Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Daddy Has the Sickies

Greg was home sick for four days! (he rarely takes even one day off for sickness, so you know it was not good!) But he had some great furry nurses!

Nurse Cashmere took most of the shifts, making sure the patient stayed pressed down in the recliner and all warm for naps. (Please note that there is another furry nurse on standby, resting up for their turn)
Cashmere: That's right, keep your fingers warm and limber by keeping them in my soft furs. Don't be afraid to scritch, even if you're sick, you still need a little exercise.

Nurse Leo took over the moment Cashmere got up. Apparently keeping daddy pinned to the chair was top priority!
Leo: Thought you were going to get up, huh? Fat chance! I need to lay on this most snuggly blanket.. I mean, I need to keep you warm so you can get better. By the way, sickies don't mean you get out of distributing our snacks you know..


Dear friends, I wanted to give you some kind of explanation on why I haven't been blogging or commenting lately, but I also don't want to look like I looking for sympathy or using this as blog fodder. We have had a horrendous senseless tragedy strike our family and I just have not up to putting fun lighthearted words in the mouths of my kitties. On top of everything, Greg has been very sick and home alone except for the kitties. The pictures were too cute not to share; kitties are wonderful things when you need comfort. I wish I were home with them all too getting my own comfort and snuggles! (I know whining about not being home is getting old, it's grating on my nerves as well, sorry!)
I will do my best to get back into the swing of things, but don't be surprised if we're hit and miss for a while yet. But know that I'm trying. I would really like things to be normal again.
Love you all!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Leo: Smooches at midnight anyone?

Glitter: Happy New Year Darlings!

Cashmere: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now it's nap time so I'm confiscating all noisemakers, k?

Hope 2017 is good to everyone!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Three on Thursday

Three kitties looking cute. Or: A game of keep daddy out of the bed!

It's dark because his cell phone is half broken and because it's night. I don't think they want to share any more..

Leo (in the back): Ok dude, put away the camera. It's officially sleeping time here.
Glitter (in the middle): Just don't look, Leo, then he'll have to stop.
Cashmere ( in the front): ZzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzz

When I adopted Leo, and had Star at home, all I ever wanted was to see a couple of gray kitties all curled up sleeping together. I finally got my wish! Though I'm sure they've done it where I can't see them, it does warm my heart to see my babies snuggled up close! The only thing that will make it better is when I get home to see it in person! (soon! January for sure!)

Thought I'd show off my Christmas tree! This is the best I could do in my little space. This wall is my only view, so I love having it decorated up!

To everyone who sent me a Christmas card, I have then hung up on string on the wall beside me and over the door! Everyone is amazed at how many cards I have, and how many cats are on so many of the cards! But I know that Cat (and dog and pet) Bloggers are the best, nicest, most caring people in the world! You all have made my Christmas away from home very bright indeed! Thank you!

(I left a teaser about what Daily Dose would be posting, but I was wrong about when! She might be waiting to receive it in the mail before announcing, so keep your eyes on them regardless!)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Merry Christmas!

We want to wish a wonderful, fur filled, Christmas to all of our friends! We hope your day is purrrrfect!

We will try to be back on a more regular basis soon! Mommy is trying to come for a visit on Christmas Day and we have all of our paws crossed, especially after her failed attempt at Thanksgiving.. She promised she's working hard to be home in January and we are going to hold her to it! Daddy snores too much when we pile on him to snuggle/sleep...

Have a wonderful day everyone!

And tune into Daily Dose this coming week for an update on the Winnie's Wish Auction total!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

ThrowBack Thursday

This is from December 8, 2014 and was called:

The Leo Lounge

When Leo is in one of the tall cat tree's caves, we call it the Leo Lounge!
Well, I was trying to sleep, until that flashing started going off.. I think it's made me cross-eyed! Thanks mom..

Poor fella, every time he starts looking cute, that camera starts clicking away!

Monday, December 5, 2016

It's That Box Time of Year

Kitties love this time of year, and the boxes have started coming in!

Greg was almost not fast enough to get this incredibly blurry picture of.. Not sure what kitty this is! But they jumped out so fast it's the only shot he got.

Unknown Kitty: Ooo a box! Yay! Oops, a camera! Bye!!

The Unknown Box Kitty will be back some day. Somewhere, there's a box about to be delivered. And when it is, Unknown Box Kitty will be there!