Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weather Weirdness and Opt To Adopt Blog Hop

Sunday - Sunny, warm, open doors, happy kitties won't leave the doors and windows.

Monday night/early Tuesday morning - Cold, damp, dismal, kitties looking for warm places to nap far away from cold doors and windows..


Opt to Adopt Tuesday! Please help these Winnie's Wish kitties find their forever homes!

First up is sweet Kippie! A calico Siamese kitty with crossed blue eyes! Isn't she just the prettiest thing?
Kippie loves people and attention! She would do ok with other kitties, maybe younger or male kitties? Read more about Kippie HERE

Next up is Sallie. Another sweetie! She had been put in a home on a trial basis, but it was not the home for her. Please find the home that IS for her.
She is longing to become someones computer chair kitty so if you need companionship while you are working, she's the kitty for you!
Read more about Sallie HERE

(Ok, I say it looks like a heart, but Chrystal says it's not, I leave it up to you to decide!)

Please help find homes for the Winnie's Wishers! And the other animals on the blog hop!
Thank you!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Copy Cat? And Our Blogoversary!

Leo Dangles. A lot. In many many ways. He's a master dangler!

Here's a dangling kitty, but... Hey! Not Leo!

La la la, just hanging out here, la la la...

What's that? Dangling like a barbarian? I think not! I was just.. Airing my paws!

Sure, Star, we believe you.... *giggle*


I can't believe I nearly forgot that this was our Blogoversary! Three years we've been blogging now!

It all started after I adopted Leo from Chrystal and Winnie's Wish! People had been following the story of him and his five sisters who were born feral to a very feral momma kitty. I fell in love with the only boy in the family and was blessed to be able to adopt him! I love my boy! And I love all of you who I have gotten to know through your blogs and comments and pets!

Thank you all so much for reading us! We are grateful to be here!

Would you hop over to Chrystal's Daily Dose blog and see if you can help other kitties there find their forever homes? Who knows, they might even become another blogger we can follow and enjoy!

Hugs and purrs to all of you!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hanging Four?

Leo loves his beddy up on the cabinet. A lot of times he seems to fit up there perfectly, and sometimes he has some body parts hanging over the edge. I can't explain it, I just watch with facination!

Today he's got all four paws hanging over the edge and seems happy with it!

I heard about this surfer thing where they hang ten. That's counting toes right?

Well I got them beat! I'm hanging at least 22! Ha!

We hope you have a great weekend of hanging out!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday and An Earnest Plea

Leo's got the blog today.

I is really thankful for lots and lots of toys!

I is also seriously thankful that I got adopted. There's lots of kitties left in the Winnie's Wish cathouse that haven't got their forever homes yet.
Today Miss Chrystal is talkin' about a couple of kitties who really really really want peoples of their very own! Would you help them find them peoples?
Maybe you have an older relative or friend who doesn't want a bouncy rambunctious kitten but would love to have a lap cat to give them loves and purrs? Could you suggest Tracy Mae or Teddy? Could you help find some great homes? Could you share and please please go over to Daily Dose and read more about them and encourage Miss Chrystal that we're all purring for homes?
Thank you peoples and kitties and woofies and everyone who reads us!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day Adopt a Pitbull Opt to Adopt Blog Hop! (Kitties Too!)

Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. It's a day to create awareness about this horrible 'sport' and to take a stand against it.

This is also Opt to Adopt Blog Hop day and Dogs N Paws, who started the opt to adopt day, have asked those who join in to feature a pit bull if possible and of course mention National Dog Fighting Awareness Day.

I like to feature Winnie's Wish kitties who are in need of homes. There are no pit bulls there. But I wanted to join in so I asked around and my cousin suggested asking about an adoptable pittie at the Lucas County Pit Crew, a place local to us here in northwest Ohio.

The person I talked to suggested a dog named Monty. Look at this face!

How can anyone look into such a happy face and even think about turning it into a fighting dog?? Pit bulls were originally bred to be nanny dogs! You know what that means? That means they were designed to be around and care for kids. People have ruined their reputation, but the dogs remain resilient. Taken away from the horrible people who mistreated them and forced them to fight, most turn into sweet loving family members.

Monty and almost 70 other dogs were rescued from the scene of a triple homicide at a dog fighting operation in Idaho. The Lucas County Pit Crew brought him here. In an article in our local paper last year they said that they don't think Monty was involved in the fighting because he has no scars.

Here is what they say about him:
Handsome Montana aka Monty is looking for a home to call his own for life. This compact little hunk is full of curiosity and playfulness. Monty would love someone who enjoys a daily walk and also has the time to continue his training. Monty is neutered, micro-chipped, and fully vaccinated. He is crate trained, walks well on a leash, and is going through basic good manners training. He loves lying on laps and is a pillow hog. His adoption fee is $75.00 dollars because he is sponsored by the Angela Shultz family. Please email pitcrewapplication@gmail.com for an application if you think Monty would make the perfect addition to your family.
If you're looking for a dog, I hope you'll consider Monty or another pit bull! You can see him, and other adoptable pitties, at the LCPC website here.

Now, you know it wouldn't be me if I didn't also post about Winnie's Wish too!

There is a pair of kitties I want to feature today. Truly and Shiloh. They would love a home together.

Shiloh is a sweetheart who is very shy and depends on his sister Truly.
Here's what Chrystal says about them should they get a home together:  Truly will shower her new human with attention; Shiloh would have the advantage of adjusting to a new home while having his security blanket (Truly) with him.

These two are young and sweet, they deserve a home of their own. Won't you share them with everyone you know? You never know who will wind up being their forever family!

See them, and more kitties, on the sidebar of the Daily Dose blog! As always, don't let distance deter you from adopting a Winnie's Wisher, distance is not really a problem. There are Winnie's Wishers all across the US and into Canada!

There is a special badge today for National Dog Fighting Awareness, Adopt a Pitbull, Opt to Adopt Blog Hop! (Now that's a mouthful!) So please take and use it if you're getting in on the hop! And please do join in! Click on the other blogs and see who's available and post your own adoptable doggie or kitty!