Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Differently Alike

My kitties are more alike than either of them would like to acknowledge. Ok, sure, they’re both gray, that’s pretty obvious. But there are other things.

They both like to chase the other, even though they know it will end badly. Half the time for one, half the time for the other. Sometimes the chaser and the chasee change several times in one day! Silly cats.

I showed the other day how Star gets her drink in the bathroom in her own special glass.

Well, Leo now has to get a drink out of that glass most days too.

If he goes first, I have to empty it out and refill for Star.. She doesn’t like drinking after him.

One way they are not alike is size. Leo is a big ol’ huge boy. Star is a petit little thing. Since I now have pictures of both of them at the same glass, and since I cannot get them to sit next to each other, I decided to use the glass as a constant to show their size relative to each other. The glass, rim to base, is just about exactly the same size in the side by side picture here so you can see the difference.

Speaking of alike. Within days, I caught both of them in this.. odd pose. They were too cute to pass up the pictures!


Well if you can figure out a better way to clean the belly, you tell me!


Honestly, a lady has no privacy.

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Random Felines said...

yep - no matter how much they won't admit it, they do have similarities!! :)