Thursday, June 16, 2011


The barbarians have breached the gate! Hide the women and children! Or rather, hide the crinkle butterfly and the feathered wicker ring!
The funny thing is, that while the barbarian had invaded, there was no battle! I’m relieved, trust me, I just don’t know what it all means. It’s either Star has decided to stop being such a growler hisser, or she was too intimidated to make a fuss. I hope it’s an ease of tensions, not her retreating more. I want them to share space, I just want it to be good for both of them.
First thing yesterday morning, (afternoon) Leo came up to the bedroom to say hello. He always talks to me when I come downstairs, all excited to see me. But as he was coming into enemy territory, he came in semi-stealth mode. Semi because while he didn’t make a peep that would draw attention to the fact that he was in the room his long tail was straight up like a flag announcing his presence. Luckily the bed is high enough that, tall as he is and long as that floofy tail is, it comes to just below the height of the bed.
At first Star was oblivious to the invasion as she lay on the bed. I was petting Leo with my toes as he wandered around. I didn’t want to discourage him from being in there, but I also wasn’t sure it was a good idea to make him so welcome in Star’s refuge.
Suddenly, she became aware that she was not alone. While still not able to see him, she went on alert, her nose twitching as she sensed that he was near. He kept wandering, but she never looked in the right direction. Her eyes were on the door, guarding the castle gates. Oblivious to the fact that the invader was already within her boarders. By the time she did catch sight of him, he was on his way out. She barely got out one little grumble of protest.
I reassured her that she was still queen of the castle as I headed out for my morning ablutions. I was not to be alone. Low and behold, Leo came bounding in, this time, vocalizing his greetings. I pet him and was going to pick him up to set him on the counter so he could look out the window (bad jumper) and watch the birdies. But as suddenly as he’d appeared, he rushed out and thundered down the stairs.
Eventually I headed back to the bedroom and was surprised to see Star laying by Greg’s pillow. She normally lays near the foot of the bed. That wasn’t the only unusual thing though, her tail was hanging off the bed, and she was stretched out, not her normal sleep mode. All of this went through my brain in just a few seconds before I realized, as I’m sure you’re all ahead of me.. that this was NOT Star.

Leo was laying there, this was his usual position, if he has one.. Close to the edge so klutzy boy can fall off at any given moment... Tail spread out. Chin down. Definitely Leo. As I approached, I noticed that while he looked like he was sleeping, totally relaxed, his eyes were open. They were the only alert things on him. The reason his eyes were alert became clear when I entered the room. Star was still in her spot at the foot of the bed.
There was not one sound coming from either of them. Star’s modus operandi is generally to grow grumble or hiss whenever she is in proximity to the barbarian just so everyone knows she’s not pleased with the situation. But here she was, quiet, if not exactly calm, and.. seemingly accepting.
Leo looked up as I came closer, giving me a happy silly look. I swear one of the best words to describe him, besides klutzy, is bouncy! He bounces in and out of rooms when he’s excited. Bounces after toys. Bounces when he’s doing something brave (like invading Star’s space when she doesn’t know it). Bounces bounces bounces all the time! I don’t know how a cat that’s sitting still can be described as bouncy, but let me tell you, that when he looked up at me, he had a total bouncy attitude. If he were able to talk, he’d have been saying "Mom! Mom! Look where I am! See! See me! Look at me mom!!" Bouncy.
As soon as I sat down, Leo jumped down and ran from the room. Ok, I thought, maybe he was just proving a point? But within seconds he was bouncing back into the room. He jumped back onto the bed and laid back down, just as relaxed and spread out as he had been. Silly bug. Still, no word from Star even though she was watching him closely.
Leo rolled over onto his back and basically acted so cute that I had to pet him as he squirmed and rolled around. I was aware of Star observing this and I didn’t want her to think I was giving him all the attention, so I reached over to pet her too. This, she grumbled at. Of course. My Leo-contaminated hand had touched her immaculate Highness.
The phone rang, so Leo bounded out of the room. I don’t know if it scared him, or if he was done but he was finished laying on the bed. I made a few calls and didn’t see Leo again until I was almost done. He bolted in, bouncy, and jumped on the chair that sits in front of my jewelry chest to aid Star in getting up there and thus to the window.
This raised a growl from Princess HissyFace. Which I find funny, since she didn’t make a peep about him being ON THE BED WITH HER. Goofy girl. He ignored her, as is his wont, and jumped up to the jewelry chest to peer out the window. Star watched him, but didn’t say anything else about it.
By the time I realized I should take a picture or two of this, Leo was lounging, and Star had pretty much given up watching him, and just gave me a baleful look or two to show she was trying to be tolerant of the invading infidel. She’ll be rewarded with her favorite snacky later.

This was not the end of their surprises for me yesterday though! I think Star felt that if he was on the jewelry chest, then she was free to do as she pleased downstairs, so off she went. Good, I thought, she can eat and use the litter without having to look over her shoulder. Unfortunately she was only gone maybe five minutes or less before he decided he had to go see what she was doing. *sigh*
Star came back not too long after that and decided to take possession of the jewelry chest herself. As she sat there looking out the window, guess who came back... Is he doing this to be near me as I was being slow to come down or is he trying to be near her? I honestly don’t know. But it wasn’t me he was focused on this time.. He laid on the bed and watched her in the window.
I know this picture look pretty much like the last ones, but they’ve switched positions. Glare from the sun is making her look almost headless..

Finally, I was ready to head downstairs, so with a little reservation, I left them both in my room. I wasn’t sure if the peace would reign if I left, but I held my breath and took the chance. I needn’t have worried, Leo followed me so fast that he almost beat me down!
And talk about cuddly! He was all over me for cuddles and hugs all day! He took a longer nap on me than he ever has before, purring in my ear as he tried to wrap his long body around my neck. That made it a little tough to breath, so I kept moving him.. Not that he cared that much, he stayed no mater what. He only really left me alone when he was bird watching.
Another miracle, when Greg got home, Leo let him pet him for a long time on the Royal Footstool! After our bad weekend, things seem to be looking up! I can only hope they continue in this direction.

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Random Felines said...

YEAH!! It is funny what sets them off about each other....I hate to say this and jinx it, but maybe Leo is learning some boundaries and Star is learning some tolerance. :)