Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pretty Sitter Glitter

Glitzy Glitter the Pretty Sitter has RBF... How is it that this sweetheart, this cuddly, friendly, darling girlcat can have such a nasty look on her face in pictures yet when you see her in person, you don't notice that? I never see the RBF until I look at the pictures I take of her.

RBF, for those of you who don't know, is Resting Bitch Face.

In other words, she looks mean in pictures.

Take this adorable photo series, for example. She was being so adorable! I had to snap picture after picture, but then I noticed the look on her face. Sigh. It does not convey what a living doll she is, honestly.

Glitter: Hi hi, I'm thinking that it's probably getting on toward snack time, right? What's that? My face? No.. I'm not mad, I'm happily thinking about snackage!

*muttering to self* What is it with people thinking I'm in a bad mood all the time... why I oughta cut someone...

What's that? Hello! That was a joke! Sheesh Here's an innocent look, does this one work for you? Still waiting on that snack, by the way..

What do you mean 'look at you'? I am looking at you. Here's some eye contact! Feel better now? Snack time better?

Goodness, I'm tired of this. Give you the "Ain't I so cute" pose on the arm of the chair and all I get are questions about my expression.. humans..

No, mom, I'm don't looking at you and that flashy box. I already quit the pose and I'm about to quit waiting on a snack from you and go bug daddy. He's easy to manipulate.

Ok ok! Here, I'm looking at you! Happy? Good, cause I am too. Now, where did we end on the snackage subject??

I sympathize, Glitter, I often get told I have RBF too. (Yes, she got her snack)

By the way, it's not because of flash that she makes that face. These were all taken on my cell phone (as if you can't tell by the *quality* of the pictures) and it doesn't have a flash.

My camera was broken and all I have been able to take for quite a while has been cell phone pictures. It was dropped once too many times and the batteries were rattling around in the battery compartment; obviously, I presumed, something broke off in there. I looked and could not see a way to fix it. I have been planning on getting a new one and when I mentioned that tonight, Greg picked up the camera to check it out. (Not like I haven't tried to get him to do that for months or anything..) he took the batteries out, dropped them back in and sproing! the little tab that the batteries sit on unstuck itself and went back to working like it's supposed to... Now *I* have dropped the batteries in and out of it several times! Did it fix itself for me? Of course not! Needed Greg's magic touch! Grrrr Anyway, since I'm putting this on the Thankful Thursday blog hop, I can add that I'm very thankful that I'll be able to use my camera again!! I'm also thankful for Glitzy Glitter, our Pretty Sitter, RBF and all!


Thankful Thursday Blog Hop


Summer said...

My human is a good judge of kitty expressions, and she says she would not be surprised if Glitter was purring in the first photo, RBF or not.

Brian said...

Awww Glitter, you are adorable no matter what! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

The Island Cats said...

We think you're beautiful, Glitter. Zoey always has a RBF too. Could it be a girlcat thing?

Eastside Cats said...

So, does that mean that you won't buy a new camera? You should buy one that responds to YOU, and not him!
Purrsonally, I think it's the angle of the camera/phone...Glitter doesn't always have that scowly look!

Colehaus Cats said...

Someone once told us RBF is a sign of having lots and lots of Important Stuff on the brain. Clearly, snackage was on the brain there, right, Glitter?

Katie Isabella said...

Glitter, me and Leo have decided that you have two very dark stripes right where humans would have frown lines. That is what gives that false impression. Me and Leo know better!

World of Animals, Inc. said...

You humans better get Glitter that snack. Cause if that's the adorable face we don't want to see the mean face. You are always adorable to us in every photo. Love hearing what an RBF meant. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
World of Animals

Mary McNeil said...

Actually - rather than RBF she sorta looks like an owl. One of my big shorthair girls looks so much like an owl that when she appears in the morning out of the cupboard above the refrigerator, it has given me quite a turn more than once ! "ROF!"

Comedy Plus said...

I love your acronyms for things. This is a good one too. I think I have that face at times too.

Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your mom. ♥

Catscue Catmom said...

Not RBF - it's her SULTRY look, Glitter is giving us her beautiful SULTRY face.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Scylla suffers from RBF too, but is a lovebug most of the time. She gets hissy with Yang for some reason but then he makes all the girl cats hissy.