Monday, June 10, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

We had an exciting weekend. My parents party was fun. And something amazing happened with the kitties!

You all know that Star and Leo do NOT get along. At all. And a lot of times Star will not just leave things alone, she has to chase Leo. And he’s not so innocent, he has to poke her in the butt when she doesn’t notice he’s there.

I was sleeping or rather trying to.. The weather has been up and down and rainy on and off and that plays heck with my sinuses so badly that I have to try to sleep half sitting up/lounging to I can breath. Star wanders back and forth between laying on my stomach and leaning against one of my feet.

Just as an aside, Leo slept with us all the time upstairs, but downstairs Star seems to get the bed most. (No, we didn’t even get the bed back together during vacation..) It’s funny that they’ve kind of switched places at night.

Back to the story. Star was leaning against one of my feet and all the sudden Leo jumped up on the bed and landed smack in the middle of my stomach, oof!

I figured once he saw Star at my foot, he’d leave. But nope, he laid down across my stomach and got all kinds of pets and scritches and purred loud enough to be heard on the space station!

He’s such a big guy that I have to hold him with one arm to keep him from sliding off while I pet him with the other. Well, I started falling asleep and my started slipping. I tried to keep hold of him, but about the fifth time or so, he was done with his butt falling off the side.

His normal plan at this point, is to move down and sleep between my feet. But Star was there this time. That’s why I was stunned when he slowly made his way down to my feet anyway. I thought surely he’s going to chicken out and jump down any second. Nope.

Then I realized why he was walking so slowly and carefully. He was trying to find a sleeping spot without waking up Princess Hissyface! And he did! He found a spot leaning against my other foot where he left about three inches between them.

He was nervous, but determined to nap there. I tried not to move to wake Star up myself, as well as keeping an eye on them so there wasn’t any butt poking or smacky paws. All was well for about ten minutes. Leo settled in, but kept peeking at her, so he wasn’t quite sleeping and Star snored on.

Something, I don’t know what, finally woke Star up. She lifted her head and looked at him. He looked back. Stand off.

I talked calmly to them, nice kitty, good kitties, everything is ok kitties...

After a few minutes, Star, without moving an inch, hissed. Leo gave her one of his ‘she’s looking at me’ grumbles. Star hissed again. Neither moved.

I was braced for anything. Especially bloodshed. My own.. Remember that they were both by/between my feet! I was sure I was about to be shredded!

The shredding never came. What happened was that Star stood up and walked right past Leo to jump down from the bed. No shredding, no smacky paws, no fight. Color me stunned!

No pictures of the awesome event, but tomorrow there will be pictures of another event that happened with the kitties this weekend! I’m telling you, it was a good weekend!



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Hannah and Lucy said...

Paws crossed the truce continues - BTW we love your Rescue Cats badge.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Island Cats said...

It's nice that Star and Leo have called a truce and we hope it continues!

FYI, we heard it was your blogoversary yesterday! Happy Blogoversary!

Loretta Thomas said...

Let's hope this last for a while...Cats, who can know them!!!
Love,Hugs,& Purrs,
Loretta & Kitty

Crafting Queen said...

Wow, that's amazing!

Rene said...

Tucker does not like Sadie, and it is amazing when there is a moment of quiet or peace--so I know what a triumph that can be. Let's hope yours continues! :-)

Random Felines said...

well mark that on the calendar. :) makes you wonder if Star was just all "so not worth the bother"

Bellen said...

Wow, that's quite a moment. I know it myself. It will happen again. It may not be the next time or the time after that. But, as I once wrote of my cats, they may never be sharing a pot of tea on the couch, but they'll come to tolerate each other.

The Cat From Hell said...

What a gold Star Day!!!
Its not too often that we have both cats on the bed at our house, but more frequently now than thin the past.
Nellie's Mom

meowmeowmans said...

Holy Cat. You should put up a bronze marker to memorialize this amazing day in hisstory. :)

Sparkle said...

Wow, its a wonder you got any sleep with all that tension! But yeah, that is quite an accomplishment on their behalfs!

Jacqueline said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to your Grandparents!...Their kitty is very handsome!...So glad you guys are coming to an "understanding" and will hopefully be real buddies soon!!...Happy Monday, darling friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I am so happy for all of you! I remember all too well the fights between Tig and Em.. oh it was epic. Then one day they slept in the same room, I nearly passed out from happiness :)

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

We hope this is a sign of more truce to come!

Charliepuss said...

Awwww. Friends at last. Well done.

Katie Isabella said...

May that mean the beginning of the end of the smacky paws and hissing. *crossed paws* xox

Brian said...

That is a super fantastic weekend and we are so proud of Star and Leo!

LP said...

We think there is hope for Star and Leo yet! At least that is what LP always says about Esme and Levon who have a very similar "relationship"."

the critters in the cottage xo

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Will wonders never cease? Nah, I think they're just setting you up for an Epic Battle right on your tum at midnight.

Hi darling Star, Good for you for not tolerating the presence of the Barbarian for long. I mean, you were done with that sleeping place anyway, right?

Kitties Blue said...

We are just unpredictable enough to keep you humans on guard. Glad no wrasslin' or smacky paws occurred. Our humans get extra upset when we have disagreements on the bed, Just like you, they are afraid of bloodshed, and just like you, their own. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

Professional Doctorates said...

It is too bad that Star and Leo don’t play very nicely with each other. This was like a standoff in an old Western movie. I guess Star was done with the bed, Leo could have it because it was not up to her standard anymore. At least that is how my cat thought.

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