Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tall Boy

Leo is so stinking tall that it’s hard to hide anything from him... Seriously, he can reach just about anything he wants. And he wants whatever he can reach.

When petite little Star is feeling lazy and wants to be put on the counter rather than jump, (she is getting old, and sometimes she just can’t bear to make the leap), she will stand up, stretch and reach up toward the counter. She’s scratching when she does that, but I know.. just can tell.. that what she’s really doing is asking for a lift. When she does that, her paws come sorta close to the counter top which sticks out over the vanity. (She gets a drink on the bathroom counter every day. She’s not spoiled. Much)

When Leo is being... well, Leo, he will reach up and wrap both paws around the corner of the counter with ease. When he does that, he’s not necessarily looking for a lift, though he is not a good jumper. When he’s asking for a lift he will stand with his back to me, slightly arched, tail in the air. I call it ‘Assuming the pick me up position’ when he does this. He’s very scoop-able when he stands like that.

You’ve seen the pictures of him reaching up for bugs near the wall lamp, which is way high on the wall because it used to be above a tallish cabinet. He really stretches for that. But the other night he thought he saw a bug a little way over. It was not a bug, it was a nail from a painting that was HIGHER than the bottom of the lamp!

He’s tall, is what I’m saying..

So what happened tonight should not have surprised anyone. Snack time, and Star was not having any of what Leo was having. There was fish in his chicken. Ok, fine, he doesn’t have to share, he can have that all to himself. So I gave her a tiny can of one of her standby favorites, all chicken, no chunks.

Leo ate some of his and decided to see what Princess Hissyface had in her bowl. She was not at all in the mood for this today. Greg had pity on her and went to shoo the infidel invader away from her and her dish, but she must have thought he was after her for being such a growler and she ran.

This was the last can of, well, of any of the stuff we know she will eat, so Greg picked it up when Leo tried to go face down in it. She’d hardly had any of it so we knew she’d be back and would be highly disappointed if her dish was empty when she did.

Greg set Star’s dish on the table and put a little more of Leo’s in his bowl so he wouldn’t feel left out ether. Leo had a few more bites and then went to see where the other stuff went. Stubborn boy.. I heard Greg say "Hey!" and looked up to see Leo standing, one paw on the table, the other reaching for the dish about half a foot from the edge.

He tapped the food in the dish with his paw, and while still standing holding onto the table, he licked the stinky goodness from his big ol’ toes. Then he reached again, got another pawful, and licked it. For pity sake! What a goober! And why why why are the batteries out of the camera EVERY stinkin’ time something funny happens???

It looked like Leo the Goofball was going to try to eat the whole dish this way! Of course, tall as he is, his head is over the edge of the table as he’s doing this so he looks like an adorable dinner guest. With the bad manners to eat with his hands, er... paws.

But no! He was not content to eat this way. He used that big ol’ mitt of his to try to drag the dish to the edge! Presumably to knock it to the floor where he could get at it better! That’s when Greg stepped in again. He moved the dish to the dead center of the table so Leo couldn’t reach it! We hoped..

Greg then put Leo’s dish where Star had been eating earlier so he would be fooled into thinking it was her dish. Not sure how well that worked, but he did go face down in it again. Until a truely gigantic moth fluttered by! Mothra?? *shudder* He spent the next 20 minutes tracking, leaping at, stalking, talking to, pouncing and generally going nuts for this new tasty morsel. Which, I’m relieved to say, he finally caught and hopefully completely munched! I’m pretty sure he did, because he stopped talking to it..

Goodness, he’s a very active dinner guest!

So I have no pictures of Leo’s silly snack behavior. But I do have yet another silly sleeping position of his... how could he breath?? He slept like that for a good twenty minutes!
*snuffle snort snore snuffle*

I keep trying to get a pretty picture of Star’s face. She’s such a lovely kitty but she squints when I get the camera out and looks all ticked off. Leo squints at the camera too.. Darn flash.
I dislike your bright light thingie. Stop using it or I will chew it into one thousand five hundred and thirty two different bits.

For this one I put my finger over the flash, but I got this weird pink hue.. From flashing through my skin, eww. Still, kinda artistic? Filtered? Oh well, she’s pretty no matter what color.
I’m so glad we understand each other now. You may view my profile.

More paint on the walls! A little darker than we thought it would be.. We'll have to look at it in the daylight tomorrow to see if we're going to keep it that color or make the second coat lighter.
Star was sporting one blue whisker earlier, and I'm not talking the blue as in her shade of gray is called blue.. I had a heck of a time catching her to wipe it off so she wouldn't lick it. I don't know if it's toxic to kitties, but it can't be good for them.


Karli Sasscer said...

AWWWWWWW!! poor star :/ she'll never get her treat :/ But Leo... Oh My Goodness what a cutie! Pumpkin used to put his paws together and "beg" for food, it was pretty cute to lol But you kitties are so much more active then mine lol Bubba won't assume a pick me up position, he just lays down in the door way and try to catch your feet if you walk over so you HAVE to pick him up to get through :)

Random Felines said...

Poor Star. Mom agress about the battery thing. Oh - and the paint thing...she says when they worked on the kitchen she found white paint on Mo and Ivy. sigh....