Thursday, February 19, 2015

Toy Thief

We have long kept stick toys on the back of the couch, leaning against the wall. For years they sat undisturbed by our kitty companions yet they were handy when we wanted to play with them. After Leo arrived, he would sometimes sit on the back of the couch and nibble on the feathers attached to these toys.

Once, he bit through the string on Da Bird and disappeared with the feather end which we recovered from behind the couch. That stick is the one we tied a piece of left over fleece to that Cashmere loves more than any other toy.

So was Leo the thief for breaking and taking half of Da Bird? Maybe.

Cashmere cannot leave the toys on the back of the couch alone. Especially the one with the fleecy end. She drags it down to the couch seat all the time to play with if no one will play with her with it. 

She is the thief! She doesn't just play with those toys where they are, she has to take them where she wants them! Thief! We'll say, then play with her with it since that's what she's after.. So I guess we reward her thievery..

Then this happened:

Cashmere, as usual, had drug down the fleecy toy stick while Glitter watched and occasionally licked a the feathers on another stick toy. Cashy was busy playing with her stolen booty when FLASH! Leo lept onto the scene and tried to run off with the stick!

Caught the 'end' of his attempted get-away!

Cashmere: Hey... no fair! That was mine..
Glitter: Did you see that? Because I saw that. Are you seeing this??
Leo: Bwahaha..oof... um...

Unfortunately for Leo, his route of escape would not allow the long stick to follow him from the angle he was going. It kind of jammed and 'twaaang'ed and stayed where it was while he kept going, through the bench tunnel and up the stairs! Cashmere seemed stunned during the whole incident. Glitter just takes everything in stride, nothing either of her siblings does ever bothers her.

Cashmere: But.. but... MOM!
Glitter: One thief steals from another thief.
Cashmere: But it was mine!
Glitter: Because you stole it. Can a thief complain about someone stealing?
Cashmere: Yes, yes she can!

I wonder if she even noticed that the toy was still next to her or if she was too stunned by the sneak attack to realize it?


Have you seen all the wonderful things in the auction for Winnie's Wish? Oh boy, we're so excited! We're so thankful for everyone who donated and for those who are now bidding!
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There has been a little confusion, so I'm going to try to spell out exactly how to bid.
First off, when you get to the auction site you will see the list of items and current bids. Marg updates this but she has been without power (please pray for her and her furry family!) so it's out of date but that's ok, we can look below also.

Under the summery of items, the actual item listings begin. If you see something you like, click on the title or the comment button and you'll see if there have been any other bids. Then you use a comment to make your own bid.

Remember, your bid will not automatically go up to the summery! That is done by hand later.

When the auction is over, the winning bidders will be contacted and asked to pay, after they pay the item donator will be contacted to send it out. Easy peasy!

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Thank you!!!

Edit: Thanks to a comment I realized I forgot to say to be sure to click the older posts button at the bottom to see the rest of the items! There are two pages now, but when more items are added, there may be three pages or more!


This is for the man who runs the cat blogosphere!
Thanks for everything Mo! Happy birthday!!


LP said...

Andrea, maybe add to that that you can click on "Older posts" at the bottom of the auction page which will take you to a second , third page(etc.) of articles to bid on.

the critters in the cottage xo

Summer said...

Our stick toys are hidden away where we can't get them unless my human brings them out - apparently SOME kitty (with tortie fur) eats strings!

Timmy Tomcat said...

We are lucky we have no string chewers but we do have feather eaters. Where does that come from anymeow? MOL

da tabbies o trout towne said...

leo...dood...say itz knot sew...knot ...da BURD.....

Photo Cache said...

both of us are string chewers, :(

Emma and Buster

BeadedTail said...

We have da Berd hidden in a closet because one of us wants to take the feathers to another room to deaded it!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Our wand toys are carefully hidden up on a shelf even Alya cant reach. Otherwise, we drag them all over the house!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Mom Paula puts away our wand toys because Truffle has been known to chew things she shouldn't.

The Indulged Furries said...

What strikes me as being most odd about all of this is not the stick toys and their attempted thievery, but that your hammick is on the couch!

Penelope TheCatFromHell said...

Tee Hee! Mes glad that yous guys as as much fun as wes dos.