Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Floor Inspection

Wow! What a harrowing couple of days we’ve had around here! Locked in a room with two cats who dislike each other! Not the entire two days, but as long as it took to put down the cement and then six hours to cure enough that there wouldn’t be any little cement shoes padding around the house. Trust me, that’s longer than enough!

I, myself, have spent the last two days upstairs because it’s way too crowded in the dining room and kitchen and there’s nothing in the living room except lots of empty space. And what have these silly cats been doing? Keeping me company! They can’t stand to be locked in, yet as soon as they are released, they disappear for maybe 10 minutes and then they’re right back up here.

Today we ventured down all together. Wow, we were amazed at the difference in the floor! And how echo-ey it is! Greg and my darling twin1 are hard on themselves, saying it could be better, but I think they did a really nice job. Carpet and padding will cover any irregularities!

Leo managed to find the Royal Footstool stuffed half under the dining table.

I’ve missed you, Royal Footstool! I’ll never leave you again!

Star checked out the new floor
This is why we had to stay upstairs? Hrmph

Our couch is a lazyboy, and lazyboys always have backs that come off for moving. Leo jumped up here not two minutes after the backs were set there..

Hey, this my sleeping spot, where’s the bottom? Is mommy gonna sit on the floor now? If she don’t, how I gonna sleep with a paw on her shoulder?

That’s my Leo though, he has to inspect EVERYTHING! Greg turned over the bottom of the couch to see if he could do anything about the broken lazy parts of the lazyboy ends. As it stands, it’s not so much a lazyboy as just a boy I guess.
Ok, my sleepy spot missing the bottom and now the bottom all tipped over.. I don’t know WHERE mommy gonna sit at all. She not gettin’ the Royal Footstool.. is she?

With The Chair back on the other side of the room, he had to inspect it too. And make sure his snackies were unharmed in all the confusion. (Most of them are in the blue box under the pile of stuff on the floor, both he and Star can hear that box open from anywhere in the house!)

Snacky box is all covered... That’s not gonna stay that way, is it?

Star checked out things by the door
Hey, no cracks! Nice. And no door on the tiny hidey room. Funny, I always thought that room was stuffed full of interesting things.. guess not.

We’re all so thrilled with our new floor! And tomorrow the carpet should get ordered. We should have that in two weeks! Can’t wait!

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Kathy said...

Hi, Andrea! How many cats do you have? They all look lovable! I like the way you described the whole "new floor inspection" of your cats. I bet they are too excited to play on it, hehe.

-Kathy Carbone