Monday, April 18, 2011

story by the neice!

Yes its the Neice,
First you all should know im not a good writer, my mind has so many thoughts that I just can't get them down in order or in an understandable sense  but I will try.

Well Mr.Leo loves it here. He gets a lot of lovings from my Aunt. He gets all the treats he wants, tons of toys, and lots of people to play with him.
I was watching my friends 2 year old son and he just loves cats! Well Star don't like to play much with him so she hides whenever the kid is around and so was Leo. My Twin decided to get a string toy and hold the baby and they were playing with Leo and Leo came out of hiding to play. So Leo decided he enjoyed this new playmate, and they played the whole afternoon. (I think Leo also enjoyed being fallowed around.)

As I'm typing this Leo is climbing up my chair and only stopped when he found he couldn't go any higher!

Well I hope you all keep reading my Aunts posts and stories I know the whole family love them. I also know when I leave home for a couple months that I can aways find a smile from this blog :)

Peace out and enjoy!

by the way she posted below this one so read on


love-from-alaska said...

awww you have the bestest niece in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Note to self: sign out of account when leaving the computer........

love-from-alaska said...

note to anni...i have an amazing post and spelling ability!!!!!!!!