Monday, August 19, 2019

Mostly Missing Mancat Monday

You know when you go to take a picture because your kitty is just too cute and the little bugger moves just as you snap the shot? Well that explains today's picture!

Leo: Time for my pettin', I'll come to you this time!

So why use that shot? Well, I adore that feathery tail of his! Especially when the tip of it flips over from side to side as you see here so it looks like a big fluffy question mark!

Aside from that, the "mostly missing" part of the title kind of describes how we've been blogging lately! It's my fault. Not that it would be the kitties, right? But still, it's been bugging me that I can't seem to get myself together enough to blog more. I have a lot of reasons, but they would start sounding like excuses and that's just boring. Basically it boils down to that I used to always try to post around midnight and now I can't and I feel weird posting in the middle of the day. But now I'm thinking I have to get over that and just post when I can and not worry about what time of day it is!
So, here's hoping we won't be mostly missing any more but will be at least partly back!

We'll work on being better about commenting too.. I've been visiting, but for some reason when I use firefox, which I've had to start using for most stuff, comment boxes are missing for a lot of the blogs I read. I'll try to figure it out so I can comment more, just know I am reading and we loves you all!!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Caturday Art

This week I decided to use Leo's mancat Monday picture, even though it's a weirdly lit, dark, funky picture. A lot of the artsie things didn't work on it in lunapic but I found a few that look ok.

The first one here is Scribble, I think it came out the best.


Picasso, didn't realize how similar it was to Fairy until I put both next to each other in this post..

HAD to do Groovy Rainbow again since I loved it last week! Weird but cool

And the original

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Belated Gotcha Day for the Girls

Things have been very busy around here and I'm sure you can understand. What with just getting home from 7 weeks in the hospital and rehab, then all kinds of doctors appointments and getting set up with some home care, temporary nursing (wounds, ouchie), and physical and occupational therapy (still fussing with getting that together), and in all that mess, I totally missed the girls Gotcha Day.
On May 26 the girls had their 5th gotcha day! Five years! I can't believe it's been that long! Love every day with them! And I'm most grateful to Chrystal for letting me adopt them and bring them home here to live with their brother!

I haven't had time to make a post, all the aforementioned stuff.. so I'm going to copy and post last year's gotcha day post here! Just remember, when it says four years, it's been five now! And the bottom plea stands as much today as it did then!


Double Gotcha Day!
Four years ago we took the eight hour trip back to Illinois to get two of Leo's sisters! It was worth the trip to get Leo, and it was doubly worth it to get Glitter and Cashmere!

First I gotta show baby pictures! Cashmere is on the far left, Glitter in the center and that's Leo on the far right (Spritz is between Cashmere and Glitter, Tuxie/Trixie is between Glitter and Leo, they are watching the 6th sibling, Mitts, play on the floor)

Here's Leo in the back corner (over Spritz) Glitter in front and Cashmere behind Glitters ear! My goodness were they scardy kittens!

We had Leo for three years when we went back for Glitter and Cashmere. They'd been adopted out and returned in bad shape. I decided they were not going to go through that again or be separated since they were so bonded, that we got down there as soon as Greg could get the time off! I have never regretted that for an instant! They are the sweetest, most loving little darlings ever!

Leo had ridden home so well, mostly on my shoulder, that I thought the girls would too. That was NOT the case. Glitter was car sick most of the way and Cashmere was scared and confused and her sister was freaking her out. I sat next to the cage so I could pet them through the bars. Worked with Cashmere anyway, Glitter stayed too far away and just didn't want to be bothered. I'm so glad I had those moments petting Cashmere when she couldn't get away because she hid a lot when she first got here. She liked the pets, and I think she felt safe that I couldn't pick her up since she was behind bars, so to speak.

Thankfully it didn't take that long for them to settle in. They hardly needed or wanted the safe room/home base more than a few days and were not bothered by either Star's hissing of Leo's curiosity. This picture is from early June and they were already out for snack time and a post snack play session!
I'm so thankful for the girls. I thought I was giving them a good home and saving them, but they are what makes a good home (along with Leo!) and they save me every day! I adore them and I'm so grateful to Chrystal for letting me have three Winnie's Wishers to love and cuddle!
I have been asking you all, that if you could, please take the opportunity of Chrystal's vacation and Birthday to send something, either a donation or wish list item, to Winnie's Wish! You see what wonderful kitties come from there! And if you know Chrystal, or read her blog, you know how wonderful she is! So if you can, please send along some love and help the kitties of Winnie's Wish! (and help find them homes too, that would be so awesome!!) I elaborated more about donating on THIS post
Thank you all!
And happy Gotcha day to my sweet girls, I'm so glad I got to gotcha them!!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Mancat Monday

The Manly Mancat form in silhouette. I think he's a work of art. But I could be a little biased.. Love my baby boy!

