Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Just because I don't have a kitty picture today, and I didn't want to be pictureless, I'm posting this because it's cute!

I'm thankful for every cat I've ever had. I've loved them all, every one of them. Last week when I used World Cat Day to talk about my previous cat, Calvin, it made me start thinking about the other kitties I've had. I keep trying to come up with a day for remembering past kitties, but I can't come up with a good name. Way Back Wednesday? Memory Monday? I don't know. Is there one already that I don't know about?

I decided that this week, at least, I was going to use Thankful Thursday to highlight another one of my kitties who've gone on.

Today it's Sheldon. I cannot find any pictures of him either. And unlike Calvin, when I could say he was a black cat and you'd know what I'm talking about, I don't know how to describe Sheldon. He was one of those white with tabby patches kitties. I think of him when I see Katnip Lounge's Tiny Johnson and Whisker Messages From A Church Cat's Tinker.

He was one of two kitties I brought with me when I moved out of my parents house to the house Greg bought. I lived there with my friend who owned Sadie. Sheldon and Sadie, and/or the other kitty, Evenrude, were the parents of Hobbes, who brought Calvin out of his shell when he was a new scared baby in my bathroom. Obviously none of those kitties were fixed at that time..

Sheldon, not Hobbes, became Calvin's bosom buddy. They were inseparable. Sheldon was so soft, long haired and cuddly. You could scoop him up, flip him on his back and just snuggle him. He'd star purring and go all limp. You could stuff your face in his tummy and snorgle him and he loved it! (Try that with Star and she'll surgically remove the skin from your face!)

While Calvin would lay beside me, hardly ever on a lap, Sheldon was a lap boy. Most day's I'd have him on my lap and Calvin next to me. If they weren't sleeping on me, they were curled up in a cuddle pile! He was a big cuddle bug! Not a big cat, but a big lover boy. Calvin outweighed him by probably five pounds. Sheldon probably had five pounds of fur!

After the kittens were born, we did get him and Evenrude fixed. And Sadie after the kittens were weaned. Evenrude could not deal with being an indoor kitty. I had expected him and Sheldon to be best buddies, but that was not to be. A friend of my mother's wanted an indoor out door kitty and took Evenrude, who was a very happy only kitty with that family. Did I mention that he was also a solid black kitty? I often wondered if Sheldon knew his buddy was a different black cat.. But then, he did watch Calvin grow up with his sons, so he must have..

Sheldon was my lap kitty, he wanted to be draped on me no matter what. With his long fur, that could sometimes be a hot prospect.. but I didn't care. Love doesn't mind. I miss him. He was so snuggly, you could do anything to him, move him anywhere, pick him up, put him down, flip him over. He was always happy. He always got along with any kitty in the house, and he lived long enough that there were several.

I believe Sheldon and Evenrude were the last of the progeny of my first kitty, my Momma Cat. It's hard to remember if they were hers or one of her daughters kittens, probably one of each. It didn't matter because Momma Cat would take and nurse all kittens in the house no matter who's they were. Just like me, she had a heart big enough for all the kitties. Which is probably why her son/grandson was such a love bug.

Want to help me think up a name for remembering previous kitties? Suggest something in the comments!

Leo's birthday is coming up, and we have something big planned! It's going to be a huge thing to help out his sisters and all the other kitties who still need forever homes! And it's gonna be fun! Stay tuned for info!


LP said...

Some people use Flashback Friday to talk about past furbabies!
Leo, we can't wait to hear about you birthday party :) It's Malou and Levon's party today so drop on by!

the critters in the oottage xo

Brian said...

That was a lovely post about dear sweet Sheldon.

Katie Isabella said...

I loved reading about Sheldon and I will love reading about any and all of your babies who are not here now. Think of the babies waiting for you..such a joyful reunion there will be one day by and by.

Random Felines said...

awwww - that is wonderful. we love big mancats like that. :)

ABBY said...

We loved learning all about Sheldon!

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

Sparkle said...

Every time my human hears other humans talk about the cats from their past, it reminds her of the cat before me, who she still misses so many years later.

Sparkle said...

Every time my human hears other humans talk about the cats from their past, it reminds her of the cat before me, who she still misses so many years later.

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

The cat before me Mommie had for 18 years. She still misses her something fierce.

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble)

P.S. I loved your new verse to my song!

Cathy Keisha said...

I'm glad I learned all about Sheldon today. Bet he was a sweetie.

The Island Cats said...

Sheldon was a great cat...thanks for sharing his story with us.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

We luff luff luff your story! We think Way Back Wednesday has a nice alliterative ring to it ;-)

See you later Star. XOXOXO

Sweet Purrfections said...

What a wonderful memory post about Sheldon. Mom Paula thinks it's okay to remember those that came before us anytime!

What about Memories on Monday.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

What a lovely post about Sheldon. He sounds very cuddly. :)

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

A lovely tribute to Sheldon.

threecatyard said...

I agree - you don't have to tie it to a day. I used Flashback on when I was describing stuff from the previous years.

Oh, and the technical way to describe a cat with white spotting is to describe it without white spotting, and add 'with white'.

So Calla is a Seal Poiint Himalayan Persian with white.

Bellen said...

I think "Days in the Sun" would be a good title for cat reminiscences. It seems incongruous but it comes from the song "Memory", which in turn is from..."Cats". Days in the sun is a wistful and sadly happy phrase, I think.

Sheldon's appearance sounds like my Josie's. She's all white but with tabby patches that look black until you examine them closely.

Those were good memories of your previous cats.