Thursday, June 2, 2011

Break Through

Leo has come a long way in the two months he’s been here. He’s my best buddy, loves me as much as I love him. He will play with feather toys with twin 2's boyfriend. He let twin 2 pet him while we were out of town. But he’s been rather aloof from Greg.
But we had a break through! Leo stopped running when Greg’s moving around, so Greg was able to come up to him on the Royal Footstool and pet him every once in a while. Leo would take a pet or two then move off, not exactly running, but definitely getting away from Greg.
Then this week, as you’ll see in the following pictures, he stayed put for a long petting session! He was purring and everything! I think he’s decided that Greg can be trusted. Which is kind of odd... Because Greg has had enough of Leo attacking Star every time she ventures downstairs. So when Leo jumps Star, Greg picks him up and puts him in the cat room (which if you read some of the earliest posts is the laundry room).
Greg also recently held leo while I trimmed his claws. When he does this for Star, she avoids him for days. And after the medication bit with Star the other week, she was really leery of him! Poor Greg, having to be the bad guy really hurts his relationship with the furry ones..
That’s what makes this petting session so amazing! Could it be that Leo needed Greg to set down some tough love on him? Does he respect him for being the disciplinarian? I honestly don’t know, but I’m glad for it! I don’t like to see the kitties act afraid of Greg, and he doesn’t like it either. He loves the little fur-bugs, even if he has a hard time admitting it, and I know it bothers him when they run from him. So yay! Leo’s starting to think he might be a pretty ok guy!

Well, ok.. You can pet me I guess..

hmm, your hand is rub-on-able..

ah yeah, that's the spot...

Keep that up and I'm going to fall off the Royal Footstool.. Again..

Pet my tummy? Let me think about it..

purrrr.. I like it....

Alright bub, that's about enough.

I have to wonder if his sudden acceptance of pets from Greg have anything to do with his getting away with stealing the orange feather out of the package. He has a yellow and a purple one, I wasn't going to give him another until those were destroyed.. But he was pawing and pawing something I couldn't see for some time and low and behold, all the sudden he trots past with an orange feather in his mouth! What a smug little kitty he was about it too!
Being on top of the world with a feat like that might have made him extra friendly, no?
You cannot keep any feathers away from me... I will nom them all!


Random Felines said...

YEAH for Leo and Greg. It can be hard when you love them and don't get much in response - and being the bad guy sometimes just doesn't help. But we are glad Leo has decided to share the love!!

Marg said...

That sounds like great progress. Probably before long, Leo will be sitting in Greg's lap. Great pictures. Take care.