Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Shelter Kitties Happy

A dear friend of mine made a very generous donation to Winnie's Wish, what made it even more special is that he does not have any cats. Truth be told, he's not even fond of cats, but I overlook this flaw in his personality ;)  He asked me to give the toys to a local shelter in my area. Double sweet!

I did a quick search and the first one to pop up on my list was a feline only no kill shelter. Perfect! I think even Chrystal would approve of this one! I contacted them and asked if I could give them the toys and they said they could always use more kitty toys! So today Greg and I took them over there.

When we entered, there was a pretty white kitty with black spots by her ears standing by to greet us. I am so upset that I didn't get a picture of her. She didn't come all the way in to see the toys but stayed as a door greeter.

I explained why we were there, and the girls working there were happy to let me come in, play with the kitties and take pictures.

This first big girl was so excited for the toys she almost didn't let me get them out of the bag!
If you notice in the first picture of the big orange girl, you'll see another kitty. These two did not like each other. The top kitty had the most unusual coat, she looked tiger, but with lots of orange, like a torbie tiger, is that possible? Whatever it was, they said she was quite old. It looked like she wanted a toy, so I gave her the Winnie's Wish pillow. She loved it, but she scooted away behind another cage with it to get away from big orange.. bad picture, but you can see more of her markings.

This kitty's name was Whiskey! One of the kittens over at Random Felines, who's naming rights I'd won in an auction, is named Whiskey!
Just under Whiskey was a kitty with a big sign that said do not let her out of the cage. I don't know what that's about. She was shy, but liked the stringy.

These two look so much alike, I wonder if they were sisters.

The tuxedo in the bottom was talk talk talking once we got toys going. Greg offered him a feather, but the guy above him liked it better. Neither of these guys were getting out of their litter pans. When the shelter girl opened the cage for the tux, she asked him if he was going to go hide again so they can't find him for days. Whoopsie! He didn't seem to want to come out while we were there though.

The heart toy was the only thing that got him out of the litter box, he loved it! He dropped it out of his cage once, jumped down, picked it up, and jumped back in.
See the hole next to him in his cage wall? Most of the cages have these holes, it gives them access to the other compartments. I think his might have been shut so he couldn't travel, but most of the other holes were open. I thought that was cool, the kitties get a sense of freedom, get to go where they want and hang with who they want, but are still contained.

This pair, for instance, had access to holes below and to both sides, but they chose to  stay in this compartment together. They went nuts for the feather!

This girl, another older kitty, took this heart and went to town! She licked and licked and licked, and scooted it half way across the room leaving a trail of drool that I was afraid someone would slip on.. She was one happy girl! And so fuzzy!

Ya caught me I guess.... I gave them an extra heart and a few extra feathers... But no extra money will come out of the donation for Chrystal! That cost is on me, and I really cannot feel bad about it, these kitties loved the toys so much! There was a little boy there with his mom and he played with some of the kitties with the stringy, it was cute. I hope they take a kitty home!

Wow, this was a very picture heavy post! I was going to share some pictures of my cousin's cats playing with the Winnie's Wish toys they donated for, but I think I better do that tomorrow.

See how much these shelter kitties loved the toys? Wouldn't your kitties love some? :) You know where you can get five of these great toys for a small minimum donation of $15 to Winnie's Wish? Let me direct you to the FUN FUN FUNdraiser page! Here you go!
Tomorrow: Cousin Kitties!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Maybe it should be Kousin Kitties lol
Love Pam

Sparkle said...

That is so awesome, seeing those shelter kitties enjoy all the toys! I'm so glad your friend's donation made this possible.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

We hope your generous friend sees these pictures. Those are very happy kitties thanks to his generosity!

Katie and Glogirly said...

This warms our hearts. Your generous friend is an angel indeed.
Katie & Glogirly

Hannah and Lucy said...

That was so kind of your friend - we know the toys will be appreciated.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

that was an incredibly kind gesture!!! Especially from someone not particularly fond of cats!

Brian said...

That made my heart smile big time!

Random Felines said...

how wonderful..... everyone wins!!
(and mom says the world can always use a little more Whiskey - MOL)

Katie Isabella said...

That makes mom's eyes water some but in a good way. Precious dear little ones.

Marg said...

That was such a good idea. We know how those cats felt. We had to open the package ourselves before Mom had a chance. So glad they were such a success. They really are terrific toys and such a good idea for Chrystal.

ABBY said...

That is so fabulous!!!!

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

Oui Oui said...

What a sweet post, thanks for sharing with us. If they got a few extra toys, that is ok. How could some of those kitties get a toy while others just watched?

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Aw, that warms the cockles of my flinty little heart!

Hi Star, Coming by tonight darling? The suit has been returned to the Hazmat people, so yes, I'm nekkid again!

~*Connie*~ said...

what a fun and productive way to spend an afternoon

rainbow said...

So generous of your friend - how rewarding to be able to give all those kitties so much fun.
Purrs ... Rainbow