Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thwarted Thursday

There it is. Your precious kitty sitting in an adorable unusual pose. So cute, you think, I must capture this. Rats, the camera is across the room. So you get up, trying not to disturb the little darling. You get the camera and carefully make your way back. You open the camera, and it makes it's loud whirring sound that all cats know and do their best to run from. Ah, but this time, sweet kitty stays exactly where he was throughout the whole process.

Now you are ready to take the picture, you lift the camera and... he turns! Little brat! It's like he KNEW the EXACT moment you'd be snapping the picture and chose, ON PURPOSE, to move right then! Argh! Brat again!

Well, fine, Mr. Leo the Chinese Lion (yup, irritated enough to use his full name!), if you don't want me to take the picture of you leaning back, arm hooked over the rim, giving your best combination of the Most Interesting Mancat Alive and a "How you doin' ladycats?" pose, then I'm gonna take the picture anyway! So there!

"Back of disrespect?" Meet "Mommy's posting the picture anyway"!


I have a question, survey, poll, whatever you want to call it. My curiosity really.
For those of you who feed canned food, either as a snack or meal, if you serve pate' style food, do you break it up or serve it in the shape it comes in the can?

I'm curious because I can't figure out if breaking it up is a problem for my kitties, Cashmere in particular.

All of my kitties have some degree of under bite. Runs in the family I guess. :)
Cashmere is always longest at the snack dishes but she's the lightest of the three. I thought maybe she was having issues with the food getting smooshed into the corners, so we bought shallow bowls. They don't seem to make much difference, though the first night they managed to scooch a bunch of the food off the plates and onto the floor..

I usually broke up the pate' style when they have that, but tonight I left it whole. Well, cut into thirds because they each get their own dish. And at first it seemed Cashmere was confused, but one she started biting the edge, she got right into it. She stayed at her dish longer than normal (she always changes dishes, whether anyone wants to trade with her or not.) Leo, who never eats much of his snack, stayed and ate longer as well. Now, this could just mean he liked this one better. But Cashmere not trading quickly, that was unusual. But was she responding to the change in presentation or was it easier to eat?

I'm probably over analyzing and making a big deal of nothing. They are all healthy kitties at healthy weights and what I'm seeing as possible issues are probably just quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Back to the question! Do you break it up or serve 'whole'?


Brian said...

Oh yea, beating the camera is a fun thing! Hey, we have wet food for a meal and a snack, and we like it all smashed up or we wouldn't touch it!

Katie Isabella said...

I don't eat hardly any pate...I like Fancy Feast Marinated Morsels or Fancy Feast with extra gravy. But mom found the times she served me pate, she smooshed it up for me...never occurred to leave it in it's original out of the can shape. Great idea! Mom learned from Mariodacat to re-pile up leftovers into the center of the bowl to encourage me to go back and finish. It works every time.

Random Felines said...

nice timing Leo!!

when mom feeds the foster kittens, she empties the can and kind of slices it into pie shapes (if that makes sense). can't be certain, but she thinks having those edges gives them something to chew on without the food getting smooshed.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hannah will eat anything which was a surprise as she was a rescue and had to have all her teeth removed as they were bad. If she likes the smell of the meal it is gone in a trice - her favourite though is freshly cooked chicken breast (chopped up into small pieces) so see can eat it easily.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Eastside Cats said...

Some days, I wished I had one of those body cameras, because that's the only way I can get a photo of one of the cats being adorable!
About canned food, I mix certain powders, filtered water and elixers into both the inside and outside cats's pate food, so it's more soupy...gloppy, more like...and they all slurp it up. When I serve it out of the can, they all tend to be confused and end up licking it into little football globs, then they eat up the globs/balls using teeth.

Maxwell Faraday Richman said...

Hm, so now we're wondering if the mom should try pie shaped wedges with edges. SHe smooshes it into a kind of ball, then pokes a hole in the center and fills it with gravy from the Natural Balance pouch that Faraday eats (not paté). SHe likes pushing the liquids on us kitties!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

high paws two ewe leo !!! grate job dood

N yes we all eat friskies pate but each oh uz likes it served a
diffrunt way;

dai$y likez her in chunks, prob ablee coz oh her mane;
uz boyz guess if itz "mushed" her mane can lay in it
sew ta speek.... & her noez thiz

me boomer likez both pate styles & chunkz sew eye troo lee haz noe

cuzin toona likez hiz mushed down like a "spread" N willna eat any food thatz chunked....{ even if itz friskiez "pate".... chunked.... comin outta de can ??? ~~~ }


The Swiss Cats said...

Well done with the camera MOL ! Mum always brakes our pâté : if she doesn't, Pixie often put the biggest pieces out of the bowl with her paw. Purrs

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Cute photo even if it is the back end. I break up the pate a little with a spoon.

Summer said...

My human smooshes up the food usually. Sometimes when Binga and Boodie get a midday snack, she just dumps it into their bowls as is (it's pate, and in those little tiny half plastic containers), and it doesn't seem to make any difference to them.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

TBT here: While I choose to get cubed or sliced foods, there is some "minced" and that is close to "pate'". I don't think it makes any difference. As best I can tell, the cats just swallow what ever they get as whole as possible.

I don't want to be indelicate, but in the interest of accuracy, Iza horked up some cubed chicken canned food four hours after eating it and it was still cubes! Sorry to have to detail that, but if you need to know, you need to know.

They dont chew very much. If it is small, they lick it up, and the shape doesn't bother them.

Sort of "ick" but I hope it helps...

Eileen said...

Well done Leo!

Our mom always cuts the food in three, for the three of us, but doesn't smoosh it. No reason really, just she never thought to smoosh it. We love our pate, but only get it once a day. Mom says when we get more, Saku has a tendency to pig out and throw up.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku said...

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