Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday I wrote about how Star was, after a long absence, getting on our bed again. We've missed her jumping up for pets and lovin'. The fact that she's getting up there again, even for only a few moments, is awesome! The fact that she's doing it even knowing Leo's already there is extra awesome!

I'm thinking about getting some of Jackson Galaxies Peacemaker spray, and I wonder if any of you have used it and if it worked? I know catself has used it and thought it helped. I wonder if it would help with Star and Leo. They are such snots to each other, and yet, we see progress like the bed sharing for a few minutes a day. I'm starting to think they do it just to make me crazy..

Anyway, they did it again! And I got a few pictures. Not together of course, but on the same bed at the same time! Whoo hoo!

Star stayed on the bottom corner on Greg's side, and I mean the CORNER!
Ok, I'm up here like you wanted. Can you throw him off now? Pwease?

 Leo stayed on the top corner on my side. He tried to look relaxed and cool with everything, but he kept his eyes on her!
I see her.. but maybe if I don't move, she won't see me..
Shhh, be vewy quiet, I'm hidin' behind my fevvers.

I think there's hope, but I don't want to get my hopes up! I would love it if one day they shared the bed and maybe even snuggled with each other. But that may be asking too much!


Becky~ said...

Oh maybe someday.I know my two will never think being that they are 10 yrs apart has alot to do with it.ha.

Meow hugs to them!

GRAÇA said...

My mami loves flowers, of course after Daddy and me
I'm a Pussy cat that was adopted and was lucky to have a mother who gives me lots of love and that gave me name Kika
How I love having friends come invites you to be my friend, there you will find other friends who already know, they are also my friends.
I loved your blog
I would like to have on my draw and as friends or (the)
I am waiting for your photos and visits
Turrinhas miaumiau fond

Kika ♥ ♥ ♥

Cat said...

I haven't used the spray, but it sounds to me like it couldn't hurt!!! Love that you are seeing some progress :-)

mawiesner said...

I used the Peacemaker drops and put a few in my cats' food at each meal. My one cat, Buffy, wouldn't stay in the same room with the other. After a month or so of using Peacemaker she stopped avoiding him and would even stay close to him! I can't say they're best friends, but I no longer see any major "hate" or avoidance issues between the two.

Anonymous said...

If you give it a try be on the lookout for odd reactions. Gus had his problems with Feliway, which I have never seen mentioned anywhere ever.

But given that, you should give it a try if the current state of tension bothers you.

ABBY said...

Oh we are all so glad to see the progress!


Brian said...

One paw at a time, we think they will surprise you one day!

The Cat From Hell said...

Oh! Me would loves to hear how Jackson Galixie's drops works!
Me and Kozmo has not gotten along since he came to live with us. Me gots some Pet Naturals Calming treats about a month ago. And me wrote a review about them last week. They has really worked for me.
Everybody can't get over the change in me!

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

I haven't tried the spray, but I know what it is like to live with two warring cats. But you the thing is, I am almost starting think that they enjoy fighting with each other!

Oui Oui said...

We haven't tried the Peacemaker, but we've tried everything else and we think nothing works. If kitties don't like each other, pheromones, Feliway, rescue remedies and the like isn't going to change their minds. But, if it does, we would love to know. After 18 months, Mica Moo & Julie still try to kill each other from under the door every night.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Heh heh. You could sell tickets to this--will they or won't they? Stay tuned for the next installment! Star and Leo cuddle on the pillows!
I hope we stop at the PG-13 level.