Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Opt to Adopt Smokey! And Auction News


This week I'm sharing Smokey! A great Winnie's Wisher who just wants a person to love and a cat buddy to hang out with! If you don't have a buddy for him in your home, that's ok, he has a best friend who's being fostered with him! Either way, won't you consider giving him a home? And if you can't, will you share him and help him find his forever?

Read more about Smokey HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption: c3k@lazernetwireless.net


If you won a bid on the Winnie's Wish auction and you haven't heard from me, please check your spam folder! I have several people who have not responded to my emails. I will be emailing again, but if I'm going to spam, that's not going to help.. So please, check, mark me as not spam, add me to your contact list so it doesn't think I'm spam, and please email me if you have not heard from me and you won an item! anniclan AT aol COT com

Thank you to everyone who made this auction such a success, now lets take it to the finish line by paying and receiving items!!! Yay!!!


HUGE thank you to Ann of Zoolatry who not only made the auction site look so great, but who also made me my new Christmas designs here! (She has reasonable rates if you want a makeover for your blog!)


Monday, November 30, 2015

Leo Doesn't Take Excuses!

Hello kitties and peoples! Leo here trying to understand why mommy hasn't posted since Wednesday! Holiday smoliday, paperwork smaperwork, packages smackages! Although my sissies and I ARE enjoying all the extra boxes laying around the place... we still don't much care for her excuses. Nor do we like that she's not helping us visit! She promises it will be better soon, but we have our eyes on her, just in case. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go see why daddy is hauling off all of our excellent new boxes to the post office! Don't they have enough boxes of their own??

I am honestly surprised it's been since Wednesday since I posted! Wow, time flies! But we'll be back to a regular schedule soon!

Speaking of boxes!

If you won a bid in the auction and you HAVEN'T heard from me, please check your spam folder! And please please contact ME at anniclan AT aol DOT com
Thank you!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cushy Cashy

Cashmere here. And I have the cushiest spot in the house. The laundry pile. Not just any laundry pile either, but one augmented with wonderful soft blankets!

And now if  you'll excuse me, I must do what the laundry calls me to do. Nap! Because what good is a cushy comfy spot if you can't sleep in it! Right?
Isn't it so true, put it down, and they will sleep on it! Silly Cashy girl, she'll sleep on anything!
A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Winnie's Wish Auction! If you have won an item, you will be contacted within the next few days. IF you gave me your email that is! There are a few that I'm still trying to track down.
If you donated an item that received a bid, you will be contacted after we receive the winners donation with instructions on where to send.
Please pardon me if this takes a little longer than it probably should. As this is the first time I've run an auction, I want to make sure I get everything right! (Thank Marg and Ann for their help in this!)
Thank you all again!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The End is Coming!

Whoops, Those are endS, not just one end. But neither are the END I mean!
It's the END of the auction! It's so close! It's Today! Well, tonight! Ok, technically midnight!


I am in the Eastern Standard Timezone, so that's when the auction should end. (If I'm asleep I'll announce it in the morning) So please be sure you got your bids in! Check and make sure you didn't get overbid!

Oh boy oh boy, I hope every item has a bid by then!!

Remember, all of the proceeds from this auction will go to Winnie's Wish to help with day to day expenses and for medical bills and everything three cat rooms, an office and a nursery room full of kitties need!

If you don't find something you like on the auction, please consider making a donation or using the Wish List on the Daily Dose site to help that way!

Thank you to everyone who bid! Thank you to everyone who donated! Thank you to Ann for all of her design work! (that design work is up for bids too, as Item #1!) Thank you to Marg for all of her advice! And to Chrystal for being the hero, the heart, the one who saves, rescues, treats, and finds homes for all the kitties. And of course to the kitties themselves! Just for being so darn cute!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Focused on Fluffy Friday

Greg took a picture of fluffy Leo on his phone. Granted, his phone takes much better pictures than mine does, but still not great. No flash for one. But his phone has a 'fix this picture' thingie. So he used it. Then he sent me the original and the 'fixed' one. Then, just to see how it compared, I used the program on my computer to fix it myself the way I usually fix dark pictures. After looking at all of them I decided to post them all in kind of a photo fun kind of post.

This is the original

 This is how Greg's phone 'fixed' it

This is how I fixed it.

I think it's pretty clear what all this proves, don't you?

It proves that Leo is one big handsome fluffalicious boy! Am I right?!


Today and Tomorrow are the last TWO days of the auction!


There are still a few items that don't have any bids. There are a few starting bid reductions.

Chrystal, who is having a very busy busy schedule at the moment (good timing huh?) sent me a quick note and aside from some other things she said, she mentioned that she was surprised that the family tree frame on the auction hadn't gone yet. She said her girls have frames like that for their kitties. I thought, what a great idea! And made a quick adjustment to the picture to show what you could do with it should you decide to bid!

Like I said, VERY FAST work, lol, but I have my three, plus Angel Star, plus my cousins cats and my mom's cat! Family! (Item #11 if you're interested!)

Have you seen item #30? Its an art print and it's gorgeous! I'm shocked it hasn't had any bids. We talked about it and reduced the opening bid. I hope someone falls in love with it and has to have it because they could just picture themselves sitting there in that heavenly gazebo, inhaling the wisteria and watching the swans.. Heaven, no?

I hope you'll take time and look over some of the awesome collectors items, books, toys, art, figurines and basically awesome stuff and decide to bid! Just two days left remember!
Thank you! http://winnieswishauction.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

This is a post from back on November 30, 2012:

Leo The Chinese Lion thinks himself alone...

Baf time, the long furs on the back of my leg take forEVER to clean and straighten..

Lickity lick lickity lick... over and over.

And all these spare toes! I'll be a year on these alone!

Ta heck with it.. I'm bored already!

Time for a play break! I bet I can rip the corner offa my shelf!

Oooo real toys down there!
Only THREE days left in the auction for Winnie's Wish! Counting today that is! So hurry and get your bids in!
I added links to each item in the bid summary so you can hop to the page quickly!
Please share these last few days, lets make this the best auction ever!

Support Winnie's Auction by copying this badge and displaying it on your own blog! Thank You!