Thursday, April 5, 2012

More New Stringy

So before the new red stringies went upstairs, I had to cut and tie the ends of them downstairs. Of course this attracted a lot of attention! Greg managed to get a few shots on his phone and I stole it tonight so I could get them off of it.

As an aside here.. Isn't everyone else's phone but yours annoying? Don't you just hate trying to figure out how to do the simplest things that you can do on your own phone in like seconds?! Argh! His is frustrating and annoying! I, frankly, don't know how he can stand it.. And it's not even purple like mine, for which I gladly put up with worse pictures! Ah the superiority of one's own phone..

But I digress..

So after I had the stringies all ready, I could not just put them away, could I? Heck no! Star and Leo about went bananas playing with all four at once! And even played quite close to each other! Leo is on the Royal Footstool and Star is on the floor.

*whappiy whappity whap whap!* Too many to bat at!

Leo: I'm sittin' on mine!
Star: Me too!

Star: Ha! I got one away from her!

Leo: Hey... I think you got the best one!

Star: They're all the same, fuzz for brains..
Leo: *chomp!*

I've had comments before about them playing with their stringy and that it might be dangerous, so I thought I'd address that now. These aren't really string strings. They're cords really, the type you find in hoodie hoods or sweatpants. They're not thin, and the kitties really can't swallow them. Leo does chew on his and will occasionally drop it off the bed or carry it back onto the bed.

The old blue stringy was bitten mostly through in a few spots and I ripped it and tied it back together, and other spots I just tied knots over the chewed spots. There aren't any bits falling off for them to chew or swallow and the parts that I tore off were far too large to swallow.

Other string type toys downstairs are only used with a person, they don't get to play or chew on thin strings. The downstairs red cord stringy is tucked away with those other toys, for use with a person. Leo sleeps with his cord stringy, mostly he just lays on it or keeps a paw on it. It's his stringy baby, MOL!

Thank you for your concern, I do appreciate wanting to keep kitties safe!


The Furries of Whisppy said...

Guess I was concerned because I used to allow my cats to play with similar cords until Felix swallowed 12" of the cord without my knowledge. A week of lethargy and listlessness later, the cord exited his other end and the cords were banished forever.

We're glad Leo and Star have no desire to swallow any cords. :)

Marg said...

Those do look like fun stringy toys. We have some of those too They are pretty darn thick. Looks like they are fun to sit in on too.

The Island Cats said...

We like playing with string toys too! We have to be real careful though, because Zoey will eat string...she has in the we get to play only with supervision. Have fun, Leo and Star!

Fuzzy Tales said...

"Angel" Chumley was a huge fan of strings and cords. :-)

Derry is too, but Nicki prefers his sticks.

Actually, they both leave my yarn alone while I'm knitting, and if anyone shows interest, it's Derry. Guess I'm lucky there!

Leo and Star, we sure hope you have fun playing with those!

And we wish you all a very happy Easter weekend!

Random Felines said...

mom now has visions of those in our house - with one cat dragging a string down the hall and the rest stampeding behind. MOL

(BTW - mom can't even get the call waiting to work on her phone...)

LP said...

Oh we know your Mama keeps you both safe!! :) Have fun with your stringy toys Star and Leo! Fun to see you play so close together too!

the critters in The Cottage xo

Brian said...

Strings are always an instant favorite here!!!

Oui Oui said...

We have a string too. We like to carry it around and call - especially in the middle of the night. The beans must be used to that by now.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Hmmm. I have never had a string of my own. And yet they *do* look quite entertaining. I feel this is a deficiency in my toy collection, and since the Human is on her Easter Break next week, I think I shall issue a Royal Command that she go string-shopping. And not just any old string either, that cool good kind that Leo and Star have.