Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Learnin' Time

I think Leo is a smart boy. You can’t fool him. He knows for a fact that if you did not take the feather end off the new toy and put it in the cat-proof tub, that it’s on the couch behind the cat-proof treat tub. He knows it’s there. He knows that if he’s sneaky enough, he can get it. The only thing that foils him, is that every attachment that came in that set has a bell on it. He has yet to figure out how to keep the bell from giving him away. Still, he’s a smart boy.

Both of them know that I only lift the lid to the treat box when I’m going to give them something. Leo gets excited and bounces around. Star, on the other hand... Stands on the box. While my arm is in it. Can you say ouch? I have a series of little bruises on my arm from the box rim. She does not understand that it only slows me down when I have to wait for her to get off the lid, and thus my arm, before I can pull out any treats.

So Leo is my smart boy. But I did not realize that he was college bound. Apparently he finds the study of the human body interesting. Or he just likes the books. Either way I’m worried. Because he’s either studying how to dissect humans, or he wants to become a doctor. And I’m not sure there’s a medical college that will take him until he learns English..

I was taking pictures of my nieces books because I didn’t know which one she wanted sent to her in Alaska and Leo got in on the act. Perhaps he was trying to help decide which ones to send. Whatever it was, I think I’ll try him on ‘English as a second language’ next.

Is this a cook book?

If it is, they don't have much flavor..

I want to figure out how humans work, so I can get them to give me more treats..

Learnin' is exhaustin'. Must be nap time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leo! Good job inspectin' those books! :)

Karli Sasscer said...

That made me laugh lol Leo may be the cat that actually is sucessful in taking over the world!!! :) such a cutie to