katie Isabella said...

Katie contributed. I saw her into her savings sock UTB counting out her stuffs.
Happy Birfday Chrystal.