Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

This is the post from September 3, 2011. A few months into our blogging. It made me chuckle then, and it does now. Silly kitties..

This is before Glitter and Cashmere joined us, of course, and before Star crossed the rainbow bridge.


Bird Day?

No no no, we have been talking about birthdays, not bird days! What happened, did I miss the memo that said all birds must go nuts today? Or did it say they must drive cats nuts today? That must be it.

This morning, after sticking a claw in my foot to let me know he was there, Leo went bird crazy. This particular bird has long been driving me crazy.. We have an air conditioner in a window in the bedroom and it is a favored place for mourning doves (or something in the pigeon family, we just call them mourning doves) to sit.

Of course, they don’t just sit.. They coo. Loudly. And, I swear this is true, the air conditioner amplifies their coos a hundred fold. So there you’ll be, sleeping peacefully, all content and snug only to be jarred awake rudely by a deafening, amplified COO!

This bellowing nemesis of mine caught Leo’s attention. You cannot see the bird through the air conditioner, but that didn’t stop Leo from trying to get at it anyway. Unfortunately the only way to there is to cross a dresser covered with precariously balanced books and papers and assorted other things that really should be somewhere else.

Leo has tried to take this trek previously and something invariably falls to the ground. Catching his attention, so he follows it, then he hears the bird again, so it all starts all over again. Between Leo and the dove, I about went crazy.

And then... Star, who’d been napping on the jewelry chest, heard a bird land on the screen. How or why they do that, I’ll never know, but these little house sparrows are always jumping on the screens, their little claws or talons making a scraping sound as they hit the glass behind it. Makes my teeth rattle...

Star got all excited and pawed at the curtain trying to claw it open. In the interest of saving the curtain, I got up and nudged it open for her. She would hunker down and wait, then slap at the window when a bird would land. Her claws, which badly need to be trimmed, scratched over the glass.

So here was my morning:

Crash!(something falls off the dresser)
Thud! (Leo follows)
Bump-screeeeech! (Star attacks the window birds)
Coo-OOO-coooo (stupid dove)
fwump (Leo jumps on the bed, he’s getting better at jumping!)
And repeat and repeat and repeat..

Sigh, I love my kitties..

Whew, that was a work out, I need a nap after that!
Can't you keep it down, mom?

Driving you crazy is the one thing the infidel and I have in common.
You wouldn't want to take that way from us, would you?
Wow, that flash totally wiped out Star's eyes and made her look all kinds of evil, didn't it? I still have flash issues, but with a slightly better camera anyway, lol!

Monday, August 31, 2015

In This Corner!

Good evening folks, and welcome to a wonderful evening of boxing! I'm Howard Cattail and This! Is Fight Night!
Lets meet the pugilists!

In this corner! "Glitzy Gloves" Glitter!

And in that corner! "Calamity" Cashmere!

Touch paws, girls, and come out fighting!


What a furious start to the fight! Both combatants jumped in with tooth and claw!

They both got a mouth full of fur in the opening moments of round one!

Oh what's this?  An unexpected turn about! I'm not sure who's move that was, but it seems to have given both of them renewed determination!

I think "Glitzy Gloves" might have the upper paw at the moment!
What's this! Glitter has backed off?

"Calamity" seems to be catching her breath or reassessing her fight style. Will she come back with a vengeance? Or is this battle all but over?
But first, a word from our sponsor!
Treat toys! Every cat loves them right? Who cares if they don't know it's food!
Coming to a clearance aisle near you soon!

And we're back! Howard Cattail here again with all the action!

"Calamity" Cashmere has taken the fight to a new arena!

Has she given up? Or is this dive under the bench cave a surprise tactic that will win her the battle?

"Glitzy Gloves" Glitter intends to answer that question for you with a resounding "Not on your furry nelly!"

There is too much action for the camera! It's fast, it's furious! It's.... OVER!


Glitter: That means I won, right?
Cashmere: Just for the moment, Glitzy, just for the moment..
Glitter: Yeah, well Calamity, that's all that matter, hee hee!
Winner by a knock out/chase down, "Glitzy Gloves" Glitter! What a fight this has been! One that will live in our collective consciousness for ages to come! 
This has been Howard Cattail. Thank you for joining us here tonight. We'll see you again soon for another big battle of the Furious Furballs!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I can NOT believe my babies are FIVE!

Leo has been here for almost four and a half years, the girls just over a year. They still seem like babies to me. LARGE babies, but babies none the less. They certainly play like kittens! And that's why we're having a big blow out party for their FIFTH BIRTHDAY!

