Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Freaky Friday

There are no pictures of the actual occurrence, but I have been assured that this is what happened!

See Glitter here on the end of the bed amongst rumpled up sheets? (I know it's hard to see, Greg took it on his cell phone in the wee hours of the morning)

Glitter: I don't know what you're talking about... I'm a calm, sweet, innocent kitty cat.. Totally. I mean it. You believe me, right?

About three minutes before this shot was taken, that top sheet was neatly spread over the bed, from head to foot. And then Greg heard a noise and turned to look! Glitter was DIVING onto the top sheet and sliding down the bed with her paws tucked under! (see, they're still under!) Then she got up and did it again and again while Greg fumbled trying to get video! But she managed to slide the whole thing all the way to the foot and all he got was this seemingly innocent looking cat on an unmade bed.

Who are you going to believe? Miss Innocent up there, or Greg who total witnessed the whole thing, sans the moments when he was frantically mashing buttons on his flip phone? You decide!

Don't forget, if you haven't stopped by our Blogoversary comment-a-thon, it's still going until midnight Friday the 21st! (that's today!)
Help the kitties of Winnie's Wish by just saying hi! (Winnie's Wish, for those who may not know, is the cat rescue and shelter where I got Leo and then his sisters, and for whom I am pleased to fundraise in many different ways!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Boy am I really messed up! First I go and forget to post on Leo's Gotcha day, then I go and miss posting on our blogoversary!!

Six years we've been blogging! It does NOT feel that long! I can't believe my boy is getting that old either! Denial much? Na, not me! ;)

The first pictures I posted of Leo were not the most flattering. But all I had was a crappy camera and a crappy cell phone camera, so we got what we got. So glad I have better now! Although lately I've mostly been posting pictures from Greg's camera (No, still not home, will talk about that another day).

I'm so thankful to Chrystal for having Winnie's Wish and for giving me a chance to be Leo's mommy! And then a few years later, entrusting me with two of his sisters too! She took excellent care of my babies, raised them well from scared little ferals to loving cuddly lapcats!

For our blogoversary, would you please head over to Daily Dose, the Winnie's Wish blog, and check out the kitties on the side bar who are still waiting for their forever homes. If you absolutely can't make room in  your life for one or a pair, would you share them? You never know who will fall in love with one of them like I did six years ago, could be one of your friends or family members or even one of their friends! (so ask them to share too!) Thank you!

Winnie's Wish can always use donations and wish list items! I think you know that I'm a big fundraiser for her, right? :) Well, for this blogoversary I'm going to fundraise differently than I have before. I'm going to do a comment-a-thon! That's right! Just by commenting on THIS post, you can help Winnie's Wish! For every comment I will donate $1 up to $50!! (no, the same person commenting a hundred times doesn't count hee hee) Thank you, in advance for helping out the woman who saved my sweet heart cat, Leo the Chinese Lion and his sisters, Glitter and Cashmere! (and the other three who are also in great homes!)

Look! our first banner!

The first picture I ever posted of Leo! Scared on the ride home, poor baby! You can read the story HERE on our first post ever!

Here's a better, yet still early, picture of my fuzzy boy playing!

My favorite picture of our sweet Star, who we will always miss, ornery as she was. She was a love when she wanted to be, but she ruled all of us with a velvet claw.

A favorite Leo picture! also early!

Thank you all, for visiting, for being our friends, and for helping me help the rescue that saved my heart kitty!

Edit: comment by midnight EST on Friday the 21st to count for the comment-a-thon!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It's the Line Up

Glitter: These pets are great..
Cashmere: Soak it up while you can, it's my turn soon, sister!
Glitter: I could lay here all night..
Cashmere: No she won't, she'll run off to her tree perch and I'll have MY daddy ALL night! Patience works for me. *smirk*

She's right, you know. Glitter stays until she's done then she's gone in the blink of an eye. Cashmere stays until your arm falls off! Leo falls somewhere in the middle but also manages to make it feel like it's your fault he has to leave when he does go..

Monday, March 27, 2017

Leo's Belated Gotcha Day!

