Thursday, February 4, 2016

Only One of These Things Makes Sense!

Every night there is a ritual around here. When the humans finish dinner, the kitties all perk up. Cashmere leads the things off by meowing at her daddy and staring at him intently because she knows it's snackin' time. As soon as Greg retrieves the snackin' bowls, everykitty gets into the act. Sometimes either Leo or Glitter will refrain, but usually all of them will get up. Leo and Glitter usually take position in the area they will be served in. If it smells especially yummy, Leo will come over, put his paws up on the table where the snack preparing is happening and attempt to ascertain whether that's what he thinks it is. If it is something extra yummy that he's in the mood for, he will pace back and forth a little. Cashmere paces a LOT. Glitter sits and waits patiently.

When the full bowls are about ready to move to the snackin' spot Leo will head over. Glitter will still be waiting. Cashmere will get even more animated and will escort the bowl carrier to the spot, sometimes nearly killing the bowl carrier! But she does not trust that the bowls will be delivered properly without her escort.

All that said to get to the next most important part of the evening. The after snack naps. There are some prime places that are in hot demand. A lot of times Leo and Glitter will vie for the ham-mock on the couch, whoever gets there first, wins. If Leo wins, Glitter will generally choose a cat tree. If Glitter wins, Leo lays on the pillows in the middle. Cashmere almost always goes to a cat tree. But everyone chooses a comfy spot, has a quick bath, and then settles in for a good nap. Snoring allowed.

So, dear friends who've read this far.. Explain what happened last night!

This shelf is for getting to the top of the Celestial Skyway. It's clearly not a Leo sized napping spot, and yet.. there he is.

And here! The hard cold floor and Cashmere is snoring away!

At last! Here's something that makes sense! Glitter got the coveted couch sitting ham-mock!

Friends, by my count there are no less than four other beds and at least ten reasonable sleeping spots on cat trees! Plus assorted couches, beds, and strategically placed blankets! Why, oh why! are those two sleeping in what can only be horrible nappy spots?? Why?? It makes no sense to me!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Packing Fun?

I have noticed on several blogs that when a package comes in, the kitties like not only the box, but the packing paper that came in it. Most of our packages come with air pillows, not packing paper. But recently, we did get a box with a long strip of packing paper! So I thought I'd see if my kitties enjoyed it like everyone else's seem to.

We laid it out on the floor and waited for somecat to notice.

It didn't take long before Leo was on the scene!

Leo: Hey, what is this stuff? It crinkles when I touch it!

Leo: And it is kinda cave-like, a little bit on this side. Cool.
Glitter: Oh yeah? Well give me a turn.

Leo: Sure. I wanted a drink anyway.
Glitter: Definitely crinkles! Even when my tail brushes it. Not sure what else to do with it though..

It was a while before Cashmere discovered it. We were sure our box crunching, tape tugging, paper shredding girl would be much more enthusiastic!

Cashmere: Hey, when did this stuff show up?
Glitter: Earlier, when you were napping. It's ok, but it wasn't worth waking you up for.

Cashmere: Oh, and a box too?! You know I love cardboard!
Glitter: *laplaplap* That wasn't there then. I think daddy put it there 'cause it was in his way.

Cashmere: Oh, hi mom. Uh, I'm not ripping up the box, honest!
Glitter: Yet, *laplaplap*
Cashmere: Hush up, sis...

Cashmere: Let me look at this paper stuff again.. It's not bad.. Doesn't shred a easily as envelopes and bills and important papers.. Worth a little digging though.
Glitter: You're the connoisseur..

Glitter: So, what's the verdict?
Cashmere: *looking at her daddy* So, what else ya got?
Well, I guess my kitties aren't into packing paper. Guess it's a good thing we don't get much of it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teaser and Opt to Adopt Traci Mae

Coming Soon!
A tale of crinkly paper!

What will the kitties think of it?
Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Before we get to today's Opt to Adopt kitty, I want to share some awesome news! If you read Daily Dose regularly (the blog featuring Winnie's Wish) then you already know this. I'm sharing it anyway because it's awesome!
Remember Dora, a sweet Calico kitten that I wanted to see get a home while she was young? And her buddy, Jaws, a foster from another shelter who was growing up with Dora?
This happened!

Yes! They were adopted TOGETHER!! YAY!!!

Remember Nisha and Yardley? Two of the West Woods kitties, the mom and her sister.
Well, this happened!!

Yes, They were adopted TOGETHER too!! Double Yay!!!

On to today's Winnie's Wisher. I am SO hoping that the good luck of the previous kitties will rub off on this darling girl. She has been waiting SO long!

I see on Facebook so many times people saying this cat or that dog has been in a shelter for 200 or 300 days and I think, wow, that's a long time!

But sweet Traci Mae, who is now around eight years old I think, has been in shelters most of her life.

That means Traci Mae has been in one shelter or another for around/over 2,920 days!
(There abouts, that's 8 years not counting leap years, and not sure exactly when she went into her first shelter before winding up with the Winnie's Wish Shelter and Rescue)

Surely you can agree that that's long enough? Please share this sweet kitty so she can get her very own family and a home of her own!

