Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Treat Toy and Opt to Adopt West Woods Family

Have you seen this new treat toy thing?

It's got holes to put these rope like treats in the top and a hole in the side for little kibbley treats. It's supposed to make your cats play to get their treat, right? Well I found one on sale and decided to see if my babies would like it.

Leo has not been a fan of any kind of treat for a long long time but the girls love any treat, so at least some of them should like it, right?

It's too long of a story for today because I really want to get to the Opt to Adopt part, so look for a lot of pictures soon! Oh my gosh is it funny!



This week, I still have a BIG WISH for some Winnie's Wishes! This sweet family, the West Woods Family, are so in love with each other, so close, so sweet. Is it at all possible to find a great home for FOUR sweet kitties? If it is, I know that we, you and I, are the people to find that home! We can share them on our facebook, twitter, whatever social media we use, we can ask family and friends, we can do it, if we but try! So will you try with me?

I know it's a big thing to ask, so at the very least, I would love to see at least some of these kitties go together, please help however you can! All four, or in pairs! Or Nisha could go alone if it has to be that way. But my wish is for each of them to have family with them in their new, forever homes!

You can read more about these great kitties HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption: c3k@lazernetwireless.net


Jen Gabbard said...

It would be so amazing if they could find a home together, though I know it's usually harder to find a family willing to take in multiples. I'm hoping they find a loving, forever family soon.

Sue Kottwitz said...

Paws crossed that they can find a loving home and stay together. Shared.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I Hope they get a home together. We have the treat toy, but Joanie hogs it so I don't know if anyone else really likes it.She eats the inside treats and the string. :)

Dogs N Pawz said...

They are precious! Sharing and hoping they get a home together.