Leo: I'm perfecting the art of knowing when to pounce a sister and when to just keep napping.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Caturday Art

We're participating in the Caturday Art blog hop this week! I chose the picture of Leo from our Thankful Thursday post.

Oh, and a follow up on that. Leo said we were waiting on test results to confirm all the good news, well we got them and they did! Even more, the kidney damage that happened in the hospital has healed! We are all kinds of happy and thankful over here!

Here's our happy art!

This one is called Abstract



This is Groovy Rainbow gif, and I love it! just wish I could adjust the speed slower..

And the original

Happy Caturday everyone!


I'm going to put my plea out here one more time! Winnie's Wish could really use some love in the form of donations or wish list items! I was hoping to make a happy birthday for Chrystal and to make up, a little, for her having to miss her Florida vacation because of her being sick and having to be in the hospital with a whole bunch of boxes or donations to the kitties!

If you can, please do use the Wish List that you can find HERE or on the daily dose side bar. Or the donate button that is also on her side bar.
And again, if you would prefer to send wish list items but don't have amazon prime, you can use the big red donate button on my sidebar and I will convert it into wish list items for you and include a note saying who it's from!
Please do what you can from where you are to help Winnie's Wish! Thank you!!


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thankful Thursday With Leo

Leo here, taking over the blog duty today. Because *I* have the bestest, most happiest of thankful thingies! MY mommy is home!! She's HOME!!!! Seven paw wringing weeks she's gone and finally she's HOME!! YAY!!!!
Of course I had to let her know that this was not acceptable and refused to even look at her for a couple of hours even though suck-up-Glitter let her pet her the minute she came in the door. And even after I let her pet me, I still slept with daddy for the first half of her first night home. Now she knows, right? Don't abandon the Leo!
She's been home a few days now and while she says she's settling in and trying to get back to her routine, I think she's just been lazy about updating everyone and blogging. That's why I took over today.
Mommy saw her doctor today and the shake out of everything she went through was.. she doesn't have any of the big scary stuff they said/thought she had. You know how it is, right? Every specialist in a hospital thinks you have something in HIS specialty. Ear nose throat said she had acid reflux, she doesn't. Heart guy said she had congestive heart failure, nope, not that either. Internal med guy said diabetes, wrong again. Pulmonary said COPD, nopity nope nope. Everything that was wrong with her, even down to the voice change, was a problem with her oxygen and CO2 levels. And that's it! She got taken off of so many medicines today that instead of saying don't take this and don't take that, he told her only take these two. And one of those is an over the counter supplement!
Now, of course all of this excitement the peeps are having over this is dependent on the results of today's blood work, but it all looks good so far, so yay!
Me and the sissies, we is so happy she's home that we've been making sure she is not fur free for even a minute! We all have a huge thankful!
Dear friends, we are imploring you again on behalf of Winnie's Wish! We have not been able to fundraise for them in AGES! no auctions. no toy or bed fundraisers. So we are asking you, for Chrystal's birthday, to make up for the fact that Miss Chrystal was unable to get to her one and only Florida palm tree vacation, just because you love kitties, (and maybe as a yay for my mommy being home and well?) to please consider sending a donation or some wish list items! They really need help with the kitties, litter and food especially.
If you want to send wish list items but don't have Amazon prime, you can use my red donate button and I will convert your donation to wish list items and send them in your name.
Any little bit helps!
Please Consider Adopting!
You can find Chrystal's donate button on the side bar of the Winnie's Wish blog/Daily dose of dogs AKA Cats with your coffee.
You can find her Wish List HERE or also on her sidebar.
And again, my donate button is a big red one on my side bar.
Please do share, lets make sure lots of packages and donations find their way to the kitties!!
Thank you!!!!
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Friday, May 24, 2019

Fabulous Friday

It's a great Friday because of many things! The window is open! Glitter got her turn in it! There are boxes! And rumor has it something wonderful is happening later today!

Glitter: Um, dad, you need to move something so I have a better view please.. although the squirrel does like to sit on the trash cans, hmm, so it's a toss up.


Friends, please don't forget about Chrystal and Winnie's Wish. Chrystal is unable to get her one and only vacation in Florida amongst her beloved palm trees, AND her birthday is coming up quickly. So I'm hoping we can get lots of Wish List packages to arrive at her house and some donations too! Let's make May a happy month, palm trees or not! Thank you!!!