On March 26, 2011 we made an eight hour journey to meet Chrystal and pick up my darling little baby Leo! I say "little" because that's what I expected. But I've learned that there is nothing 'as expected' about my heart kitty!

It was my gotcha day, I got my fav snackie and good mommy snuggles! 'Cause I'm that awesome, right! Mommy said so!

At nine months old, I expected to see a long and lanky but still not full grown kitten! What I got was a long and lanky HUGE kitty, bigger than my senior kitty Star! I thought maybe since he was a kitten and smaller than her that she might accept him, you know, 'aw look at the baby!' Um, nope!

Chrystal said he'd take a long time to adjust and become friendly since he was scared of everyone but her. So I expected him to be frightened of me and to try to get away when I was trying to move him from Chrystal's carrier to my carrier. I pulled him out and he melted into my arms. Half of the eight hour trip back home was spent with him clinging to my shoulder, leaning into my head (the other half huddled in a kennel looking miserable but never making a peep.

I expected him to want to explore after I let him out of the laundry room that was set up as a home base for him. And he did, a little. But he would cry for me when he couldn't find me. I would go and find him, calling his name and he would run to me like "where did you go! Don't do that again!"

I expected there to be tension between him and Star but that they would eventually learn to live together, maybe even be friends. Nope, never. She despised him and he occasionally antagonized her on purpose, just for the fun of it. Funnily enough, she kind of liked his sisters when they joined us three years later, but that's a story for their gotcha day.

I expected to remember his Gotcha day because I kept thinking about it all month. But then it fell on a weekend home and I spend the day snuggling with him and not writing... whoops. I'm thinking, though, that if you asked him, he'd say he would rather have the snuggles!

Snuggles are the best, especially when I get kisses on the top of my head! I even let mommy get in a short tummy rub.. My little gift to her for adopting me.

I expect you all are expecting an obligatory kitty picture? This one, you get the expected!

This is how Leo spent half the ride home, snuggled over my shoulder. Couldn't move him from that spot with a stick of dynamite!
One of the first pictures of baby Leo and some of his sisters. Leo is top left. Under him is Spritz I think, front and center is Glitter and behind her ear is Cashmere!

This is after he shed some of his fear and was out playing still at Winnie's Wish!

Happy 6th Gotcha Day Leo the Chinese Lion! I'm so glad you got gotted by ME!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thank you all for your prayers and purrs and good thoughts for my mom's cat, Sir Moose-a-lot Goodyear Roadkill Thunderbottom, who had surgery on Monday. He is doing really well!

Turn out the light and leave, there'll be no hand washing here today.
(wish I'd asked for a new picture of him! but here he is in his old round shape)

He had managed to gain back some weight before surgery thanks to his antibiotic and appetite stimulator putting him at 12 pounds!

We were worried that the lump in his mouth/jaw might be a tumor, might be cancer, might be something awful, but hoping it was just a tooth. Even that would not be very nice, but better than the alternatives. With his age and condition, we were also worried about just going in for surgery. My mom said he's only around 11, which isn't terribly old but does put him in the senior category.

Moosey came through the surgery well though! And the lump was the gum pockets around two broken teeth, all swelled up and over the breaks. It's possible someone may have kicked him. And it's possible that this could have happened before my mom got him when he was running around the cemetery near my sisters house, or on his recent jaunts. Or who knows really, how they broke, but they were. The doctor removed those broken teeth and some of the overgrown gum tissue as well as his remaining top fang because it was pocked full of cavities. Poor kitty! He has his bottom fangs still, and other side teeth, so he's not down to just gums yet!

And the really good news, he's already eating like a... well like a moose! He wasn't allowed to have anything until 7pm after his surgery and he was NOT happy about it! He bugged my mom, telling her over and over that his dishes were empty, darn it! FEED ME! But she stuck to her guns. And then he found some dropped dry food behind his empty food dish! Seriously, how did he even want that with a sore jaw? Oh yeah, he was on pain killers and antibiotics, feeling no pain!

And acting like a goof! She said he was pouncing around the kitchen like a little nut! I don't think he's felt good enough to play in a while so it was good to hear that he's all feisty and fun again! Of course, he might just be high on pain killers, but we'll take it!

