Monday, September 26, 2011


Leo will play with anything. Everything is a toy. Except a few toys.. He shuns Star’s favorite catnip krinkle butterfly, thank goodness! She might shred him if he tried to take it and that’s no joke! He will run from the room when the tub of organic catnip is opened. Sensing a trend? And I thought all cats at least kinda liked the ‘nip.

But toys, he loves them. Bugs? The best interactive toy. Ever! Might even be better than feathers in his book. A feather, after all, will be there where he left it when he’s done playing with the bug and all that’s left is to lick his lips.

I thought the appeal of bugs was that they moved and flew and wiggled. But I think Leo disproved that the other day. The day he had an epic battle with.... Mothra!

He was checking out the bathroom upstairs, as usual. Always acting like it’s his first time there, it’s kind of funny. There is about a 6 or 7 inch space between the sink and the wall that he decided to investigate. Since it is such a small, hard to get to space, it’s probably pretty dusty. Dust does not discourage him.

When he backed out I noticed that he was holding his mouth in that odd way he has when he’s holding a bug hostage. I didn’t really want to see what it was.. but he trooped to the middle of the room and dropped it anyway.

It was a dead, desiccated, dried up, dusty old moth! Yuck! He started bapping at it, knocking it around the tiles. Then he picked it up again, chomped, and dropped it only to start bapping at it once more! Gross Leo!

Then the worst, he batted it under the edge of the jean skirt I had hanging on the doorknob! Double gross Leo! I was gonna wear that! Oh, ok, mom, he seemed to say as he batted until he got his bug back. Of course, then it was time to play again, so he batted it until it was under the skirt edge, again! And then yet again! Ugh!

He must have had enough play time, because he picked it up in his mouth and munched. Bits of it would fall out of his mouth, but he’d pick them up again and keep munching. Who knew moths were so chewy.. Are you grossed out yet? I am!

Finally he left the battle field, leaving behind a few bits and pieces of his dead old moth behind. Figures he wouldn’t clean up after himself. Gross silly boy. Bleh.

Luckily, and thankfully, I don't have any pictures of that episode! But I still have a few for today.

Last week niece 2 spent the night and brought her own cot. It's still here in the living room and the cats both think it's there just for them!

Star: It's my turn now.
Leo: Then come on down.
Star: Move first.
Leo: Nope, nope nope, not gonna do that!
Star: Grrr

Star: You can't see me..
Leo: They can't? Wow, they's blind..
Star: Would you move now, ya big lug?
Leo: Sorry, nap attack coming on!

This so snuggly, I gonna stay here alllllll day!

Oh yes, back to toys. Leo figured out that the pole toys are stored on the couch, and that he can munch and chew the feather toy and the mylar streamers on it. They're all crumpled up now.
Om nom nom nom!

Yer next, Mr. Da Bird, I will find yer fedders, I will nom them to death, I will nom every toy everywhere! Bwahahaha!

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Katnip Lounge said...

Holy Cod. You ought to be grateful to Leo from saving you from the Dreaded Zombie Mothra! Although the comsumption WAS a little, um, disturbing. ick.