Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leo Update

I wanted to put up a quick update. Not that there's a lot of change yet, but I really needed to thank you all for all the comments and information and support! I'm making my way through as much information as I can, from the vet and from what you all have said.

Before I forget, a huge thank you to KC for the purr for Leo badge! That touched my heart so much, thank you!!

To answer some questions. Yes, he is on a pain reliever. He is on an antibiotic even though the vet said it was unlikely to be bacterial, but being on the safe side.

I think it's the effect of the meds, or maybe the not feeling good, but Leo's been sleeping most of the day, and has been very clingy. I have to say that I enjoy holding my baby and cuddling him, I just wish he felt better! So I've spent half my day cuddling him and the other half reading and trying to make sense of things. I might be on brain overload... but we're determined to get our boy healthy!

It took me exactly two doses of meds to figure out that trying to force Leo's jaws open for the liquid was not going to work! So since the vet said to pour out the capsule into a bit of soft food, we went ahead and put the liquid in it too. It took him a few moments to decide if he was going to eat it, but since we picked his new favorite (chicken with cheese) he ate it all up and licked the bowl! Whew!

Star has pretty much left him alone, except for a little hissing. But every time Greg comes into the room, she hides. We couldn't figure it out.. But now I think she thinks he might grab her next and try to shove some med down her throat or stuff her in the carrier! Poor girl, I keep telling her she's fine, but she's not buying it just yet.

Again, thank you all for the information and support, it means a lot!

This is where Leo spent the parts of the day when he wasn't laying on my chest
I see you mommy, I'm gonna come back over now that you made eye contact!

Star kept an eye on him from across the room in her bean bag
I knew when they took you away that it was too good to be true.. They just had to bring you back.. And now you smell like that awful place on top of everything else!


The Florida Furkids said...

Thanks for the update! We're purring loud and hard for Leo.

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

Oui Oui said...

We stopped by, hoping for an update, so thank you! Poor fella, we hope his meds help and he's feeling better soon. We're purring hard for him!

Gigi said...

Furry glad for the update! It's so sweet that he looks to you for love to make him feel better! All the Human's kittehs have hided when they is sickies.

From the Human: You probably know this already, but they make "pill pocket" kitty treats if he decides to stop being willing to eat his his "doctored up" canned fudz.

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

We continue to purr that your sweet Leo feels better very soon. Thanks for the update.

A/Bs can make kitties feel yucky all by themselves. If necessary, load an oral syringe, insert behind his canine teeth, pointing across his mouth. Give tiny bits at a time and wait for him to swallow. No jaw-prying required (just lift his lip a little).

Laura & Taffy

Kat and the Furrsonality gang said...

We will purr and prayer for Leo very much. Keep us updated!

Fur Everywhere said...

I'm glad you found a way to give Leo his meds! :) I put my babies' meds in their soft noms and they never notice :)

Awww....poor Star. Hopefully she'll realize she's not headed off to the vet soon.

Purrs to all of you!

Sparkle said...

Thanks for the update - I will continue to purr for Leo until he is better. Please keep us posted!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Thanks for the update on Leo. Has he been peeing?

Brian said...

We are sure purring and purring for you sweet Leo, please feel better soon pal.

Katie Isabella said...

I really appreciate the update. Leo was on my mind when I logged in this morning.

Pill pockets are soft by the way..not crunchy. Just in case he would use one. I used them for my Admiral's steroid pills. Just stuff one into the pocket, close and serve. xoxoxoxoxoox

Marg said...

Sure glad he is hanging in there. We sure send many more purrs to you Leo. Glad you are getting lots of snuggles with your Mom. Take care.

Nadbugs said...

Oh dear, Andrea . . . we're in this kind of thing together, aren't we. Our little babies. The worry is terrible, isn't it. Hang in there.

And about the pill pockets -- if you use only half of one, it works better. Fang would chew up an undivided one, and then leave the pill behind -- vet said they're too big for cats. So if you divide one and mold just half around the pill, down the hatch it goes.

Hoping and hoping your baby improves.

Random Felines said...

Poor Leo - hopefully they can figure it out quick. we are sending purrs.....

The Monkeys said...

Oh, we are sorry to hear that Leo was sick! We're definitely sending big purrs to him so he feels better soon.

Marilia said...

We´re sending purrrrs to Leo.

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Star, keep sending those healing purrs across the room to Leo..I think they're working!

All of us here send our love.

Tom, Julie, Tinker, Mitty & Anastasia

Gigi said...

Just stopping in to send some purrs to Leo!

Hi Star, darling!


We are thinking and purring for you dear one.


Katie Isabella said...

I hope your baby is better?

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are purring for Leo to soon be better.

Mell said...

I'm generally a lurker, but I've followed Leo since before he left Chrystal's house.
My big boy and first born (an un-fluffy Leo) is pre-disposed to crystals, and I've been through pretty much every possible scenario you can name. I would be happy to tell you everything I know, but it would be way too long for a comment. Feel free to email me at, and I'll give you lots and lots of information and tips. But for just now:
There are two meds I ALWAYS keep in my cupboard (1) Orbax (orbifloxacin), a strong antibiotic, because even tho it's not bacterial, the crystals can cause an infection if you don't treat for it, and (2) Debenzylene (Phenoxybenzamine), a muscle relaxer. The inappropriate urination and leakage is most likely caused by bladder spasms - they just can't help it and can't make it to the box in time.
The other MOST important thing is to get lots and lots of fluids in him. In this case, fish is not necessarily to be completly avoided - drain the water from a can of tuna and add at least the same amount of water to that water. My boy will suck up almost the entire amount, and when he's in pain, the dilution of his urine will help immensely. When he's actually making the crystals, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.
There's lots more advice I can give you, and I'm happy to share anything the might help. more important thing - switch IMMEDIATELY to bottled water for the kities. Any minerals in your tap water will just contribute to his ability to make crystals.
OK...enough for now...feel free to email me with any questions.

and TC (the amazing crystaline kitty)

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Fanks so much fur the update.
We's been purring fur Leo all day long.
The only fing we know about crystals in the urine is to gif your kitties bottled water only.
It might help yours humans if they didn't drink water out of the tap, either.
Now "faucet" water quality depends on where you live, but in big cities where we live, like Houston and Dallas, the water is full of bad stuffs.
I was happy to make a badge fur Leo, specshully if effurryone "borrows" it to put on thems bloggies. That makes more and more of us to send purrs!
Love and Purrs,

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are purring hard for Leo to be better soon.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

LP said...

We are glad he has you to cuddle him up and make him feel less stressed. All our paws are crossed that he starts feeling better real soon :)

the critters in The Cottage xo

meowmeowmans said...

We are purring and praying super hard for Leo, and for you, too! Hugs.