Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cavemancat, Happy Gotcha Day!

The girls can have my old cave. This one has more room for posters!

Today is Leo's Gotcha Day!

And while I didn't forget, I also didn't have time to do much for his blog.

I do want to take the time to say a huge Thank You to Chrystal for giving me my baby boy, my heart kitty! The best kitty in the world! My big boy, I loves him!

Speaking of Chrystal, she is SO CLOSE to goal for the new cat room! Won't you consider making a donation to her gofundme? It's getting to kitten season, and warm dry weather when it's time to build! Any amount will help!
And please, help find homes for the Winnie's Wishers! They deserve as much happiness as Leo has found! Someone's heart kitty is just waiting for them!!!

Baby feral Leo

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Toys! And Opt to Adopt Blog Hop Sienna

Leo: Hey Glitter, what you got back there?
Glitter: Oh, just a pile of toys. Just a few really. A small selection.

Leo: You don't mind if I check them out, do you?
Glitter: Well actually... Hey! Stop treading on the furs, bub!
Leo: Oh sorry.. Ooo, you got the cool toys!
Glitter: *grumble sigh*

Leo: Hey! Don't go away mad!  Just go away.. Heh heh

Leo: Wedding stuff is kickin' mommy's butt, she's not even bloggin' for us regularly! She better get to commentin' for us again soon or WE're gonna be the ones kickin' her butt!


This weeks Winnie's Wisher is Sienna! She's still waiting for her people!


Read more about beautiful Sienna with the extra toes HERE. She's a Winnie's Wisher who is wishing for a patient forever home soon!

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Girls Interrupted

I don't know what was going on here, but one of them looks guilty and the other looks irritated.. Did I interrupt a plot to take over the world?

Glitter: Cheese it, it's the pawparazzi!
Cashmere: Oh mouses, I hope they didn't overhear us..
Glitter: Maybe we should take them out?
Cashmere: Don't let them hear that either!

We are really getting late on posting! Working on wedding stuff is kicking my butt, I tell ya! I keep falling asleep with my hand on the mouse as I'm trying to crop pictures for the blog. I think I have to start working on them earlier or put together more than one day at a time. On the other side of the coin, I'm getting a lot done with the wedding! So please put up with us for the next two months being late and having to curtail lots of blog visits. I'm reading more than I comment on, but I'm trying! Love you all!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!

Found out an interesting tid-bit the other day and thought I'd share it. I suppose, being an Irish girl, I should have known this! It is not correct to say St. Patty's day, because Patty is short for Patricia. It's St. Paddy's day because Paddy is short for the Irish Padraig. Cool huh? Well, I find it interesting anyway!
Saw this and thought it was cute:
It’s Paddy, not Patty. Ever.
Saint Patrick’s Day? Grand.
Paddy’s Day? Sure, dead-on.
St. Pat’s? If ye must.
St. Patty? No, ye goat!
(from here:

So happy St. Paddy's day! Adopt a kitty, or even a kiddy?? lol!

PS: Not picking on anyone who says Patty's day, just find the history of words/names fascinating personally! If you don't just skip down to the adorable adoptable below!


This weeks Winnie's Wisher is too adorable for words!

You know she's sweet by her name! Who doesn't love a kitty who loves belly rubs?? Please get this little sweetie a home!

Read more about her here
Contact Chrystal to adopt! (

Friday, March 13, 2015

Yer Doin' It Wrong

Glitter: What do you mean "doin' it wrong"? You're the one who put it down this way!

Besides, I'm a cat, no matter how I do anything, its the right way!

Hope you all have a great weekend, no matter how you choose to do it!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Girlcat Power

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday had Leo looking up at a feathery toy that has had corn husks dangling in the middle of it. The corn husks seemed to drive all of the cats crazy, which is probably why there is not one single bit of husk left on it.

Leo prefers to wait until the girls are tired out and done with it before he jumps in and gets the toy. Or he will wait until they are sleeping and get a private turn that way. The girls have no patience and, if I don't watch them, will steal it from it's hiding spot.

This clearance aisle, buck and a half little toy is a big hit around here!

Cashmere: Chomp! Love these crunchy husks!

Cashmere: Come here closer.. I want to see about this plastic string part too!

Glitter: Thank you for bringing it closer to me. You know I prefer to lean on things, even while playing!

Glitter: Oh feathers! I must lick the feathers!

Glitter: Lick lick lickity lick!
Cashmere: No no no, chomping is the best part! Alright, I got the plastic string bit but I'd rather have that husk part. Can you let go now?

Glitter: For a moment.. half a moment, ok.
Cashmere: Sure sure.. Ah husk bits, you're mine now!
Glitter: Ok, give it back now!
Cashmere: Sorry.. cant.. it's stuffed in my mouff. *gnaw chew nibble*

Glitter: Nice going. Mom moved the toy and I had to get up!
Cashmere: Don't worry, we'll get it back again.. At least *I* plan on getting it!

Cashmere: HA! Bear hug! Told ya I'd get it again!!

Glitter: *swish!* Rats! Missed it!

Glitter: Got it! Oh feathers, you're in for the licking of your life now! Numnumnum!

Yeah, she got it alright. Both of them did. You can see bits of husk around on the floor in some of the pictures. It only took them a while to get it all out of there. (mostly Cashmere worked on the husk removal project, Glitter concentrated on feathers, like her brother does!)


I believe most of the money has come in from the auction by now and it did great! We're still looking for a few people to make sure they know they won some items, so I don't have any totals yet. Still, so far it's awesome!

There's still a ways to go to reach the goal of $5000 to add the new cat room on the Winnie's Wish cat house though. And now there's the roof to repair too. So if you can, please help out by using the gofundme, or even the paypal button either on my sidebar or the daily dose sidebar! Every bit helps! Maybe even give five dollars for the Daily Dose five year blogoversary that was yesterday? (That Chrystal missed because of how busy things have been with snow, water, and mud, whoops!)

Thank you to everyone who has already helped and to everyone who participated in the auction!