Friday, May 6, 2011

Leo's Issue

The time has come to discuss Leo’s... shall we say, "delicate issue". At first I thought it would clear up after he got used to the change in food. We started him out on the food he was used to, but he quickly decided that he liked Star’s. But he’s been here for.. OH! Exactly 4 weeks today! Happy one month Gotcha day baby Leo!! Yay!
Ok, so one month and he’s still got his.. issue. So I’m thinking it’s not the food. It could be the....
Wow, lost my train of thought.. Leo suddenly needed a cuddle break. That’s the first time he’s come demanding to sit on me when I wasn’t at the computer. Usually I have to pick him up to hold him in the living room. Or he just lays on my feet on the Royal Footstool. But my goodness, he was cuddly and sleepy and had a little nap tucked under my chin. Guess he wore himself out running around the house like a crazy cat, knocking over Star’s left over half bowl of chicken bits, scattering the recyclables, and bouncing from couch to couch while battering around a crumpled up piece of paper he stole from the trash, poor little thing.. Anyway, now that he’s gone to see what kind of critters might be lurking around out the windows, I can get back to writing.
So... Oh yes, it could be the snack. Leo does not care for the shredded chicken that is Star’s favorite, and she despises the cans of what I’ve heard so aptly referred to as stinky goodness. She tries to bury it. And he sticks his nose up at freshly shredded chicken, still warm and carefully freed from skin, breading and bones. So we have to be careful who gets which bowl. Not that WE would make the mistake, but they dance around so much when it’s coming that sometimes they go toward the wrong bowl and they are not easy to distract!
So that could be the problem, but he’s been getting that pretty much right along and he should be used to it, no? But he’s still got his little issue.
I’m sorry, did I say ‘little’? My goodness, that’s a real understatement.. My boy could stun a yak at 30 paces and clear a room in 5 seconds flat. I could swear it’s curling my hair too. And the thing is, he doesn’t even seem to realize it. Not by so much as a whisker wiggle or twitched nose does he let on that he knows what he let go.. He doesn’t seem to notice or care.
I notice though! And trust me, I care! It’s not just that he has this problem.. It’s when. He’ll crawl up and do his Leo scarf thing and right when I’m rubbing my head against him, there it is! Holy smokes! A lesser person might drop him! But no, I tough it out and keep hold of the little snuggler. Or perhaps he’ll be having a run through the room, he’ll get on the footstool, use me as a bridge to the back of the couch and right at the worst moment.. like when he’s crossing my chest, bam! There it is! And he’s gone before I can even catch my breath enough to call him a little brat!

Is he doing it on purpose? You know how some guys think that ‘pull my finger’ thing is funny.. Is this his version of that trick? "Hey mommy, I need a hug right now!" BAM "hee hee!" It’s a possibility I’ve considered.. I’m the only one he does it to. Although, to be fair, I’m also the only one he cuddles with or sits on. Ya know... I wonder if this isn’t the cause of his problems with Star.. Do you think he’s asked, "Hey Star, pull my paw... hee hee"??

I would never do such a thing as you are implying madam...

 Bwahahaha! Ok, yes I would!!!

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The Island Cats said...

Heehee...we think that's pretty funny, Leo!