Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cot Wars

Remember the cot niece 2 brought over to spend the night? We put it up for a while, but it’s out again, party because the girls like to sit on it and toss their stuff on it and partly because the cats ADORE it!

Oh, I forgot to say: Niece 1 is home from Alaska after almost six long months! The cats are happy that they get access to her room again, even though it’s crowded with the living room stuff while we (still!) work on things. I’m thrilled that she’s back too of course! I missed my girl!

Ok, so back to the cot. If there’s room, there is almost always a kitty on it. But only one at a time. They have gotten to the point of sharing the couch. They will occasionally share the bed, but certainly share our bedroom now. But the cot? Never!

It is mine, I have claimed the Cot of Extreme Coolness!

Don’t be silly, you cannot possibly appreciate the finer points of the Cot of Extreme Coolness.

Leo (on cot) and Star
Leo: Then how come I got it and you don’t? Huh? Tell me that Miss Everything-here-is-mine!
Star: This is a temporary situation only.


Here I am demonstrating one of the best Cot of Extreme Coolness features. The ability to get closer to Daddy’s pets without getting close enough for him to glom on to me.

Daddy is a most excellent petter. He makes me rub my head on everything and buddy bump his leg.

Now that he’s addicted to giving me pets, I move ever so slightly out of his reach. If he loves me, he will stretch and continue the petting that he KNOWS I want. He usually loves me.

No no no! The bestest thing about the Cot of Extreme Coolness is the playability! Whoop! What could be under there?!

Whoop whoop! What’s on the other side!?

Whoop! No matter how great things are, the underside of them is always fun to look at!


Again, you are proving your insanity. One day soon I will convince them to have you locked away from all good feline society. Namely me. The Cot of Extreme Coolness is first and foremost a very good thing to lay on.


Whatever BossyButt, it’s still mine more than it’s yours! Bwahahaha!

Cot Wars... Is there an end in sight?


Fuzzy Tales said...

Leo, we mancats are split on this. Nicki says the coolness factor definitely is playing on it, while Derry says the coolness factor is the lying/napping on it. LOL.

Random Felines said...

We think it might be an age thing - the older ones here like the sleepability of the cot - the foster kittens and Junior are having evil thoughts about how much fun they can have underneath!! :)