Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop! Traci Mae!


The Winnie's Wish Kitty I'm highlighting today REALLY wants her own family! Tracy Mae is six years old and it's about time her people showed up and saw what a real little darling she is! Please help find these elusive people!

Tracy Mae is a sweetheart who just wants a human of her own that she can purr and purr and purr for. She loves to be petted. She may do better in a home with no other kitties, or maybe just one other kitty. In the cathouse she just tries to stay out of the way of the other cats. But she loves loves loves pets and attention!


If you know of a great home for her, please contact Chrystal at Daily Dose!
email at c3k@lazernetwireless.net


Another big way to help Winnie's Wish is to check out and join in on our Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser!

There are  couple of new designs and every donation helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Shelf Sitters and FUNdraiser Update

I took the sleeping mat I made for my kitties last year and put it on the top shelf and moved the bed that I made at least 8, maybe 12 years ago over so there are two on the kitty shelf, hoping to see two kitties sharing that space more often. (You can almost see the pink mat next to Leo)

The problem is that on the other side is the heat vent, which we have covered by paper to keep the kitties out (but since the heat is no on, the paper flutters and is half down) and no kitty wants to sleep by it! I would think they'd like the extra heat.. So I guess that leaves one good spot up top.

Glitter: I'd like a turn up there now, please.
Leo: I just got settled. Wait 'til after my nap.
Glitter: But your naps can be hours!
Leo: So can yours.
Glitter: *mutter* selfish boycat..
Leo: *mutter* pushy girlcat..


Hey! If you're still thinking on getting in on the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser, you're in luck! We've just restocked! We now have more of the popular Kitties Hearts and Fishbones  as well as two new designs!

Sweet Grey Kitties

Cartoon Kitties on White

They are on the updated Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser page, check it out!


Tell your friends!!

Every donation helps Winnie's Wish!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Too Good To Last

Did you see yesterday when Cashmere had full control of the prototype Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser bed?
Well, once in a while you do have to get up, and when you do...

Sigh, sisters.
Cashmere: I knew I should have waited to go get dinner..
Glitter: Doesn't matter, you know that when you eat, I show up!
Cashmere: I gotta learn to chew quieter then..
Glitter: Ok, you do that while I keep the bed warm!
Cashmere: *grumble* You'll have to use the litter box sometime, and when you do.. Pounce, my bed!
Glitter: Shh... sleeping here.. zzzzzz


It's not too late! You can still get your kitties a Cozy Kitty cat bed or mat in the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser benefiting Winnie's Wish!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

When I start a FUNdraiser, there's always a prototype (or two, or a dozen) to help me decide on the design.

Cashmere is very thankful she got to keep the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser prototype!

This is my beddy! I will protect it from all comers!

No floofy sister coming from this side..

No big galoot of a brother coming from that side..

Perfect! That means I can nap in peace and not have to share!

On this prototype I was working on how to finish the edge. I had made a satin finish with my machine on the beds I'd made for my kitties previously, but somehow I couldn't make it work this time. The proof is the slightly raggedy edge that you will NOT see on the beds in the FUNdraiser.

Also, please notice the size. I have LARGE kitties! And Cashmere is no exception even though she's the smallest. After seeing a picture of their feral mother I believe they have some Main Coon in them, the Clydesdale of cats! As you can see, there's plenty of room, they are good sized beds!

If you'd like your very own Cozy Kitty bed, with a much better edge, you can join in on the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser!


Donations to the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser help Winnie's Wish!

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop! Nisha!


Oh boy do I have a sweet Winnie's Wisher picked out for today! She's not been at Winnie's Wish long, but she sure got ready for a home of her own fast! She loves to talk, loves to purr, loves to be with a human, loves to be pet! Won't you help Nisha find a great forever home really fast??

You can find out more about Nisha HERE!

If you know of a great home for her, please contact Chrystal at Daily Dose!
email at c3k@lazernetwireless.net


The FUNdraiser for Winnie's Wish is live now! Wonderful kitty beds or mats in exchange for donations to Winnie's Wish!

Get all the details HERE

Help us to spread the word, both about super adoptable Nisha and about the FUNdraiser!
Thank you!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Shared Sunbeam

It's getting colder by the day around here! (I refuse to look outside as I've been told there is something white on the ground that I do NOT want to see!) But we still get sunbeams!

Kitties love sunbeams, or sun puddles as we like to call them. My girls are no exception, they love them too! But how do you share when it's not that big of a sun puddle or it's in a weird spot??

Glitter and Cashmere were trying to figure that out over the weekend..

Glitter (left): I think you need to move over just a little more. I'm not completely in the sun puddle yet.
Cashmere (right): I'm so 'over' now that I think I'm out of it!
Glitter: Not true, I see some on your side!

Cashmere: Do you see? Do you see what I put up with?
Glitter: Oh here we go, now I got some sun on my nose too! But my paws are still in the shade..
Cashmere: *sigh*


Want to help your kitties stay warm and cozy in a soft flannel beddy this winter AND help Winnie's Wish at the same time??

Join in on the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser! See the details in THIS POST!

Please help spread the word about the FUNdraiser too if you can! Every share, tweet, and post helps!