Thursday, June 9, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

Star, of her own volition, without coercion, was downstairs for quite a while today. She even took a few swats at a toy, something she hasn’t done downstairs a whole lot since Leo got his confidence. She’s been too on guard to relax and play when she’s down.
Then I made a mistake. I thought, well if she’s gonna play, I’ll play with her! And I got out the kitty teaser. Leo had been snoozing on the back of the couch, but as soon as the teaser came out he got alert. I wiggled it at Star and she played with it for a little bit. Then she noticed that Leo had jumped down, and even though he wasn’t that closer to her, she grumbled and stopped playing so she could keep an eye on him. I even had good enough aim to let it land over her back and head where I could slowly drag it, but nothing. She was done.
I played with Leo for a bit with the teaser and Star made her way back upstairs. I’m still mad at myself for trying to get in on her play time and causing it to end. She still plays upstairs at night. She loves to attack the back scratcher especially if I run it under the sheets. And lately she’s been burrowing under the sheets so I puff them up and tickle the outside and she tries to attack my hand. I have to be quick, because she’s got the fastest paws in the west and I haven’t been able to trim her claws in a while. But still, I want her comfortable enough to play downstairs when she wants to.
Since she was sick, she hasn’t been playing a lot, and sometimes I think she’s feeling her age. So when I saw that she wanted to play, I got the idea that maybe we should take up a toy or two for her to play with upstairs where, for the most part, she is comfortable. I thought we should take the wicker ring with feathers up before Leo chewed all the feathers off it. It’s one of the few feather toys that still has most of it’s feathers! Greg grabbed her butterfly, her favorite toy. Ah ha! That was a great idea. That’ll keep it safe from the toy destroyer as well as let her have her fav.
When she saw her butterfly on the bed, you’d have thought it was Christmas, Easter, and her birthday all rolled together! She grabbed it, rolled over and started rubbing it on her face. Pure bliss. She licked it sopping wet and accepted all kinds of ear rubs and scritches. Totally blissed out. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.


Leo: I sense a toy being played with somewhere...


Random Felines said...

Oh Leo - we are sure you have plenty of toys that you don't need to take more from Star.

Miss Star we are very glad you came downstairs. Just remember that your mom and dad will protect you from Leo. And what a great butterfly toy....

The Island Cats said...

Oh how cute!! Star sure loves that butterfly!