This is her poster from last Christmas, not this one that just past, but from 2014. I think she looks very cute there.
I made this one, spelled her name wrong, just noticed that.. but it's also from over a year ago.
It sorta says it though. Traci Mae wants to be petted. She wants someone to love her and pet her and give her the attention she deserves! Can you help find her people?
She can be bullied easily, so it would be nice if she were either an only kitty or with other mild mannered kitties.
This might be the most recent picture of her and I love it! What a sweet face! Look at that little gray chin! She's adorable! She needs someone to snuggle!
Traci Mae does have an issue with having a runny eye, but that could clear up with a change in diet that is not possible in a shelter situation. It doesn't stop her from being a sweet little love bug though!
She has a lot of years of love to give to the right, wonderful, person/family!
Read more about Traci Mae HERE
Contact Chrystal to adopt! (

Please share her everywhere so she can FINALLY have a home of her own!

Remember, kitties can be transported across the country and even into Canada!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Caturday Art

I don't normally post on weekends, but I missed Friday and I've been wanting to get in on some Caterday Art because I think it's so cool! So I tried. I made two different 'art' pieces from one of my favorite Glitter pictures.
Be kind, it's my first try, lol!


Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thwarted Thursday

There it is. Your precious kitty sitting in an adorable unusual pose. So cute, you think, I must capture this. Rats, the camera is across the room. So you get up, trying not to disturb the little darling. You get the camera and carefully make your way back. You open the camera, and it makes it's loud whirring sound that all cats know and do their best to run from. Ah, but this time, sweet kitty stays exactly where he was throughout the whole process.

Now you are ready to take the picture, you lift the camera and... he turns! Little brat! It's like he KNEW the EXACT moment you'd be snapping the picture and chose, ON PURPOSE, to move right then! Argh! Brat again!

Well, fine, Mr. Leo the Chinese Lion (yup, irritated enough to use his full name!), if you don't want me to take the picture of you leaning back, arm hooked over the rim, giving your best combination of the Most Interesting Mancat Alive and a "How you doin' ladycats?" pose, then I'm gonna take the picture anyway! So there!

"Back of disrespect?" Meet "Mommy's posting the picture anyway"!


I have a question, survey, poll, whatever you want to call it. My curiosity really.
For those of you who feed canned food, either as a snack or meal, if you serve pate' style food, do you break it up or serve it in the shape it comes in the can?

I'm curious because I can't figure out if breaking it up is a problem for my kitties, Cashmere in particular.

All of my kitties have some degree of under bite. Runs in the family I guess. :)
Cashmere is always longest at the snack dishes but she's the lightest of the three. I thought maybe she was having issues with the food getting smooshed into the corners, so we bought shallow bowls. They don't seem to make much difference, though the first night they managed to scooch a bunch of the food off the plates and onto the floor..

I usually broke up the pate' style when they have that, but tonight I left it whole. Well, cut into thirds because they each get their own dish. And at first it seemed Cashmere was confused, but one she started biting the edge, she got right into it. She stayed at her dish longer than normal (she always changes dishes, whether anyone wants to trade with her or not.) Leo, who never eats much of his snack, stayed and ate longer as well. Now, this could just mean he liked this one better. But Cashmere not trading quickly, that was unusual. But was she responding to the change in presentation or was it easier to eat?

I'm probably over analyzing and making a big deal of nothing. They are all healthy kitties at healthy weights and what I'm seeing as possible issues are probably just quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Back to the question! Do you break it up or serve 'whole'?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Treats

It was a while ago, (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4), that I shared about that treat toy thing that was not a hit with my kitties. The one shaped like a cat with a round bottom where you put crunchy treats in it's belly and stringy 'treats' in it's ears. The cats did not think the stringy treats were food and they were not fond of the rocking crunchy treat distributer either.
I still hoped that some kind of treat dispenser would be fun for the kitties, so when I got some cases of cat food and saw that on the cardboard box there was a cut out thing, I cut it out! If you folded it up right and made cuts in all the right spots, this thing would turn into a treat dispenser toy that the kitties could bap around and let the treats fall out as they do.
I realize that the cat shaped plastic thing was supposed to do the same thing. But with the weighted bottom, if they didn't knock it in the right direction, nothing happened except it rocked.
Anyway, this wasn't exactly a ball, but it was roll-y enough that I thought it might work. Glitter and Cashmere were quite interested.
Glitter: Mmm I know that smell.
Cashmere: Well, get your nose out of the way and let me get a smell too.
Leo (front foot in the top right of picture): What is it? Whatcha got?

Glitter: Treats!
Cashmere: Oh yay! Seriously, sis, lemme in there..
Leo (back foot in top right of picture): Oh, is that all. Bye
Glitter and Cashmere: *crunch crunch*

Cashmere: There's more in there, I can see them!
Glitter: Ok, you got your look, now give it back!

Glitter: *bap, crunchcrunch* This thing holds a lot, doesn't it?
Cashmere: *crunchcrunch* Yeah it does, give it another whack, ok?

Glitter: Why do I get the feeling that you haven't figured out how to get the treats out?
Cashmere: I know how! I stand aside and let you do it!

Glitter: I think.. I'm not gonna whack it again until you get bored and go away.. Then they'll all be mine!
Cashmere: That's not very nice. *Yawn* Ok, I'm bored. I'm gonna go play with a toy. Save me some ok?
Glitter: Oh sure... I'll save some.. *whisper* In my tummy..
Cashmere: What was that?
Glitter: Nothing, nothing. Say, isn't that your mousie over there?
Cashmere: Yes! Bye!
Glitter: Hee hee *crunchcrunch*
Well, I think this treat toy is a hit. And free to boot! That's a hit in my book any day!