Friday, August 1, 2014

Leo Makes It!

It took a lot of patience, but Leo finally got his turn on the Celestial Skyway!

Is she watching? Does she know I'm here?

Whew, Glitter doesnt mind! Guess she was done with the shelf. For now. I better hurry and get my nap in case she wants to come back, right?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Skyway Saga Continues

I promised I would post more about what's going on with the Celestial Skyway so here's an update!

Guess who?

What? A big fuzzy gray foot in my house isn't hint enough?!

Oh, ALL of the Celestial Kitties are gray?? I hadn't noticed.. *gigglesnort*

Ok ok, here's a better picture.


It's Glitter! She thinks of that spot as her very own! Will she ever let any other kitty up???

zzzzz not if I can help it.. zzzzz

Why, just look where her very own sister waits for a turn!

Cashmere(bottom left): I say it's my turn already..
Glitter: Sorry, occupied. And planning on staying that way!
Cashmere: *grumble*

More updates as time permits! (Two weeks til Twin 2's wedding, yikes, pushing to get everything done!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buddies or Siblings

I've been very sporadic lately, so this is just a reminder of why to those who don't know; I'm in time crunch with Twin 2's wedding. Between all the sewing and crafting I hardly have time to snuggle my kitties! They are letting me know that this is unacceptable so I give them attention rather than give the attention to their blog.. I'm sure you'll forgive me that, right?

A couple of quick pictures of the best new friendship in the house! Greg keeps asking if I think they know they are brother and sister and honestly, I don't know. I think it's more likely that since they got along so well as kittens that they, of course, get along now.

Leo and Glitter are buddies! They romp and play and are just the cutest things together! Cashmere has been more cautious of the giant lumbering mancat, but even she is coming around and we've seen all three of them romping! What joy!!!

Glitter is laying in the window and Leo is on his/their tree in front of it and they're comfortable with each other. That's a good thing, and then the playing together is the icing on the cake!

Leo: We're keeping and eye out for that evil squirrel!

Glitter: Two heads are better than one! This way at least one of us has our eyes on the yard at all times. Nothing will get past us!
Leo: No squirrel sighting yet.. but I think I see a bunny!

I will get back to the progress on the Celestial Skyway soon, I promise!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Leo Lounges

We had the Cashmere Cave!

We had the Glitter Grotto!!

Now we have..

The Leo Lounge!

Hmm, I like the sound of that! Sophicated and grown up!

Sounds like there should be a jazz band, right?

But here's what it's best for... zzzzzzzzzzz happy sleeps, peeps!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Star Sighting

I have been informed, (by Spitty of course) that there have not been many pictures of Star on the blog since the arrival of the new kitties. (has it really been since June 5th? yikes!) I'd like to remedy this today!
Please note not only the back foot hanging over the edge, but the tail draped elegantly down on the footstool.
Star: What is your issue, mom?

It's called 'lounging', it's what you do in a ham-mick. Look it up.

And this is called 'napping'. Good bye!

Ok, Spitty, please enjoy the lovely curly belly furs while cranky butt, I mean, while Star naps.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crunch Time and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

I'm hitting crunch time for getting dresses and things done for Twin 2's wedding! There's so much left to do and I'm trying not to quietly freak out here so I'm afraid what's going to suffer even more is my posting and commenting. I apologize in advance for not keeping up with everyone. I will probably go on a binge-reading fest when everything is over, lol!

If I miss posting or only put up a picture or two, you'll know why. Love you all!

Leo: I disapprove of this lack of attention. To me. Oh, and to my blog.. 


Today I'm asking you to help find homes for two older sisters who are part of Winnie's Wish! They do not have to go together, but they sure would like some families of their very own! They are six years old and have a lot of love to give!

Circe is a real beauty. She was adopted once but the family had problems and she was returned. She's back to full health and beauty now, and is so ready for a forever family! She will beg for attention with her eyes, will you give her the time and love she needs and wants?

Tibby Bean has not been ready to look for a home until recently, and though she still has some issues, she sure would love someone to give her the attention she craves. She does give love nibbles or love bites. (My Star has done this, but I think Tibby Bean does it more) Tibby Bean would need a very understanding home. She is grouchy with other cats, but would probably live comfortably with her sister if you wanted two kitties. Are you the special home for Tibby Bean?

You can read more about the girls HERE.

And you can find more adoptable Winnie's Wishers on the sidebar of the Daily Dose Blog.

If you are not the perfect home for these girls, would you share and pass on word of them? You never know if someone you know, or someone you know knows, might be looking for just these kitties!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Celestial Skyway Blockage

So when we left off yesterday: With the help of TLO, Glitter found her way to the top of the Skyway! Yay! Leo only managed to sit on a step up shelf until the nip was gone. And then Cashmere wanted a turn!

Glitter had other plans.

Cashmere: Glitter! Hey, Glitter! Can you hear me? Can I come up? Glitter? Glitter!!!!
Glitter: La de da, la de da.. Can't hear anything way up here... la de da

Cashmere: Fine, then I'm just coming up anyway!
Glitter: Wait, I hear something... Cashmere! Hi down down there. Um, I think you should stay where you are. Yeah, that sounds good.
Cashmere: No, I think I'm coming up.

As soon as it looked like Cashmere was going to come up, Glitter RUSHED to the end of the skyway to block her!

Glitter: WHAT did you say?!
Cashmere: Um, I said I have to straighten my furs..

Glitter: Yeah, that's what I thought you sai... ooo more nip!
Cashmere: *whisper* Can I come up if I give you the secret password?
Glitter: What's the password?
Cashmere: Um.... "Glitter is Awesome"?

Glitter: Nice try, but no.
Cashmere: Rats..
Glitter: Attention everycat! This belongs to me! That is all.
Cashmere: Double rats..

Glitter: I'm going to lay down and sleep this off.. I mean, take a well deserved nap.. Bye now.
Cashmere: Triple rats.
Glitter: You can stay there and guard MY skyway if you want.
Cashmere: .....

You know, I think she might be serious!