Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So Why Leo?

Surely there have to be many gray kitties much closer to home, no? Yes, there probably are. But I wasn’t looking for a kitty, remember, gray or otherwise. Star, supposedly, is happy being an only kitty. Although I did wonder if the attacks she’d been leveling on weren’t because she was lonely. My mother had a cat that attacked her ankles in sneak blitz attacks when he did not have a furry friend. She lost many cats, we assumed runaways, until it was discovered that foxes had moved in closer due to new housing in the area.
You see, when I was a kid, we had woods on three sides of us and a field across the street. Now there are houses where the fields were and a few more in the woods. Anyway, between foxes and chicken hawks, she had a problem. Her current kitty, Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom, is not allowed out at night and that seems to have solved the issue. But I digress.

Star’s attacks on me might have been a cry for furry friendship, or it might have just been her cranky personality getting crankier as she gets older. But it made me think that a new kitty might be the solution. I still have that hope. The attacks on me have stopped anyway. And Leo’s too fast for her to lay a paw on really. I have high hopes that they will be cuddling someday, though I concede that it might take a little more time.

So you know that I fell in love with that furry gray face when Chrystal first showed the little feral kittens she was catching. The fact that he was gray was only one factor. A huge one, but coupled with another huge one. And that huge one was his name. Someone asked, I think on Chrystal’s blog, if I was going to keep his name. I have to! His name told me that he was mine.

My gramma, the one who got my first gray kitten, Misty, was the sweetest, most wonderful woman on earth. She and I were very close. Though we don’t believe in astrology, we both have the same astrological sign. Leo. A cat. Which we thought was perfect since we were cat people. I stayed with her a lot and we played cards a lot. With a deck of cards with a Leo on them that we joked only Leo’s could play with! We even made a show of changing decks when my grampa would join us for a hand or two.

I loved that woman more than anything, and I lost her about a year and a half ago. It left a huge hole in my life that I still struggle with. And then one day, a gray cat that looks like my gramma’s cat, and looks like my cat, shows up with THAT name.. Well, I’m not superstitious, but I have to think maybe there’s something to it. Did she find him for me? I don’t know. It would be nice to think so wouldn’t it?

So Why Leo? Because he’s got a name that reminds me of a special bond with my special gramma. Because he looks like her kitty. Because he looks like my kitty. Because he was scared when he showed up. Because I understand scared. Because everything added up to him being the perfect cat for me.

Thought you might want to see Moose
aka Sir Moose-a-lot Roadkill Goodyear Thunderbottom

My mother's cat. He's sporting a shirt sized for 18 month olds.

Can't go out at night, Moosey, preditors!

And my sweet Leo!
Mom, I need more toys!


ABBY said...

That is so sweet.
WE think you and Leo were definitely meant to be together.

He is your heart kitty.

Andrea said...

Thank you Abby, I think so too!

Updated to include a few pictures!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Andrea! It really sounds like you and Leo were meant to be together. I have to admit I was drawn to him too, for different reasons (one being that he reminded me of Ash, Chrystal's first kitty adopted out that we helped to transport), and partly his cute face. He and Trixie stood out to me - don't get me wrong, their siblings are gorgeous and if I had more room I would have gladly added one of them as well (but our house is seriously full with 7) but Trixie and Leo stood out so much for me. I think that your house is good for him - I remember how scared he was at first in the bigger group in the cat house, and I think having on sister is the perfect thing for him.

I sometimes try to get Trixie to look at the computer (tough because she is such an active girl) and say "look Trix, there is your brother Leo do you remember him" and she looks and then goes off to chase whoever is closest that will play.

Andrea said...

Lol Amy, I know what you mean. Leo only looks at the computer when I play video's of kittens. Star too, their mews drive her crazy! Other than that though, the computer doesn't interest him. But at least it's not like the TV where he was scared about it at the start.
I soooo much wanted to get another one of Leo's siblings too! If it werent for Star, I'd have taken two of them! And the one I had my eye on early? Trixie! lol I am so glad she got a good home! My niece wanted Glitter. I would love to go swoop up all the rest of them!
I thought Ash was adorable too, but for some reason, he didn't call to me the way Leo did. I really think I got the kitty I was supposed to have. And it looks like you do too!

ChickenLady said...

Andrea, it was cyotes that live in the wooded area near here that "worries" cats. Not foxes.
Thanks for posting the Moose's pics. Wonder what Leo and he would be like together, they are both laid back.
That one pic of him in the shirt was him "helping" me fold clothes. I found the shirt in the rags and put it on him and he didn't even flinch. He wore it for hours.
he is in his "run from door to window" mode ...quickly... there is a neighbor's cat or some other furry thing outside. He shakes the room when he walks FAST through the living room.
ow meow purruurp
Moose's Mommy

love-from-alaska said...

lol story of moose.....he was my cat 1st but mom and dad wouldnt let me have him so i made gram take him till the new yr...his name was papericka....sorry i cant spell....but i named him that because on blues clues mrs salt and mr paper had papericka.....and "moose" was salt and paper...but ohhh no gram had to rename him ::::grrrr face::::::::

Kat's Kats said...

OMC!! You're a Leo TOO!! My daughter and I are also Leos!! Her birthday is August 10th and she was in the NICU for 9 days (I had pregnancy induced hypertension and labor was induced 4.5 weeks early, she had pneumonia). She came home on my birthday, August 19th!! My son has the same birthday as their father, March 24th (after six days of prodomal labor.. eeep!).

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness Kat! I hope your kids are healthy now?
Are Leo's predisposed to be kitty people? I don't know, but it might look that way!
All the Leo's say Hey! Heeyyy!