PS. you'll find her donate button on the sidebar of her blog. And here's the Amazon wish list link.

Monday, May 20, 2019

ManCat Making Do Moday

Poor Leo. He misses his mommy. His mommy misses him! Mommy promised she'd be home by now, but apparently she's a liar because she's not home now. Soon, hopefully, but mommy refuses to put a date on it any more just in case it's the universe laughing at her.

Leo: If I cover my eyes, maybe I can pretend this is mommy...
If you saw my last post, you know that I'm trying to make this a good month for Chrystal of Winnie's Wish (Daily Dog AKA Cats with your Coffee). She's been sick, spent time in the hospital, and can't get to her Florida Vacation this year because of that. Not to mention her BIRTHDAY is at the end of this month too!
How do we make this a good month? Simple!
Donations! (see her sidebar for the link!)        
Wish list items! (click this link or see the banner on her sidebar)
Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated! Lets see if we can send tons of packages and donations by the end of the month, lets overwhelm her so she doesn't have to worry about shopping for litter and catfood for a whole 'nother month! Let's all do what we can from where we are to help the kitties of Winnie's Wish and make Chrystal smile and feel good!
Thank you!!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Flashback Friday

For Flashback Friday I'm sharing a post from last May called Grass Girls:

We FINALLY have spring like weather around here! The windows are open, the sun is shining and the cat grass is growing!

Boy does that make the kitties happy!

Cashmere: Um, you may not want to watch this..
Glitter: For what I'm about to do, I apologize.
Cashmere: *chompchompsnarflechomp!*
Glitter: *gobblemunchslurpchewchomp* Urp..
Cashmere: They're not watching, are they? I hope they aren't watching..
Glitter: Avert your eyes internets!
Both: *munchmunchchompcrunch*

Well... I think they have that covered. Shall we move on?


At the end of that post I put out a plea/request to send donations and wish list items to Chrystal and Winnie's Wish because May is when she takes her one and only vacation to Florida and her birthday is at the end of that vacation. I thought it would be great to have a bunch of packages waiting for her when she returned home.

I think that would be great again this year. Except for one thing.

She can't go on her one and only vacation to Florida.

If you follow her blog you know that she was quite sick and in the hospital for a while. That's where her 'vacation' went. She's feeling better, but I don't think she's back to 100%...

What do you say we try to give her a boost by sending packages and donations anyway? She has a donate button on her sidebar and a link to her Amazon Wish List there also. Litter and food are a big need, but there are other things as well. Any little bit helps! So if you can, please do what you can! Thank you!!

Sending Chrystal palm tree and sunshine thoughts!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thankful Thursday

I have been talking about doing an update on Piper for a while and I'm finally getting to it! It is a thankful update!

As you know, when my mom got sick Piper went to stay with my sister temporarily. She and the little blind yorkie, Nala, did not care for each other. Piper hid. A lot. We lost my mom, (That is still so very hard to say.) and Piper lost the only person she really liked. Although she would sit between mom and my sister and let her pet her because my sister would stay with mom at least one night a week. So Piper knew and tolerated my sister. But now she was in a new home with a dog and people who weren't her mom. No wonder she hid.

I shared before about Piper accidentally getting locked in a bedroom for many hours and afterward she suddenly got very friendly with my sister. Even tapping her leg like she did to my mom when she wanted food or attention. After this, if she could sneak past Nala, she would sit on my sister's lap.

Nala, who can see some shadows or something, seems to know when Piper is out and about and would try to follow her and maybe make her go away from her mommy and daddy (my sister and brother in law). One time she was following and Piper didn't know it, Piper stopped and Nala ran right into Pipers rear end! Bet that was a surprise to both of them!

So on to the current situation. Nala seems to have accepted that the kitty will be staying. Piper wants to be around at meal times, and so does Nala. They seem to have worked out a truce where they both get to beg, I mean, demand, at the table.

Piper: Hey!
Nala: Mom!
Piper: I want a bite!
Nala: I want a bite!
Piper: Me, me! Give me a bite!
Nala: Me! Give me the bite!
As long as they are on opposite sides of my sister's legs, they both get to watch dinner and get their due bites! Sharing is good! Sharing is progress!
And speaking of sharing:
Nala: zzzzzz
Piper: Purrrrrr
Sister: I. Can't... Move..

They may not be perfect buddies, but we'll take peaceful co-existence! When Nala is sleeping, Piper is happy to jump up on the arm of the chair and get her cuddles.

