Friday, November 14, 2014

Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser for Winnie's Wish!!

Cool weather is coming to most of us, so to help keep kitties warm we are starting the

Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser!

This FUNdraiser is all about sleeping kitties! We've got sweet cat beds, or if you prefer, we keep the sides down and it's a big flat sleeping mat!
The bed is approximately 12" by 15" with 2 1/2" sides, and the mat is approximately 20" by 17"


There is a variety of designs on these padded flannel beds/mats and I will try to keep a count of how many of each design are left currently. We're going to have to keep these designs on a first come first served basis. If the design you want is gone, I will email you to let you know.

This FUNdraiser it is VERY important that you email me either before, or right after sending your payment! There have been people who have not emailed in the past and I haven't gotten a response when I try the email address supplied by paypal. But since I want you to be able to pick your design, I need that email!

Each bed or mat will be $20 (US dollars), with postage in the continental US included.

Here are the current designs:

Cartoon Kitties on White (2 available)
Sweet Grey Kitties (3 available)

Paw Prints on Brown (5 available)

Butterflies on Blue (2 available)

Butterflies on Pink Leopard (5 available)

Cats Hearts and Fishbones (4 available) Got more!

Cats with Words (2 available)
(says Here Kitty, Meow, kitty kitty kitty, Lazy, purr, etc)

Now here's the kicker! You can also have your choice of either potent catnip or amazing silvervine sprinkled on the bed! Or You can keep it plain, with neither nip nor vine. 
If you do not send me your choice, the default set will be plain.
Edit: Forgot to add that these beds/mats are completely machine washable!
Now that we know how they are being packaged, we have a better idea of the postage rate!
If you email first for international, I'll get you as accurate a postage cost as possible! I know for sure now that a set of two beds to the UK is an additional $12 US, so I'm sure anywhere else with one bed will probably be less than stated here.
We will ship anywhere in the world. However, international postal rates have gone up a lot so I'm afraid most countries outside the USA are going to require an additional $10 US making the total $30 in US dollars. 
Here's a list of some of the countries that will need the extra $10: Australia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Austria, and Singapore
All other countries, please email and I will check the rate before you donate.
EDIT: Postage rates have changed since this FUNdraiser, please email first for out of the USA.
CLICK the donate/paypal button on my sidebar and make your donation,
THEN EMAIL ME at anniclan AT aol DOT com with your mailing address, design choice and if you want plain, nip or vine. I’ll get your bed out to you ASAP and send the donation on to Chrystal and Winnie's Wish!
If you don’t have paypal or prefer not to use it, email me and I’ll give you the address to send cash, check or money order, once it clears, I’ll send your bed!
Any questions, email me first!
Winnie's Wish will get at least $12 per set after we take out paypal's cut, postage and a small amount for materials. (Most likely it will be closer to $15 to Winnie's Wish, we'll know more after we actually send one and figure out what, if any, changes at paypal cost. Materials cost more this time as well)
We hope you will want to give your kitties a cozy place to sleep and help out Winnie's Wish at the same time!
If you can, please share the Cozy Kitty Fundraiser on your facebook, twitter, blog, or wherever so we can spread the word!
Also, Please let everyone know about the great kitties of Winnie's Wish waiting for homes!
Feel free to use our poster at the top of the page, or this sidebar sized one here:
We also have new special order crocheted kitty beds available now! They are 14 inches across, but can be made a little larger. They are also available for a minimum donation to Winnie's Wish of $20!
Please email me at anniclan AT aol DOT com to discuss details of these custom made beds!
 As they would be special ordered, it will take a bit more time to get them out as I will make them after they are requested.
Available right now are some that I made to test the design and just because I thought they would be pretty! EDIT: These are gone, but if you like them, new ones in these colors can be made. Email for information.

(click for larger pictures)
This one is a maroon-y red and blue bed. I can make any two colors you want. These are double layered and the bottom is the same as the sides. The sides are stuffed for a nice round bolster but the sides are not that high.
This already made up maroon and blue is a little smaller than the others because I made it first and was testing the size. It would be perfect for a kitten or two or maybe a small kitty.
The picture does not do this Bright Mix variegated color justice! My shiny black table kind of reflected and made the colors look a little odd.. I think it looks like taffy colors!
The side view here shows you how the sides are not very big. But it's more than a mat and I've seen beds with short sides that kitties love.
This color, also not done justice, is called Macaw after, I assume, the bright blue parrot. I think it's beautiful, but then I am partial to blue myself, lol!
See the far side where it looks shiny and darker? That's closer to the true color of this one.

Glitter is a large kitty, the daughter of a Main Coon looking kitty, and she sat in one of these beds. She mostly fit and if I'd let her, I think she could have curled into a ball inside it and fit for the most part, maybe not her tail since she doesn't wrap it when she sleeps but prefers to let it hang.

Like I said, these three are ready to go, but I am basically offering them as special orders
to the color(s) of your choice! (think team colors maybe? Match a room?)
Thank you!


Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

May your fundraiser jar fill overflowing...

Random Felines said...

oooo - those are nice mats/beds. we may have to go hunting for mom's plastic card....

Photo Cache said...

pawsome designs.

Emma and Buster

Summer said...

These look amazing! I have something similar, only with ties on the ends so it can be tied into a bed or left flat as a mat.

meowmeowmans said...

Andrea, these are wonderful! And what a great idea for a FUNdraiser with the winter months upon us.

Cathy Keisha said...

Those are adorable! Hope you sell them all out.

The Island Cats said...

What great beds...and what a great fundraiser for Winnie's Wish!

Katnip Lounge said...

We KNOW what we'll be getting for Catmas!

Marg said...

Those are such great beds. They are so so cute. Good job. Hope you raise lots of money.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Well I know we will want one with paw prints and one with cats/words. Dad says we don't seem to have your email.
Our Paypal will get to us

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

Thank Ceiling Cat we saw this on your Dec 1 post. Ordering TWO

Hannah and Lucy said...

Have you any news as to when our beds will be arriving in the UK Andrea - we ordered two about a month ago.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Timmy Tomcat said...

We got our beds and LOVE them!
Thanks so much!