But first, the obligatory baby picture!

Leo is top left, Glitter in the front and Cashmere on the right.
Bottom left is, I believe, Spritz, another sister. Not pictured here are the other two sisters, Mitts and Tuxie/Trixie.
Glitter: We dun like you, humans!
Cashmere: Yeah, go 'way!
Leo: Please... I can't back up any further!
Spritz: Before I get squished please!

Hard to believe that these scared, feral babies who wanted no contact at all with people are now the most loving, attention hungry, cuddlebugs! We are ever so thankful to Chrystal for rescuing them and for letting us adopt them!

You can read their harrowing rescue tale in Chrystal's book! Which you can buy HERE. And trust me, it's worth the read! Leo and the girls' family show up near the end of the book, but there are lots of other awesome rescue stories! Oh, and as an added bonus, if you buy the book, Winnie's Wish gets money to keep rescuing more kitties!

Onto the party!

Please enjoy lots of yummy foods!
Image result for hamImage result for roasted chicken

Some delicious drinks!

Our favorite hallucinogens!

 Image result for catnipImage result for silver vine powder

 Don't forget cake!!!
Image result for cake for cats

And Ice Cream!

Oh there will be dancing and playing all day and through the night! Please pop over and join us!
Pull up a box and listen to the cat band!

We could think of no better way to celebrate Leo, Glitter and Cashmere's birthday than to ask for adoptions for other Winnie's Wish kitties! Please visit the Daily Dose site and check out the kitties on the side bar, all waiting for their perfect homes!
If you are so inclined, you could make a donation to them via the paypal button on their site, or even fulfill Wish List item! (It's my understanding that they are in serious need of litter, but any items on the list would be greatly appreciated!)

Thank you all for coming! We would not be here if you, our dear friends! It was, after all, your suggestion that we start a blog when Leo was adopted, and we are so so so glad we took that advice!
Thank you!

Happy Birthday Leo the Chinese Lion!
Happy Birthday Glitter!
Happy Birthday Cashmere!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop! Dora the Kitten!

It's Tuesday! That means it's time for Opt to Adopt!

Oh have I got a treat for you today! Today's Winnie's Wisher is the most adorable little calico kitten!
That's right, I said aDORAble!

Her name is Dora! And she's just so sweet!

The name Dora means 'Gift' now, who wouldn't want this darling little gift for their very own??
Can you help find her the perfect forever family? Distance is not a problem, transport can be arranged! Please share her everywhere!!

I mean, really, how can you resist this face!
You can read about how she went from the side of the road in the middle of the night to becoming a Winnie's Wisher HERE. (Scroll through July and August for more stories on her on the Daily Dose site)

And you can see some more great pictures of her (along with some other Wishers) HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption:

Monday, August 24, 2015

One Last Try

Ok, last one, I promise! This is the last of this playing with the treat toy series. Whew, I got a lot of pictures without a lot of excited kitties, didn't I? So far the string treat is a fail and they haven't figured out how to get the crunchy treats out of the rocking body without daddy bapping it for them!

Glitter: I don't know what you're trying to pull on us, but this thing is getting frustrating!

Ok, Glitzy Girl, I don't want you to be frustrated. Let me take the head off of that wibbly wobbly kitty treat dispenser. Maybe more will fall out easily.

Glitter: Hmm, I don't know if I feel like trying it again. After all, right here is my favorite springy toy. Enie meany miney mo...

Glitter: Ok, one more chance. I can still see treats through the little hole..

Glitter: Oh hey! The hole in the top is big enough for my paw to fit in!

(see her paw through the little hole!)
Glitter: Ok... I feel the treats.. I think I have some... At least one!

I don't have any pictures because she was FAST at this point! but Glitter yanked out some treats and stuffed them in her mouth with her paw! Some fell on the floor and she gobbled them pretty fast too!

She would stick her paw in and drag the treat dispenser back into her body so quickly! You can only see a peek of it through her fluff, but she finally got the treats herself!

Glitter: I've got this thing licked now! Hide my treats.. I'll show you!
Leo: Ok, you figured it out, but it's still just those yucky crunchy things.
Glitter: Brother, you just don't know what's good!

So over all I got the hint that they were not thrilled with this thing. Especially the string treats! No one will even take a bite of those. The girls like all crunchy treats, but I don't think they were thrilled with rocky thing. Maybe it would work easier on a hard floor, not carpet.

By the way, this was not a product test or anything, this was just us playing with a new thing. We had fun watching them trying to figure it out, but I don't think they had a lot of fun!