Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Rant, A Little News

We hope everyone in the USA had a great Independence day yesterday! I never even got on line, shocking! I know a lot of places were too dry, or having wildfires so they couldn't have fireworks, but we hope you got to celebrate anyway.

I'm late writing a post today because Leo decided he needed LOTS of snuggles. So I sat and held him while he slept. Every time I thought, I really need to get something done today, I'd look down and see his sleeping face looking like he was smiling and I'd think it can wait a little longer.. Is there anything sweeter than a snuggly kitty?

I think Leo has had his last dose of antibiotic... He's supposed to have it through the weekend, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. He's very suspicious of his stinky goodness now.

Let me rant for just a moment.. What genius decided that cat medicine should smell and taste like bubblegum??? Hello! Even kids find that disgusting! Cats have a stronger sense of smell, so you add in a strong cloying scent of something they don't even consider food? Seriously? If you want a cat to eat it, make it smell like nothing so we can hide it! Or at least let it smell and taste like chicken or fish for Pete's sake! Yeesh..

Anyway.. So for the last few times, he's been giving his food a big once over, then giving me dirty looks. He ate it, but was not happy. And as soon as Star walked away from hers, he'd try to trade bowls. We would pick up Stars and direct him back to his. He eat his own then. Most of it, the medicated part anyway.

Until last night. Last night he ate a little of it then walked away. And threw it up. We know it was him that threw it up because when Star throws up, she makes a HUGE production of it and we certainly didn't hear any of her dramatics. He didn't go back to his bowl, and he wasn't too interested in hers.

This morning I put the antibiotic in his medicine as usual and he just sniffed it. And then tried to bury it. He would have no part of it. I gave him plain, non medicated food and he ate every bite. So it's not his appetite, it's the antibiotic. Since he's only got a few days left of a three week regimen, I'm going to just stop giving it to him. I tried the vet to ask about that, but they're not in today. Presumably an extra day for the holiday.

So tonight, he's only going to get the other medicine, the capsule. that, I hope, has no smell and he wont notice. That's the one that's supposed to make it easier for him to go and help with any pain, so at this point I think it's the more important one. In my mind anyway.

I really do think he's doing better. And I hope missing just a few days of antibiotic wont make much difference. We know he's going well, no problems there. He sleeps fine, he plays fine, and he torments Star fine. He's a happy little, sorry, BIG boy. But I'll still breathe easier after his test on the 16th!

Look, they can share a door! Sorta..
Leo: Hey down there! Wanna share the door?
Star: With you? Not really..

Star: However.. at least I don't have to sit next to you. And there are interesting things out there.
Leo: That works, I guess. Ooo! the bugs are coming toward the porch light!

Leo: I get the up high bugs! Hee hee!!


Katie Isabella said...

please ask the vet to give either of them the 2 weeks antibiotic shot and spare yourselves that torture. Also, whoever made that liquid...if it was a pet pharmacy or one that the vet uses tell them to make it up in chicken or fish. They should easily be able to do that. But the shot is the best deal. It's all over with the one thing.

Leo darling biy PLEASE get better and mommy, I hope you can call the vet tomorrow and say that the last three doses aren't going into Leo. They may be able to come up with a Plan B.

Oui Oui said...

Hi! This is our first comment after not having power since last Friday. I try to squirt the meds down the kitties throats and save the pain of icky tasting food. Oui Oui would get banana flavored antibiotics, not her favorite either. Still, after her eye meds, she would just hide from me.

Good luck, Leo! We hope you are feeling better. And stay that way!

William said...

We completely agree about that bubblegum cr*p. It's not like we would even chew the real thing, so what dimwit human came up with this? Every time one of us has had to take it, we never made it through the whole course either. We're sure the kitchen walls were never sick, though. ;-)

Here's to Leo continuing improvement!

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

Great news on Leo! I love kitty snuggles!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We agree! Bubblegum for kitties??? We hope Leo continues to improve.

The Island Cats said...

Our mom doesn't bother with the liquid meds for us. It usually ends up all over us or the floor or our mom. She's great at giving us pills so that's how she gives us our meds.

Sparkle said...

What Katie said about the shot - that's what I had done last time and it was SO much better than getting dosed every day! (I HAVE to have it squirted in my mouth because will NOT eat that yukko stuff in food, even if they tried to give it a good flavor.)

Cat said...

He is such a lovely boy I'd never get any work done either if he wanted to snuggle :-) So glad he is feeling better!!!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

We eat our meds mixed with cream cheese pretty well. Mebbe that would werk.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

I totally agree about the stupid pink flavored cr@p. I myself have never had to have it, but the Human has squirted that stuff down many a kitty gullet in her time. YUKKKKK!!!!

You kids look very happy together. Heh heh.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Not so sure if it's a good idea not to complete the antibiotic course. The antibiotic shot suggested by Katie is worth considering.
I don't bother with liquid meds since the taste gets all over the mouth and the cats tend to foam all over the place. I find tablets a whole lot easier to administer.
We're glad Leo is feeing a lot better!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We aren't too good with meds if we have to have them either - Hannah can sometimes take them in a strong fish flavour food but Lucy is another matter! So sorry we have no ideas to pass on to you.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Brian said...

We hope Leo is all best and won't need that yucky stuff any longer!

Brian said...

Silly me, that was supposed to be all better!!!

Repositório said...

Hi babies!!!!
have a good weekend!

~*Connie*~ said...

snuggling always trumps blogging :)

Chances are the antibiotic was given only as a precaution. often urinary crystals are "sterile" meaning there is no infection. but they can cause inflammation which could create a situation where bacteria could start to cause a problem.

Human medication tastes pretty horrible too. You'd think if they could make something taste good it would be something we humans would have to take. You can get medication 'compounded' into flavors that are more appealing. My local compounding pharmacy can make grape, cherry, etc as well as liver and fish for the pet population. I had some foul tasting herbs compounded for Em to help with her diabetes, but it doesn't not completely hide the flavor.

~*Connie*~ said...

as for the anitibiotic shot, I would strongly urge you to do some reading on it. There are a lot of people who have had some pretty serious issues with it. if your kitty is one of them there is nothing you can do but ride it out and do supportive care because it is designed to last two weeks.

Kwee Cats and Life said...

Oh gosh, you guys. Our hearts just hurt for you. We know it is so frustrating. Just hang in there. We'll be thinking good thoughts, purring and praying all works out just fine.

Still, DO have a happy!