Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bacon Thief!

Caught in the act, no defense, open and shut case. Star.... is a thief. And she stole one of the most precious things on the planet... The worlds most perfect food! She stole an entire strip of bacon!

She usually sits right next to me when we're having dinner. She knows who the soft touch is... Who's most likely to give her a bit of chicken, a touch of ham, just about anything she twitches her adorable little nose at really. The only thing she has to do is be patient and wait for it to be given to her.

Last night we made BLT's. Actually, I don't like lettuce on my sandwiches. Not fond of tomatoes on anything but a salad.. So ok, Greg was having BLT's and I was having.. basically bacon sandwiches.. Yeah, I know, feel free to judge, it's still going to be my favorite.

Anyway, the plate of bacon was on the edge of the table next to me. Star was sitting next to me. I told her to be patient and I'd give her some after a while. But I was still busy cutting up tomatoes and buttering corn on the cob and pouring drinks.

She almost got away with it because I didn't see a thing! I felt a scratch on my arm as Star turned around and moved back from the table. Did she just bite me? Scratch me? That's odd, she's never done that before just because I didn't give her what she wanted when she wanted it.. Oh wait, that wasn't a claw scratch! That was a piece of bacon being dragged past my arm!

I reached around and took it right out of her jaws! She was NOT happy.. Neither was Greg. He doesn't like the way she sits with her head over the table peering at our food as we eat anyway. And the fact that it was HIS baby girl who blatantly snatched something directly from the table.. Well, yeah, he wasn't pleased.

He also noticed that I didn't throw away the bacon. "You're going to give it to her, aren't you?" Well I certainly wasn't going to eat it myself! It had teeth marks..

Yeah, I did it. I'd do it again too! It was two inches from my face!
You try resisting bacon right in front of your nose!

So yes, she got the bacon. Not on my couch, and not on the new carpet, but on a plate of her own. I tried to give half to Leo, but can you believe he turned his nose up at it?? I mean, I know he has never, ever, wanted any human food, but this was BACON!! How does he resist?

Star didn't mind, she got it all then. And maybe a smidge of another piece.. but that's not rewarding her bad behavior! It's just... uh... um... well... ...habit? Whatever.

Know what's funny? She regularly sticks her nose in my glass of water, laps it up, and I will still drink it. Is that different than eating bacon she's sunk her teeth into? Somehow, my mind says it is.

Question. Of those of you who share your drink with your kitties, (those who know they do anyway), would you have eaten the bacon? Question 2. Of anyone, would you have given her the stolen piece of bacon? Question 3. Did I just train her to steal from the table??


Random Felines said...


Well done Star! (oh and mom doesn't eat tomatoes either - she makes eggs and has bacon and egg sammiches)

Honestly, mom says she would have either eaten it or maybe broken off the part with the teeth marks. :)

Fuzzy Tales said...

Way to go, Star! Though we've actually not shown much interest in any bacon, the times the human has had it here.

She says she'd have eaten the piece, though, teeth marks and all. Well, if it was crispy. Or, like Jeanne, perhaps broken off that part. Perhaps!

~*Connie*~ said...

Question. Of those of you who share your drink with your kitties, (those who know they do anyway), would you have eaten the bacon?
I probably would break off the piece with the teeth marks though. I know weird hun?

Question 2. Of anyone, would you have given her the stolen piece of bacon? Not at the time, but later. And since I have several cats who are food appropriators they would probably all share in the bounty (but then again I usually cook a little extra cause I know full well the cats are going to want some)

3. Did I just train her to steal from the table??
Nope. She knew that one already - as evidenced by her doing it!

ABBY said...

I've eaten after the cats have licked my fingers. So far I've not come down with anything, and I don't expect to. So it wouldn't bother me to eat something if they had just had it in their mouths. I mean they groom me all the time.


Katie Isabella said...

I would have eaten the bacon if there was no kitty spit on it.
Teef marks, no prob. I am not sure about drinking as I havent had an occasion that I know of. Xxoo

Brian said...

We would have been offered a piece so stealing is not necessary. Of course we would not have eaten it since we don't like people food at all!

William said...

In our house, Olivia is the stick-her-head-into-a-glass cat. She's not very stealthy about it though so she's usually stopped. But yeah, my mom probably would have eaten the long as there wasn't spit all over it. MOL!

Oh, and cats are self-taught. We don't steal; we take what's ours!

Bryan said...

I love bacon sandwichs, sometimes I will use a left over pancake as the bread, or with biscuits. I will also do bacon and onion with mayo. As to your questions:
1) I am a bit weird I will drink after they have put their head in my glass and taken a drink no issue, if they lick ice cream or something off of my plate no problem. If they have taken a bite I normally will not, because usually they have already started to chew it making it full of teeth marks with saliva all over it. So no I would not have eaten the bacon.
2) Yes she gets the bacon, but later probably would have made her wait until after the humans have eaten, because
3) It is not training her to steal from the table, unless she is rewarded at that moment in time. A stern NO and a shake of a finger in her direction (or some such sign of displeasure) to curb stealing. Quick, immediate and over with then on with business as normal, with her getting the bacon at a more appropriate time. That is the way it goes here anyways.

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

MOL, Star! Ashton has entitlement issues. She thinks she is entitled to some of anything the humans are eating. Sounds like Star is catching on! Can't take your eye off of food even for an instant or it vanishes, can you?

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

The bacon was well deserved in our opinion! hee hee!

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

Well, like others,I would have just broken off the chewed piece and ate the rest. As for teaching her to steal, looks like she already knows how!

The Island Cats said...


Oui Oui said...

The mom shares lots of food with the kitties. She and Julie have ice cream and ice pops together, taking turns eating it. They share cereal milk too. She would have given Star the bacon, she's gonna do what she's gonna do if she got the bacon not. When the mom has half a bagel for breakfast, she puts butter on it and Oui Oui licks half the butter off.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

WE allus get a share of the meal meats. Well, not when it is spasgettis, but all OTHER times.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes

Thank you Human, I'll take over now. Star!! YOU ROCK! I am totally coming ofur to your house so that you can harbor me while I am a fugitive! You are SHAMELESS! And a 1000 extra points for looking so adorable that she freaking GAVE you the bacon anyway!!!

Sparkle said...

MOL! Binga steals anything she can get her paws on. The humans here don't eat bacon, surprisingly enough, so we have never tasted it. And they are really picky too - if we so much as breathe too close on their food (okay, I am exaggerating a little), they won't eat it, and if it is kitty-edible, we get to have whatever it is we came in contact with. Personally, I think this is a pretty cool deal and we do our best to take advantage of it.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

1. Yes
2. No...well, I may have given her a SMALL piece of it (since it's salty), but only after I was done eating so she doesn't pull that trick again. :)
3. Yes

LP said...

Go Star Go! You train your people's to be faster on the uptake and get that bacon to you first! Esme and Tulip love human food too but the other cats not so much! I would have given the bacon to Star and a little something something extra too ... just like you!

the critters in the cottage xo

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Star, darling, why don't you teleport right over and we can down to that pier and look for Daisy! Efun if we don't find her, there's probably lots of other potential dinners down there. Even though I know you like bacon best, MOL!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hannah I'm ashamed to say loves chicken and (Mum whispers) I regularly cook a chicken breast for her to have for lunch (I do split it into three and give her a third each day) and then I cook another. I would be happy to do the same for Lucy but she's just not interested!

Nadbugs said...

Some friends of mine actually named their cat BT, for "bacon thief."