What will be really interesting is when they all move up to my mom's house, which should happen sometime this summer. Piper will know it's her home, not Nala's. Nala will know the place from visiting often, and they are HER mommy and daddy. Wonder what changes will happen then? We have our paws and fingers crossed that they'll all be good changes!


Update on myself. Therapy is going well! Thankful for that! But also taking a bit longer than I hoped so I will be another week. But that's it! I'm so ready to be back home with MY kitties! (You hear me Greg? Leo will go back to sleeping with me, not with you! I know nothing will ever make Cashmere come to me when you're around, but I'm taking Glitter back too!)

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Caturday Art

I'm a little late in the day, but I wanted to try to get a Caturday Art post out this week. I picked the picture of Cashmere from our One Word Wednesday post and used Lunapic. I made too many, but I was having fun.

This is Beauty, my favorite filter






And here's the original

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Caturday!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Waiting and Waiting

For the kitties, the waiting began three weeks ago. For me, it began in October. The kitties are waiting for me to get back home. I was waiting to see why I was so sick and what it was. I got my answer, mostly, and theirs is "a few more weeks, babies."

Leo: (in front) This is where we usually cuddle with mom.
Glitter: (in back) Yeah, so who stole her and when are they bringing her back?
Leo: Yeah, cause I need my snuggles!
Glitter: Yeah!
Cashmere: (from elsewhere in the house) Yeah!

~feel free to skip long boring human medical crap below~

If you had seen my few and far between posts lately, you know that I've been fighting something awful and could not find any answers even after so many doctors and specialists. Finally Greg bought a pulse oximeter because one of my biggest complaints was feeling like I wasn't getting any air. This is one of those little things they put on your finger to measure what percent of oxygen you have. You are not suppose to be under 90, 100 is best. I put it on and it read in the low 80's. I could not get it to the 90's for anything. It started dropping into the 70's and even dipping into the 60 and that's when we decided not to wait the month and a half to see the next specialist on the list (Ear, Nose and Throat, because pulmonology said it was my throat making me cough and distort my voice). We called my regular doctor and he sent us to the ER. ER admitted me, almost immediately. For two and a half weeks I had more doctors that you can shake a stick at, from every field of medicine imaginable.

I tell you, it was almost like being on Dr. House, they darn near killed me before they fixed me. We'll have to wait and see if the kidney damage they caused is lasting or heals.. But in the end, the cough stopped, my voice is back to normal, I feel good, and my oxygen is mostly back in the normal range. Oh, and apparently my CO2 levels were really high while my oxygen was really low, no wonder all I wanted to do was sleep, right?

Where am I now? Being in the hospital and not getting up is not good for you, especially when you have leg issues like I do in the first place. For every one day in, you lose three, so I'm pretty weak. Which means I'm in rehab, getting strengthened up so I can go back home and see my kitties! MY plan is to be here no more than two weeks and then get in home physical therapy to keep going. I'm also reconsidering more leg surgery. I'd kind of given up on continuing down that path since the first one just about reversed itself.

If you have a purr or a prayer or a good thought, I'd appreciate them! I need to get home! I miss my kitties! They miss me! And here's something I don't think I've told you all (did I?) I need to get home for Twin 2's baby shower! I have my first great nephew to welcome into the world in July!

I have an update on Piper that I'll post soon. I am going to try to be more regular, even if I'm not home to get new pictures. Greg is sending me them, like the one above.
Thanks for listening! I'm going to try to get back to visiting everyone too. I miss you all!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Leo's 8th Gotcha Day!

Eight years ago today I finally laid my paws, er.. hands on my sweet baby Leo The Chinese Lion. I had loved him from the first picture Chrystal posted of him on the Winnie's Wish blog. He bonded with me almost immediately, clinging to my shoulder for half of the eight hour trip back home, (when he wasn't in his carrier/cage.) He called for me every time he got out of my sight in those first few days and came running when I called back to tell him where I was. Meant to be.

Just look at this baby picture and tell me you wouldn't have fallen in love too.

Happy Gotcha day my sweet heart kitty!


I know we haven't been around, and I think most of you know why. The loss of my mother has hit me very hard and I'm having trouble getting back into the routine. Not to mention that I've been sick for five months now and have to see yet another specialist and who knows how long it will take to get into this one.
I have been trying to stop by for birthdays, gotcha days and unfortunate losses, but I'm sure I've missed many because I'm not on line much either. If we missed you, please forgive us and know that you have our best wishes and prayers.
Love you all, dear kitty people and kitty friends, doggy people and doggy friends, and everyone else!