Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Away

We were away for the weekend because niece 3 graduated from high school cume laude. We’re all so proud of her! And we had a very nice weekend. Hot, but nice.
Before we got Leo, whenever we’d go away, even for just a day, Star would punish us by acting like we were perfect strangers coming into her home. "Who are you people? Be gone with you! I don’t know you and I don’t like you." And the length of time we had been gone determined how long we would be shunned. At the most it would take two days to get her to come around and acknowledge our existence. We were used to this. We expected this.
Leo was an unknown factor. He does run when people show up at the door, though usually he will be back to see who or what it was within a few minutes. He’s not a huge scaredy cat like someone else I could name.. *coughStarcough* Still we didn’t know how he’d be when we got home. When we walked in, we did not see him anywhere.
I don’t know about you, but when I get home after a long car ride, there is one place I always head, (no pun intended), and there was no exception this trip. I was barely there when I started hearing a certain familiar ‘hello!’ meow. I didn’t even have time to answer before the door (which is really a curtain) was flung open and Leo was running circles around the room, purrs echoing.
Now, with that kind of greeting, I hurried out to the living room and he raced me to the Royal Footstool where he danced and meowed while I pet him. He was so excited that he could not stand still, he kept throwing himself down, rolling over, then jumping up and kneading while walking in circles.
He was totally going nuts so I scooped him up and flung him over my shoulder, letting him be Leo Scarf so he could calm down. He purred so loud leaning into my ear that I couldn’t hear anything else. Still, he couldn’t sit still that long and kept trying to roll around, giving me a face full of fur. My Leo was one excited baby! It’s so nice to be missed! And then enthusiastically welcomed home!
I assumed we’d eventually at least see Star so she could pretend she didn’t recognize us. But no, nothing. Greg was up and down stairs several times and didn’t see her anywhere up there. I started to get worried that we hadn’t seen so much as her tiny gray nose or the tip of her fuzzy tail.
While we were gone niece twin 2 stayed at the house and took care of the kitties. So I called her up and asked if she knew where Star baby was and when was the last time she’d seen her. At first she was thinking she hadn’t seen her, but then she remembered that she’d come out for snacks, so at least she was alive! I was sure we’d see her by bedtime anyway, as I was pretty sure she was in the closet up there.
But we saw her earlier than that! We were having dinner when we looked over and she was sitting on the stairs landing! She smelled food, it must be snack time! We made a fuss over her, "Oh Hi Star!" "Come here baby girl!" "Pretty girl!" but she just sat and looked at us... "I don’t know you people, but I would accept a bowl of chicken if you had one.."
Of course they got snacks! Star got her favorite Fancy Feast Appetizers white meat chicken. And Leo got a can of Friskies Seafood buffet, one he adores. Leo is easy to please though! He likes just about everything and anything. I’ve only seen him turn his nose up at one can, and he eventually went back for that, probably afraid that Star would eat it if he didn’t.. Star is fussy, if she doesn’t like it, she will try to bury it with whatever is within reach.
Anyway, she had her snack, then turned her back and went upstairs away from the strangers who were in her home. Sigh. We should have expected that I suppose, but I was hoping she’d take a page from Leo’s book and actually be glad to see us.
She surprised us again later, however. When we were getting ready for bed, she was right there, begging for pets and scritches like she usually does when Greg’s getting ready for work! She got all the cuddles and snuggles she would accept. It was nice to see that she forgave us for leaving so quickly! She slept for hours on my tummy too, purring and very happy to be there.
This morning, she’s back to her old self. I pet her, and when she was done, I got bit. It’s good to be home!

Is Leo outgrowing the folding chair??
 I’s just hangin’ out.. Or off...
Star looking all demure..
Don’t be fooled!

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