Monday, October 27, 2014

This Is Better!

Ok, so you know that crappy cell phone picture taken in low light that I posted on Friday?
Awful, I know.
I just loved seeing Leo and Cashmere so close!

Well, I have much better for you today!!

Last time I said they were barely touching.. This time I think this is, if not snuggling, then very close to it!

Just a quick aside here. Do you see what Leo is doing? He's hugging his tail and both back feet!
See it closer:

And Cashmere, she's all curled up tail to nose in a fluffy little ball!

Uh oh, the camera must have disturbed Leo! Better stop taking flashy pictures!

The weather has been cooling off around here. Dare I think that when it gets into the middle of the winter we might find THREE grey kitties snuggled up together?? Oh I hope so, I really hope so!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ah, Togetherness!

I've  been posting pictures lately of my three kitties getting closer together. Yes, they are all siblings, but I've had Leo for three years and the girls roughly half a year. I had wondered if they'd remember each other. Even if they didn't/don't, I figured that since they got along so well when they were together in the Winnie's Wish cathouse that they'd soon be friends here.

They have gotten along, and they have had moments of play. Then I went into the rehab facility and wasn't able to keep track of how they were progressing. Now that I'm home, I've been watching how they interact. I'm thrilled to see them sit in windows and doors together and I love to see them play. But no snuggles.

Until the pictures I posted yesterday. Glitter and Cashmere all lovey and napping together. That was wonderful!

And now this!

(crappy cell phone picture in low light, sorry)

That's Cashmere, who was sleeping there all nice and comfy. Leo was trying to sleep practically on my neck, which is fine for a while. But then I had to do something and I nudged him down. He stopped when he saw Cashmere there in a spot he likes to sleep in.

Then he decided that getting the spot was more important than having it alone! So he slowly, carefully, settled in next to Cashmere. Not quite snuggled together, but they are touching! Makes my heart sing!

We wish you all a very snuggly weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grooming Girls

I know that my girls are sisters and that they have never been separated. So I'm sure that this has happened many times before in their lives. But this is the first time WE have seen them do this since they've been HERE!

Could be because we got them in spring and it's just now getting to chilly weather, so some snuggle time is called for. Could be that they've done this out of sight of us silly humans already. Whatever the reason, we've never seen the girls up next to each other like this and I have been waiting and waiting to see two grey kitties snuggle in my house!

It had been my wish when I got Leo to see him and Star in a cuddle pile where you couldn't tell which grey kitty was which. Laughable, right? The only time she got close to him was to give him a smack!

So while this may seem a pretty normal, pedestrian kitty act, it's one that warms my heart.

Glitter: Goodness, your bib is a mess!
Cashmere: It was a messy snack..

Glitter: And your ears! When's the last time you cleaned them?
Cashmere: I did a better job before that lady came back and stole our claw tips!

Glitter: Hold still.. I have to get your neck.
Cashmere: Hey, have you been watching too many of those sparkling vampire movies with her??
Glitter: They don't sparkle, they glitter.. and my name is..
Cashmere: Glitter! No biting, no biting!

Cashmere: Whew, glad that's done. I need my nap time.
Glitter: Me too. So that's enough with the flashy thing, human. Or else..
Cashmere: She'll get your neck, so I'd listen to her if I were you!
Mutual grooming AND snuggly naps! Be still my heart!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop! Sienna!

I'm trying very hard to blog every day (week day) now that I'm home, but with two kinds of therapy coming in and making me sooooo tired, it's not so easy! But I'm working on it!

The kitties are working hard at making sure I don't go away again by covering me with furry love! Even Glitter, who usually likes to be pet with all four paws on the floor, came up and sat next to me for a bit of petting! Of course, she showed her preference by going and sitting with her paws ON Greg... Looks like she might want to be a daddy's girl. But I'm not going to let that happen easily! Because *I* keep the treats! Bwahahaha!

I know I know, they had seven weeks of nothing but Greg, of course they're going to be attached to him, and follow him everywhere. And I've only been home a little over a week. But I know I'll win them over soon because I'm home all the time and I give good scritches!

More great pictures coming this week. But today I'm highlighting a sweet Winnie's Wisher!

Meet Sienna, a sweetie who was born feral but now just wants to be loved!

Yes, she's polydactyl, (extra toes) but that's not the reason to adopt her, adopt her because she's a doll baby who will talk to you and be a great companion once she settles in!

(I will admit that my Leo's extra toes really drew me in, but there were dozens of other, equally important, reasons that I wanted him and he is now my heart kitty! Is Sienna YOUR heart kitty??)

Learn more about Sienna HERE.

If you know of a great home for her, please contact Chrystal at Daily Dose!
email at

Monday, October 20, 2014

Door Trio

I know that the way I've been posting pictures that it must seem like my three kitties are together all the time. But the reason I post them is because it's still an unusual occurrence! And it just thrills me to see it! So indulge me, just a little more please.

We had some almost nice weather so the door was open for a while, not wide open, but enough for all three kitties to indulge in some birdie and squirrel watching.

Whatever they are looking at seems to have brought out the ears of annoyance on Leo and Glitter at first!
Leo: Hey! Hey squirrel! Think you're so tough? Come here and prove it!
Glitter: Yeah, Come here! We'll show you 'tough'!
Cashmere: And bring that birdy with you...

You can tell it's Leo in the middle because of the length of his tail! That's Glitter on the right and Cashmere on the left.
Leo: He's not gonna come over is he?
Glitter: Doesn't look like it.
Cashmere: Hey bird, don't be a wimp like the squirrel, come over on your own!
Leo: Wow, he sure flew fast..

Hope you have harmony in your house today!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oopsie Picture

I missed it. And it's blurry. So it's a terrible picture.. but it's also adorable!

So, share or not share...

I'll share! Feel free to criticize the camera work, I know it's bad.

Just moments before I took this picture on Greg's phone, Glitter was on the middle shelf. We had a full window of kitties! And it was too cute!

That's Leo on the bottom and Cashmere on the top, Glitter on the mattress.

They are all looking at the same thing. Snack bowls! Greg was over there looking for the camera but he was also close to the snack bowls and if he's there, then he MUST be about to feed them, right?

He did!

Someday I'll get a picture of all of them on the tree!