Thursday, May 26, 2011

Experiment Update

The pheromone plug test is officially a bust. Actually, about half bust.. It seems to have given Leo enough comfort to assert himself, but that wasn’t the effect we were looking for. Star spends most of the day upstairs because when she comes down, he thinks it’s time to pounce on her. I think he’s trying to play. I hope so anyway. But Star is not taking it well.
And then she was sick last week and every time she did come down, she was scooped up and medicated. She’s still wary of Greg since he’s the scooper uper. Even though I’m the one who dosed her, she isn’t quite as wary of me, probably because she knows I’m not going to do anything mean to her unless she’s being held by someone else. Can’t really... she has no qualms about biting me.
Anyway, we’re going to move the pheromone plug upstairs so Star gets the benefit of it and maybe Leo will stop being so pouncey on the poor old girl. I really don’t want her staying upstairs all day when she’s used to being down. I want her to be comfortable in her own home. And I want Leo to be as well. I have hopes that he’ll be allowed upstairs someday. Star guards the upstairs pretty well, and now that twin 1 is in Alaska and that room is closed up, he’s got no where to go up there. I know it’ll happen someday, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.
Ok, on to pictures! Poor Leo, between vacation projects, cable installation, and sorta-semi-spring cleaning, his area’s have been disrupted.

Getting pretty hard to fit on The Chair with all your stuff here.. Hint hint..

Even my Royal Footstool isn’t safe from your clutter?
(doesn't he just look disgusted? poor baby...)

Fine, I’ll chew it up then...
Gimme an hour and you’ll never see this bag again..
Ooo straps are like strings! PLAY TIME!

Ah, Star’s spot is still open, I’ll just take that.


Bijou said...

Good strategy for clutter, if you can't beat it, eat it! You are adorable.

The Island Cats said...

Leo, it looks like you managed to find a good spot there!

You may want to try 2 upstairs and one downstairs. Then each cat will get the benefit! We have 6 of them all over our house!!

Bengal Trio - Luna, Zulu -n- Mercy said...

those pluggy things didnt work fur us either. Someone told us once, try putting a drop or two of vanilla on all your tail tips
Bengal Trio