Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Cushy Life

Today I was going to tell you why I have two gray kitties.. But something happened that was just too cute not to share! So Monday I’ll tell you about my gray cat obsession, lol!

I’ve told you that we don’t know where Leo goes when he’s upstairs except that he smells like my nieces cedar bed. Well this morning (afternoon!) as I was starting to leave my bedroom to go downstairs I glanced back and caught sight of something so I turned and couldn’t believe what I saw. Under the sheet that was hanging off my bed, was a gray furry body! (I am not a bedspread kind of person and the sheet usually hangs to the floor, but today it was about 5 inches up)

Star was already waiting for me at the top of the stairs, as usual, to escort me down, so I knew wasn’t her. I went over and picked up the hanging sheet, looked under and Leo was laying there with a cat-ate-the-canary look on his face. It's like he was pulling one over on Star being in "her" room and she didn't have a clue. Well, maybe a tiny clue.. When I'm getting ready is one of the times I'm supposed to pet her highness, but she was restless and kept walking to the edge of the bed, ears swiveling, looking around in a paranoid fashion. I looked out into the hall and didn't see Leo anywhere, so I thought maybe she heard him moving around downstairs. He does start to call me when he thinks I'm coming down but I hadn't heard him yet. (now I know why!) For sure she hadn't seen him, because if she had, there would have been fireworks!

Anyway, when I reached down to pet him, he moved away so I patted the bed and said, "Hey, Leo, come up here." My big, tall, fuzzy man stood on his back feet and put his paws on the bed and peeked over! He looked like one of those 'Kilroy was here' things! Too cute! I have a high bed because it’s got drawers under it, so this was impressive! Star can’t come close to doing that! I patted the bed again and he crawled his way up. Big as he is, he doesn’t jump anywhere, he climbs, silly boy.

As he walked across the bed toward me you could see this look on his face like "Hey... this is soft and cushy!" He let me pet him once then went to the other side, found a depression in the sheets and snuggled in, "Oh I could get used to this, mom!" (This is a tubular bed, which is like a water bed except the water is in 12 tubes running length-wise across the bed and covered with a 1-2 inch mattress-ey top, so it's not as mushy as a water bed, but smooshier than a regular mattress.)

I decided to leave him to it because he looked so comfy and head down with Star so she wouldn't see him there and have five kinds of fits because the bed is definitely her territory! She spends most of the day there until Greg comes home. I wasn’t half way down the stairs when a large gray bullet ran past me! Guess he wasn’t going to give up Leo Scarf time!

I do believe Leo the Chinese Lion is liking the cushy life around here!

Sparkle Toy Fun

"Is that a sparkle toy bouncing around up there?"

"It is! it is a sparkle toy! I'm gonna get you sparkle toy!"

"Gotcha! Bwhahaha!"

At this point, he ran off with it, which he loves to do. But this particular sparkle toy is on an elastic string.. so he gets so far and it snapped back to me! He goes nuts trying to figure out how it got away!
Once, he ran with it around the corner and it snapped away from ME, it flew into the other room and hit my niece who was on the computer. A shot from no where! A shot from nowhere!


Kathie said...

Oh Andrea, this is Kathie here! I am so happy you started your blog, we not only get to stay in touch with Leo but get to learn abut Star too! I am also an Ohioan, SW area about 20 miles east of Cincinnati! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Sorry I am late coming but have a fundraiser tomorrow, supposed to be today but had to cancel because of rain yesterday, and my partner in the rescue is in the hospital with a back problem. So I got it all! Yea! NOT!

Kat's Kats said...

What fun!! That sparkly toy looks great! We're so excited about hearing more of Leo & Star!!!

love-from-alaska said...

hes been hiding under her bed and i knew it...see i try helping leo keep his secerts but that still dont make him love me :( and Star hangs out on my bed most of the time but not when i'm in it.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Leo is so funny! Barney will lay in blankets that are haning off the bed and kind of twist them around himself (he does it on the couch too) and you just see a lump there (could just be blankets, could be Barney) and Stella started doing that but none of the other cats do. Trixie is definitely a jumper - that is one place they are not similar at all. Maybe it is easier to since she is tiny, or maybe she picked it up from Gus and Stella who are jumpers too (as is Virgil). Barney jumps but takes short jumps to get places (so kind of jump climbing) and Kirzon and Lola tend to climb if there is the option (there are container stairs by the bed so it is easy for Kirzon to climb that way - I set them up when Virgil was little because he was so small and would climb and then just kept them since Kirzon is getting older). It is funny that there are some things so similar about Trixie and Leo and some things that are so different!

ABBY said...

Leo is a darling cutie!


The Lee County Clowder said...

Leo is starting to sound like quite the pill. We kinda suspect Star was restless because she smelled Leo, or heard him, but wasn't sure exactly where he was.

love-from-alaska said...

Leo decided to run alllll over the place today!!!!!!and then when they got their snake at the oppsite side of the room Leo decided he wanted to bug Star

Andrea said...

Snack, not snake! lol, no reptiles here!