And now that he's back on food, he's even happily eating his hard food which he loves and had to give up for the pain. And he still has lots of canned goodness and those bisques and chowders and gravies that we started him on when he started having trouble eating. He's one happy kitty on his way back to being fat and happy! (hopefully not back to 25 pounds though hee hee)

Thank you all again, for the good wishes! We're so thankful mom's boy is on the mend!!

Joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mancat Monday

Can you see me? I's hidin'!

Mommy was home for the weekend and I stoled her blankeys! Whoop, still hiding, pay no attention to the ears behind the sheet!

Ok, ok, you found me. It's me! Leo!

I've got the idea in my head that if I stay curled up under here, keeping her toesies warm, and blankets trapped, that she can't go back for more of that therapy junk!

I know it will work! Plus, it's a great place to hide from my sissies! And to ambush them from. Shhh! I think I hear one of them coming now...

Glitter: Eeek! There's something moving under the blankets!!
Leo: Boo! Bwahahaha!

That'll teach ya to try to steal my mommy! Thrrrrrp!
hee hee, my job is done, now I can go nap on her chest so she can't get up!

Just in case you missed it, here's a close up of that face in the last picture, caught him with his tongue out!
Again, I say Thrrrrrrrrp!

Yes, I'm coming home for good! When? Last Friday, but that got moved, now it's supposed to be this coming Friday.. I guess we'll see. I know three kitties who will be very happy when that day comes, not to mention I'll be thrilled too! Yeesh!
Thank you all for your patience with my limited posting and commenting while rehabbing my crappy legs, we'll be back to some kind of a schedule soon I hope! Love you all!


Remember my mom's cat, Sir Moose-a-lot Goodyear Roadkill Thunderbottom? He's around 25 pounds in this picture. He's now about 11 pounds but hopefully on his way back up. Just a little up! Not back to 25 again!

Today, Monday, Moose is going to have dental surgery. They think he has a broken tooth that his gums grew over. Obviously very painful thus the drop in weight. (he's been dropping a bit over the past years anyway, but at the vet for another issues a few months ago was found to be 13 pounds, the tooth or abscess or whatever is going on in his mouth cost him another two in a few months.)

He has not been eating well because of the pain but we're finding things he can handle without too much trouble. I'd never head of the bisque cat food until Angel over at Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish started having trouble eating. And boy does Moose like those too! He can lick them up without chewing. Let's face it, 25 pounds was a bit much, but no one wants a skinny Moose! ;)

If you could, please send some purrs or prayers for sweet Moosey today that they can take care of whatever the problem is without too much trouble. We need him to stick around for a good long time!
Thank you!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Leo: Grab yerself a green nip beer and lets all raise a mug to the day o' the green!
Happy St. Paddy's day all!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Daddy is sick. Again... But this time he finally went to the doctor! Nurse Leo is on the job, making sure daddy gets a little exercise by making him give scritches and by keeping him warm by sitting on him. I'm sure he'll be well in no time! (And then mommy will kill him for stealing her baby boy because HERS is the only lap he's supposed to sit on!)

Leo: That's right, between the ears, first the back of the hand rub, then..

Leo: right side of the hand, finger scritches.. Awesome work today. Keep repeating. And if mommy keeps complaining, then she should get her butt home so I can lay on her again!

Ok, Leo. You made your point. Thank you for helping with daddy. And get your fuzzy buns ready, because it wont be long now and I will be home! And I expect snuggles!

Ok, to tell the truth, I have been able to go home for the weekend for the last few weeks. They call it 'vacation'... um, ok sure. Anyway, it's all in preparation for going home permanently next month, yay!!!! CANT WAIT! The girls forgave me for being gone within minutes of arrival! Leo made me wait two hours the first weekend, and half an hour the next. Little brat boy!


For those of you who donated to pretty kitty Angel's surgery, she had it Tuesday! The results weren't conclusive, but thankfully ruled out some really bad things. Please read about it on Tuesday's Daily Dose Post. I have not forgotten your gifts for donations to her surgery! I just forgot to bring the mail pouches with me so I can't get them out until the weekend, I'm sorry!
If anyone still wants to donate to the surgery it would sure be appreciated! And I will send you a small, but cute, thank you gift! Just use the donate button on my site, or on the Daily Dose site and note that it's for Angel!


Monday, February 13, 2017

A Story Told In Four Particularly Blurry Photos

The tale being told is too cute to pass up regardless of the blurry low light crappy cell phone pictures sent from daddy's new crappy cell phone. Of course, moving kitties did not help in the blur department.

Opening Salvo: Leo sits, guarding the chirpy cricket toy. Or the cow kicker. Or both.
Leo: These are mine! None shall touch! Mwahahaha!

Part The Second: Glitter checks to see if it's safe to come out and snatch a toy for herself. A different toy.. not the sasial mouse. Or any of the ones in the box next to her. A chirpy one perhaps.
Glitter: I need to get that toy, but how? Where is that brother of mine.. is it safe to come out?

Round 3: Leo leaps into action! No, it's not safe, he's guarding still!
Leo: No no, never! All toys are my toys! Mine mine mine!! *maniacal laughter*

The Final Move: Cashmere learns his weakness!
Cashmere: He's easy to defeat, as long as you remind him that there's left over snack, and it's one of his favorites! hee hee hee! My chirpy cricket now! Glitter, you can have the cow kicker!

Worth the eye straining blur? I hope so, because I thought it was adorable! Then again, I miss them, so everything they do is adorable to me!


Last week I told you about the special needs Winnie's Wish kitty on the Daily Dose blog, and how she, Angel, needs surgery on the 20th. We're trying to raise the cost of the surgery, so if you are able to donate, that would be a huge help! While I'm still in rehab working on getting my legs stronger I cannot do a full fledged fundraiser. But what I am doing is trying to make a small thank you gift for those who are willing to help with a donation. Please read about Angel's issues HERE and on today's Daily Dose post HERE.
Then if you can, please use the donate button on my site, or the Daily Dose site to help with the vet bill. Thank you!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday with Cashmere


In yesterday's post at Daily Dose, Chrystal talked about a kitty there who needs surgery. If you can help with the cost, it would be greatly appreciated! READ THE POST HERE
I can't do a whole lot from where I am, but I'm trying to come up with some small thank you gift to give to those who help with Angel's surgery.
I wish I could do a whole fundraiser, but at the moment I cannot, I'm sorry.

Angel's surgery is February 20th, please help if you can by using the donate button either on my site, or the Daily Dose site! Thank you!!


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Silly Saturday

I cannot possibly think of the best caption for this one.. It's Twin 2's cat, Selina, and their tenant/lodger friend.

(I didn't even have to obscure his face, Selina took care of that for me!)


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Daddy Has the Sickies

Greg was home sick for four days! (he rarely takes even one day off for sickness, so you know it was not good!) But he had some great furry nurses!

Nurse Cashmere took most of the shifts, making sure the patient stayed pressed down in the recliner and all warm for naps. (Please note that there is another furry nurse on standby, resting up for their turn)
Cashmere: That's right, keep your fingers warm and limber by keeping them in my soft furs. Don't be afraid to scritch, even if you're sick, you still need a little exercise.

Nurse Leo took over the moment Cashmere got up. Apparently keeping daddy pinned to the chair was top priority!
Leo: Thought you were going to get up, huh? Fat chance! I need to lay on this most snuggly blanket.. I mean, I need to keep you warm so you can get better. By the way, sickies don't mean you get out of distributing our snacks you know..


Dear friends, I wanted to give you some kind of explanation on why I haven't been blogging or commenting lately, but I also don't want to look like I looking for sympathy or using this as blog fodder. We have had a horrendous senseless tragedy strike our family and I just have not up to putting fun lighthearted words in the mouths of my kitties. On top of everything, Greg has been very sick and home alone except for the kitties. The pictures were too cute not to share; kitties are wonderful things when you need comfort. I wish I were home with them all too getting my own comfort and snuggles! (I know whining about not being home is getting old, it's grating on my nerves as well, sorry!)
I will do my best to get back into the swing of things, but don't be surprised if we're hit and miss for a while yet. But know that I'm trying. I would really like things to be normal again.
Love you all!