Saturday, July 11, 2015

National Kitten Day...

.. was yesterday. oops!
But still, I can't resist posting baby pictures of my babies!

 This is the picture that made me fall in love with Leo! Sweet little feral baby!

 Cashmere is on the left, Glitter in the center and Leo on the right. Trixie/Tuxie is the black and white girl and I'm not sure if the other is Spritz or Mitts..

Leo and Cashmere
Leo and Glitter

I knew right away that I wanted Leo, that he was special. And he is! I never expected that I would get two of his sisters as well, but I managed to wind up with some of their baby pictures too!
These were all taken by Chrystal and posted on Daily Dose when she captured the little feral kittens and set about taming them. She did a fantastic job of it, let me tell you! Because there are no bigger cuddlers, no bigger people lovers, no better sweethearts than my three former ferals!
Chrystal does amazing work with the kitties she finds. She heals them, tames them, loves them, cares for them, and she does it on a shoestring budget. That's why the FUNdraisers I do for her are so important! She needs money to keep the rescue up and running. Food, litter, vetting, vaccines, fixing, heating/cooling, cleaning supplies, so many incidentals! The FUNdraisers help with that. So please consider joining in on the current FUNdraiser, the Surf & Turf FUNdraiser! 
We just joined together to help build the third catroom, lets work together to fund the kitties in it now! Please share and spread the word about the FUNdraiser AND about what wonderful kitties are there to be adopted! Distance not an issue! Check the Daily Dose sidebar for the current adoptables!

Five awesome toys for a minimum donation of just $18 US! You get a Fish Stick Kick and an Octopus from the Surf, a Mousie and a Chick-hen from the Turf, all with nip, and a silvervine Fleecy ball just for fun!
(INTERNATIONAL: check with me first, but it looks like at the moment it's an extra $10 US to most places!)

sample set, colors and patterns vary


Katie Isabella said...

Leo...girls...what heartbreakers. XXXOOO

Summer said...

Leo was irresistible! How could you NOT want him? AND his sisters!

Cathy Keisha said...

TW would have been all over Leo if she saw him on PetFinder.

Flynn said...

Such adorable baby pictures.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I can see why you fell in love :)

Clooney said...

What sweet baby pics, so adorable!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Well, TBT says we all stay kittens ta HIM, but we dint think that really counted. So we left it to the REAL kittens out there.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love all your pictures but our favourites are the five little kitties all in a row and the picture of Leo - his eyes look as though they are pleading for help!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx