Monday, August 14, 2017

Toy Tuesday

We got a new toy recently. It's Da Bee from the makers of Da Bird! (not an endorsement, just one of our favorites!) It's safe to say it's been a hit! All the kitties love it and even try to get it out of its hiding spot when it's been put away! There will be more pictures to come, but today I wanted to share a quick video I took of Glitter with it. She's a lazy player, but it's still cute!


I know it's kind of dark; the flash doesn't work with video. At least not that I can figure out. So I'm also sharing a couple of pictures taken in the same play session.

Glitter: Hey, that's mine! Come here, Bee!

Glitter: Argh, just out of my.. ugh... reach.. Come back Bee!

Well, she tries!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday

"Tuxie Tuesday?" you may be saying to yourself, "But you don't have any Tuxies!" And you would be right.

But recall, if you will, that we just got my mom a pretty grey Tuxie named Piper! So this is a Piper update!

First I have to ask you, do you know the sweet, darling, most lovely Lady Tuxie of the half 'stach, Katie Isabella? Leo is infatuated with her, of course, and is one of her biggest suitors (he hopes he tops the list anyway). Well sweet Katie has a rather endearing habit. You'll see in a minute why I bring it up.

Katie bring her toys, one by one, to her mom's bedroom every night. How she's feeling depends on how many toys show up, and it's always fun to know just which toys get the honor of being escorted to the room each day.

I have always thought that was an adorable thing. My kitties do not do this. They may bat their toys around, but they are left in random places, probably where they got tired of playing. But they do not bring us gifts.

So when my mother shared new pictures of Piper with me, I was floored! Because, look!

This is my mom's bedroom! And see what's there? Toys! Piper brings her toys in at night! There's a pink crocheted mousie that guess who made ;) And a grey mousie and a black mousie that I got Piper for a welcome that she HATED! Until now, apparently she now likes them enough to bring them to the bedroom at night, yay! And then there's the fuzzy thing... Um, I have no idea what that thing is. Maybe some kind of mouse because I think I see a face on it? But anyway, look, four toys!

So is this a tuxie thing? Do any other kitties do it, and if so, are they tuxies too?? Isn't it sweet?!

Here's Piper with another favorite toy of hers. Like the pink mouse and whatever that fuzzy thing was, this was also one of Sir Moose-a-lot's toys. Piper was very happy to inherit them. There is a toy on each end of this string. My mom holds one end and tosses the other as far as she can and then drags it back to herself, Piper following and attacking all the way!

Piper: It's time to play toss the toy, get on the ball, lady! I needs ta chase somethin'!

And here she is waiting patiently for her snack. Ok, maybe not so patiently. She's ready for her num nums!
I'm not looking at your camera until you gives me my noms! You're a whole minute and a half late already!

Still waiting for my noms, but now you can't pet the kitty until you FEED the kitty! See how smart I is? Crack open a can of stinky goodness already, please!

We hope you enjoyed our very first Tuxie Tuesday! We think it's awesome that we finally get to do one! Smooch a tuxie today if you can!

(Leo said he'd like to smooch Katie today, then he blushed and looked hopefully for a teleport tunnel!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cozy Boy

Leo: zzzz 'smy nap time..zzz 'bout time I get featured the blog though.. been far too long especially since I'm the one it was started for.. Why they gotta get me at nap time is beyond me, silly humans..zzzzzz has a nice nap everyone..zzzzzz

*whisper* Because you're a cute, rumpled, fuzzy napper, that's why!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thankful Thursday, Update Edition: Cashmere and Piper

I have updates!

First, Cashmere is doing great! After one day of taking her new pills everything was flowing freely again! She still doesn't like the pills, but she's not running from us. We give the pill right before Snackin' Time, which is her favorite time of day, so she sticks around. As soon as we get the pill down her throat and put her down, she's rubbing on legs and acting all lovey and looking for her snack.

We looked for the pill paste/pill-doh/pill disguiser stuff but they must not carry it anywhere around here because we cannot find it. Also not finding any pill pockets that are not greenies.. I do thank you all for your suggestions! I will have to look for the pill disguiser stuff on line more, but for now, she's actually not being that bad about just taking it, surprise surprise!

Cashmere: I'm not happy with you people.. but as long as the snacks keep coming, I'll put up with your pill nonsense.

And now Piper!
Piper is the kitty my mom adopted from the place the Random Felines mom fosters for that we brought back to her from Columbus.

She's doing so well! She still runs when someone comes into the house, but she comes back out most of the time. She's a cautious girl!

Mom sent more pictures!

Piper: Hi hi! This my spot. MINE! I own it!

This is where they put the towel I laid on for the whole trip home, my scent soaker they called it. I don't need the towel any more to tell me that this is my spot, I just know now!

See, it's right where my mom can scratch my head. ooooo yeah, that's the spot! Thank Cod she has good nails for the scritchin'!

I like to lean right up against my mom now. I press in hard and she knows I'm here for the scritchin'! Oooo I'm a very happy kitty when I get my head scritched..

Look what I discovered! HUGE cat TV! It's AWESOME! Come closer, I'll show ya.

See what I see? Bird feeders! Lots of them! And lots of birdies come to visit every day!

Here's a peek at some of my view. Do you see them all? Gold finches and wood peckers and ... well, mom knows most of the names, I just call them Crunchies! hee hee!

Oh. My. COD! This, THIS, is my most recent discovery! FISHIES! And turtles too! Do you remember when I was at the Colony Cats and they was tryin' to pick me up and I was lookin' at the fishy tank there? Well who knew I'd have one HERE! And I didn't even notice! Not until one day one of the turtles started smackin' the top of the water and splashin' and making a big ruckus. Then I HAD to see! I stood up and put my paws on the tank that day. But now I know there's this chair here just for me to fish watch from!

*Happy sigh* I could lay here all day. But I'm also trying to figure out how to catch me one of them fishies. Not the turtles though.. they don't look appetizing. But fishies.. I'm very fond of the fishies!

We are so very thankful that Cashmere is feeling better and doing better with the pills. And we are very thankful that Piper is just loving her new home!


I have a request of you, my dear friends! Would you help find a great home for a very friendly kitty named Sunspot? She's so desperate for a family of her own, a place with no other kitties.. She's a Winnie's Wisher who just does not like other kitties, but loves loves loves humans! Do you know anyone, friend or family or coworker, or friend of a friend, who would like a loving furry family member? Please please send them to Daily Dose, to Chrystal, so Sunspot can have the forever she longs for!

Read more about Sunspot HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (, kitties can be transported across the country and even into Canada!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two for Tuesday

Two happy girls on their tree!

Glitter: Trying to nap here..
Cashmere: So enough with the flashy flash please!

Just figured out this week that it's sweet quiet little Cashmere who ripped the crap out of that post on the cat tree! With her teeth! Ornery girl... MOL!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cashmere VS the Vet, Take 2

You all remember last month when Cashmere had to go to the vet for a UTI? We did manage to get all ten of those pills down her and she was doing fine.

Until Tuesday. The Fourth of July. When the vet was closed. Of course, right?

Poor girl kept trying to pee on everything but nothing was coming out. I was contemplating taking her to the ER vet because I was worried. She managed to go a little bit in the box, and didn't act like she was in distress, so we waited. And worried. I called the vet bright and early Wednesday and they got her right in.

Want to see how happy she was about that?

Cashmere: I will cut you....

Cashmere was gracious enough to provide them with a fresh sample. Right on the exam table... They tested it and yup, blood in the urine. Poor girl!

So she's on a 14 day course of antibiotics this time (instead of 10 days like last time) and we had a lovely time getting her first pill down her.. Where's the sarcasm font? I can about guarantee two weeks of her running from us at pill time.

I know Greenies makes pill pockets, but all three of my kitties HATE greenies. Does anyone know if any other company makes pill pockets? Are they soft or hard? I will take any and all advice on getting these pills down her. She will not eat any human food so can't put it in tuna or liverwurst or chicken or cheese.. She doesn't care for soft tender treats. If there's a better way to do this than shoving them down her throat, I'm listening! Please and thank you!

You brought me here again, I'm not even going to look at you.. Bring in the vet tech who knows how to scritch my ears, but keep that V. E. T. person away!

Nice try, but you cannot make me like you by giving me treats. I dislike you so much that I'm not even going to EAT the treat! So there!

One other question. Has anyone ever given their kitty Amitriptyline HCL to keep them from straining when they pee? I don't know that I want to give it to her.. I had to get it at the people pharmacy and they always give paperwork with pills so I read it. This stuff is an antidepressant! (I'm really concerned that she can't drive or operate machinery while taking this! not to mention it specifically says no alcohol or marijuana, how will I ever explain that one to her?) Even the off label use paragraph said nothing about straining. But here's the kicker, one of the side effects listed is.. trouble urinating! Um.. seriously? Would you give this to your kitty? Should I? Anyone have good results with it?
(Why do I feel like a new pet parent.. shouldn't I know all this by now? sheesh)

Thanks in advance for any advise, and for purrs and prayers for my little sweetie!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Piper Peeps

When I left off in the tail, er tale, of my mom's new Kitty, Piper, she had just walked out of her carrier and into her new forever mom's arms for her first hug. We took a few pictures, and then Piper was ready to explore.

And by explore, I mean run behind the couch. Oh boy. It was really late but we didn't want to leave until we showed her where the litter box and food and water were. Greg looked over the back of the couch and tried talking to her. He'd been talking to her on the ride home, and also opening the cage go give her the occasional pet. She was so good when he did that, until the last time when she decided, "Oh, I can come out?" and tried like mad to get past his hand. I give him credit for being able to drive and keep her in the cage and eventually get the door shut again! I couldn't reach her to help from where I was sitting.. also couldn't pet her, totally unfair!

So Greg talked to her from over the back of the couch and she responded by going out the other end. I saw her head down the hallway and into the bathroom. Mom followed her and tried sweet talking her at which point Piper decided she had other places to be and went into my moms room and under the bed. Mom had forgotten to shut the door to prevent just such an occurrence.. Still gotta show her the litter and food, so this set off a big ordeal where Greg and mom tried everything, including moving the bed, to find the kitty. After about half an hour they took a break.. And found Piper in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.

Mom picked Piper up with the intent on walking with her to the foyer with the food and the back room with the litter. But mom.. well, she's no spring chicken, she made it to the first chair and had to plop down to catch her breath while carrying her new bowling ball, I mean, new kitty! I did mention the she had wanted a large kitty, right? Piper fit that bill, and more!

Greg took over then, he's a much better bowler, I mean, he's much better at carrying heavy objects.. I mean.. Greg helped! He took her to the food and water dishes and showed her the yummies, then carried her out to show her where the litter box was. I told him to put her in it, if nothing else, she'll get her foot scent in the box and know it's hers, right? She sniffed around, then decided to explore this room, which is my mom's craft and computer room. There are doll house miniature things on and under tables everywhere and two desks and a cabinet, oh so many places for a kitty to hide. Oh so many places for her to get completely around the room without ever coming out where you can see her!

But she kept talking to mom, and she wasn't running to hide, just kind of hugging the walls. Time for us to leave! Sorry mom, Greg had to get up early the next morning for work and it was late as heck! I figured it would take a day or two for Piper to get comfy and then she'd be looking for attention. I was wrong.. The second Greg and I went into the garage to leave and shut the door behind us, she came out and rubbed on my mom's legs! She put her paws up on mom's lap and gave one of her peeping meows as if to say, you can pet me now!

We're not even out of the garage and mom hollered, "She came out!" Figures.. Silly kitty! I called once we got home and found out that while Piper kept going off behind things, she also kept coming out and peeping at mom and asking for pets. She was exploring the house from behind one piece of furniture or another. She spent quite a bit of time behind the washer, so the next day mom blocked that off. Not a good spot for a large kitty to get stuck..

The very next day Piper was attached to my mom. Every time she'd get a little lost, she'd meow until mom called her or went to her and she'd come out and get pets! She sits next to her on the couch and demands pets. If my mom doesn't pet her fast enough, she shoves her whole head under her hand DEMANDING what she wants! Piper goes into rapturous joy when she gets pet, "oh yeah, that's the spot, purrrrrrrrrrrr!" When she gets up next to mom, she flops over hard into her leg for her pettin' time!

My sister spends a lot of time up at my mom's house, taking care of her and basically being there for her. She spends several nights a week up there too. So the first day she came over after Piper's arrival, she came in to see the kitty. And Piper ran under the couch! At least I'm not the only one she hid from! It didn't take long though, for Piper to realize she wasn't going anywhere, and also that she had two extra hands for the pettin' times! Now she flops next to my sister too, demanding her pets!

If my mom spends any time at all at the computer, which she does every day, Piper comes out and puts her paws on her leg and peeps at her, letting her know it's time for pets! Mom is going to have to get Piper her own computer chair so she can sit next to her! Because girlfriend will not be denied! When she says it's pettin' time, it's pettin' time doggone it!

So I guess you could say, Piper has settled in quickly and is perfectly capable of running the household already! And now some pictures mom has taken!

Piper: This is where I lay when I want to by next to my new mom, but she can't reach me over the end table. Doesn't keep me from kneading on the carpet and talking to her though!

This are my foodies and waters dishes. That pink thing is my toy. My new mommy's daughter, the one who bringed me here, bought me new furry mousies. I reward her for this by staring at the mousies when mommy holds them up for me and giving them the eyes of "what the hell is that?! Get it away from me!!" hee hee, I think it's funny. I would rather play with the old toys from the kitty before me!

I call this, "it's my pettin' time!" I needs scritchin's on my neck and do not forget the top of my head, I loves pettin's on the top of my head. I also call this, almost out of mommy's reach, because it's hard for her to bend over this far. But I am still in the training mode with my new mommy. She'll get it soon enough I'm sure.

My mom's previous cat, Sir Moose-a-lot Goodyear Roadkill Thunderbottom, used to love to sit in front of my mom and let her pet him with her foot. Guess what Piper did?

Piper: I call this, "Oh yeah, that's the good spot!" The mommy training is going really well! She already understands that rolly polly kitties like to have their back rubbed by the tail! (it's hard to reach that spot for us full bodied girl kitties!) All in all, I'd say I'm a pretty happy girl here!

And I can report that my mom is a pretty happy girl too! She's got a new buddy, and it only took a few days before she decided to sleep on the bed with her! I think we found her a really good match, don't you?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Someone New Pipes Up!

Meet Piper! She's got a lot to say!

You all remember that my mom lost her Sir Moose-a-lot Goodyear Roadkill Thunderbottom not long ago? Well, she was ready for a new furry friend and I decided that I would find one for her as a Mother's day present.

I had no idea it would be so hard to find her a kitty! It's not like she was super specific about the kind of kitty she wanted.. Just had to be a big headed, white faced, tiger and white or tux, short haired, large male, super friendly, maybe dog friendly, kitty. Easy peasy, right? I'll wait for the laughter to stop.. ;)

Of course the first place I looked was Winnie's Wish! (do you know me?? hello!) But the only one who fit the bill, sort of, has to go with his brother and he doesn't fit the 'super friendly' or even really large. The super friendly Wisher is Sunspot, who really really really needs a home! But there's no way I could pass her off as a white faced large tuxie seeing as she's a lovely tabby with patches of copper in her gray tabby fur. Seriously, how is she still waiting?? So pretty!
(speaking of the brothers Binks and Blue, come on, someone out there must want an adorable pair of sweethearts who, while they may take a while to adjust, will give years of joy to whoever adopts them!)

I checked out kitties in local places, but no one seemed to fit the bill. I only found thirteen thousand that I wanted to take home, but none for my mom. (no, we're not looking for more kitties, three in our little house is enough!)

Meanwhile, I had a surgery consultation coming up in Columbus. Hey! I thought, I know someone who works with kitties in Columbus!! You all know her too, I'm sure, as the mom of the Random Felines, Jeanne! She fosters for Colony Cats, so I thought maybe they might have the special kitty we are looking for. I wrote to Jeanne and told her my tail, er, tale of woe in trying to find a big headed, white faced, tiger and white or tux, super friendly, maybe dog friendly, large male kitty. She wrote back right away with two quick suggestions and said there were probably more. The two she sent were adorable! But if you noticed, I forgot a key piece of the perfect kitty description.. These boys were both long haired. Mom wants short hair. Poo.

I got the link to their Petfinder page and oh boy! Lots of kitties that might fit the bill! Mom and I looked and I put all the possibles into a list for her. A few days passed and I said, hey, did you pick a kitty? She gave me a list of four (out of I think 16) that she liked. Between looking at them and picking them, three had been adopted! Poo again.

That leaves one, right? So we had our kitty? Guess again, there were a few new ones! Or at least a few we hadn't noticed before. More lists, more narrowing it down. We were getting down to the nitty gritty! My appointment was Tuesday and I needed to let Jeanne know as soon as possible so if it was in a foster home she could get it to the shelter for us to see!

Finally, I think it was Saturday night or Sunday when she finally said, "Piper." I looked her up to make sure she hadn't been adopted and.. "Um, mom. Did you know Piper was a girl?" "Oh? Well, that's ok." She was one of the only kitties listed as "large". So I let Jeanne know and we made plans to meet after my appointment!

Fast forward to Tuesday, we got out of my appointment very late and pretty much (with one quick stop at a specialty nut company) headed over to Colony Cats to meet Jeanne and Piper! Jeanne was waiting outside. Have you met her? What a really nice sweet lady! And it's not just her kitty tattoos that let you know she's a cat lady for sure!

We did the paperwork outside (busy inside even though they had just opened! Hope they had lots of adoptions!) and finally I couldn't take it, I had to get in there and get my hands on some fur! A mostly black little tuxie obliged and let me pet her as she sat next to me, so cute!

Piper was not one of Jeanne's fosters, so she didn't know her on sight, but knew where she was sleeping. Unfortunately just before we went in, a little boy ran into her cat tree and she moved. As I looked around at all of the tuxies, I realized that one persons idea of large and medium and another's idea can be vastly different! LOTS of the tuxies and tiger and whites that had been listed as medium were certainly large enough kitties to satisfy my mom's want of a big boy! But Piper had been chosen, she's the one we'd be leaving with. They listed her as 'large'. Me? I would have listed her as Extra Large! But adorable with it! Lots to love! Jeanne found her by the fish tank, that's where we took the picture I shared above.

"You like fishies, Piper?" I asked her, "Well, you're going to love the turtle tank where you're going!" Jeanne lugged, I mean, carried Piper over to me and I tried to hold her, but she much preferred to move to the tree right next to me where she enjoyed letting me pet her. She especially liked having her back right at the tail base rubbed. I've had big kitties before, that's the hardest spot for the round ones to get at, so scritches there probably feel great. (Shh, I didn't tell mom this, but I got too aggressive with the rump rubs and she put her teeth on my hand, "that's enough of that, lady!" but it wasn't really a bite, just letting me know to cool it!)

Time to load up and head for home! And that's when we found out what a talker she was! The second Jeanne put her in the carrier (let me pause here to say that Jeanne is an expert getting a kitty into a carrier! just, pop, and she was in! I'd still be there struggling I'm sure!) and girlfriend started up with a litany of complaints mixed with the song of her people! We paid for the kitty, and she sang. We walked out with her, and she sang. We loaded her into the van, and she sang. We said goodbye to Jeanne, and she sang. We loaded up, and she sang. We pulled out, and she sang. Continuously. But not loudly, because she has this adorable, tiny little sweet peeping kind of voice!

Piper sang for at least ten full, consistent minutes. Then she settled down, thank heavens! Though she peeped every so often all the way home, she was done with the long song. She was a good girl on a stop we made to see Greg's sister and her family who live in Columbus, met everyone through the carrier door and sat quietly while we visited for half an hour. Finally, it was time to get on the long road home. It was about a three hour drive to my mom's house and Piper traveled like a champ.

My mom called several times while we were on our way home, Piper even peeped into the phone for her! She called so many times that my phone battery went dead! I had to use Greg's phone then and I put the hurts to his battery too. Mom said this was even better than Christmas! We had to get her present home so she could open it!

We finally arrived, and the sky opened up and it began to pour with rain! Gotta love the timing, right? But we were there and Piper was home! I had mom sit on the couch, we put the carrier next to her and opened it. She didn't hesitate, Piper walked out and into her first hug with her new mommy.

Welcome home Piper! And welcome to the family! Happy belated Mother's day to my mom!

Since this has gotten WAY longer than I intended, I'll tell you how Piper is doing in her forever home next time! (I heard those groans!)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Two for Tuesday

Nice days means open windows! Leo and Glitter tried to share a window. It sorta worked..

Glitter: Ya know, if you moved over or sat up, we could both sit in that window..
Leo: Hm, maybe so, but then again, maybe not.

Glitter and Leo: SQUIRREL!!

Leo: Oo birds too!
Glitter: Where does that squirrel think it's going?

All of the critters out there seem to want to torment the kitties, don't they? Thank goodness for strong screens!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Cashmere VS the Vet

Sweet darling loving FRIENDLY Cashmere had to go to the vet this week.. She wanted to explore the exam room. Until... the vet showed up! Oh the indignities! My girl hissed!

Neither she nor Glitter ever hiss! (Leo hisses when there is a substitute mail carrier) Shocking event for the vet I'm sure.. Probably shook in his boots.

Poor girl has a UTI and had to have a shot. She also has pills. The vet said, "I'll give her todays." And popped it into her mouth. Whoosh, pill down the gullet!

Yay, we thought, this means she'll be easy to pill for the rest of the ten days, right? Right. ...Now hold on, don't get ahead of me and start laughing yet! Wait for it..

Cut to the next night when she's due for her pill. Oops, we fed them their snack before we remembered she needed to be pilled. Well, the vet assistant gave us a syringe to squirt water down after the pill, so maybe she wont need the snack to get rid of the icky pill taste.

Greg gathers up an unsuspecting Cashmere, who decides it must be extra special cuddle time with daddy and starts purring away! Not that she's crazy about being picked up, but it was daddy after all, her most favorite person in the world! What's this? He brings her to the mommy, the not-that-close-second-favorite-person! This usually means nail clips, oh no! Cue struggles!

Claw clipping will come soon enough, poor girl, probably this week, but no, we were only after getting a pill into her. Nice tiny oblong pills. No biggie, right? I said no getting ahead of me!

It took a few tries, but I got her jaw open and popped that pill in, just like the vet had, closed her mouth, waited for a swallow, let go... nothing in her mouth! Perfect! Little squirt of water to follow and we're done!

Greg keeps hold of her to give her some "good girl" scritches and... what's this? There's a wet soggy pill embedded in her extremely fluffy bib!

How did she even get that out of her mouth?? I didn't see a thing! And I was watching!!!

Have you ever tried getting a wet soggy pill out of fluffy long fur without breaking it up because you have to reinsert it into the cat? Not fun, is it? Sigh.

Take two: Blap, saw her do this quick tongue move that slid it out of the back side of her jaws just before I closed her mouth! Little brat!

Take three: Faster this time, pretty sure it's in! Hold.. hold... hold.... ok water to follow, look around.... no pill! Has to have gone down! Whew!

A few "good enough girl" scritches and Greg lets her go. Zoom, she's off like a shot!

Then Greg says, "Hey, what's that?" There's a pill in the folds of my blouse... Oh no! But it wasn't wet or soggy.. hold on here.... Check the bottle, do a pill count. Doggone it, musta dropped one when I was getting one out! Sheesh...

Day one down, 8 to go... Will any of us survive? I have my doubts! (You can laugh now, I'm done!)

Cashmere: Thank goodness that's over!

Keep thinking that, pretty girl!

Hmm, probably should have titled this one, Cashmere VS the Pills!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Belated Gotcha Day and Memorial Day

Oh I did it again... First I miss Leo's gotcha day, then I miss our blogoversary, now I've gone and missed the girls gotcha day on the 26th too!! Bad cat mommy, bad!

I think most of you know their story? Chrystal rescued seven feral kittens and TNRed their very very feral mom. I fell in love with Leo the Chinese Lion immediately and when he was about 9 months old, drove eight hours to get him. I had considered briefly getting Glitter with him but we already had Star and were sure she didn't want one kitty invading her home, much less two. So we got my boy.
Glitter and Cashmere were adopted together and I thought all was right in the world.

However, things went awry with Glitter and Cashmere's adoption. The family broke up and the cats were mistreated and Chrystal took them back. She has never told me the whole story, but just says they were in bad shape when she got them back and that she wouldn't take pictures because they looked so bad. After their fur grew back and they got some weight back on, Chrystal started looking for a home for them again. None showed up.

Chrystal briefly considered trading Glitter for a shelter cat, knowing that the friendly beauty would probably get adopted better if she were seen in person. This would leave her sister alone though, and they were bonded. This was the sign for me, no way, not gonna happen! They will stay together, I told Chrystal, and they will come to me! So we made another eight hour drive and got two fluffy sweeties!

I have never been happier! It took them some time, Cashmere more than Glitter, but they are the sweetest, cuddliest, most fluffilicious girls ever! I love my three Wishers and considering how they like to stay glued to me, I think it's safe to say that they love me too! Ok, Cashmere loves Greg more than she loves me, but she still loves me darn it! :)

Happy Gotcha day my darling girls! So sorry I'm late!

Double tummy fluff! (glitter on the left, Cashmere on the right)

All three lined up (Left to right, Cashmere, Glitter, Leo)

Kitten picture! (Left to right, Leo, Glitter, Cashmere, and sister Spritz tucked in under Leo)
Today is Memorial Day here in the United States of America!
Thank you to all those who have served and have given their lives in defense of this country. We are grateful for the freedom you have provided.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tummy Tuesday

Is there anything better than a fuzzy kitty tummy? Glitter has tummy fuzz in spades!

Apparently the mail is quite comfy..

Glitter: zzzzZZZZzzzzzz

Glitter: zzzZZZZZzz *streeeeetch, toe curl* zzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzz

Didn't even wake up!

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Friday, May 19, 2017


Don't you all have those pictures of your kitties that make you say What The Freak? I sure do! 'Cause kitties is freaky! Mine are anyway. And hey, I've seen a lot of yours so don't go thinking I'm alone in this! ;)

I might try to make WTFriday a thing for a while. If I don't forget.. because, ya know, I'm about as freaky as my kitties at times! hee hee

What gave me the idea for this was the following picture of Leo:

I took this picture because I could not tell WHERE the Freak Leo's head was! And that jumble of legs!
Who scrambled my kitty?!?
Some assembly required??
Contents may have shifted in transit?

Goofy boy...

As long as we're talking about freaky things. Did you notice Leo's Wonky claw? I don't think I've talked about it in a long while.. it's on one of his extra toes. The same toe on the other foot is a normal claw, it doesn't retract though, because there's no bone, or at least no attached bone in it, just kind of flops around. That one, the normal looking one, can get super long and really wicked looking! Especially if I don't keep up on the trimming. The wonky claw also does not retract and kind of flops around in a sort of boneless way. It is long and flat and very wide. Here's a close up:

It's half grown out here. When it's even longer the end will split into two pointy ends that look like a lobster or crab claw; you can see it starting to do that here. When I trim it, it looks like a little flat square. There's no quick, so I can trim it fairly short. Please note; it has it's own toe hawk!
Here's an old picture of it, when it was doing the lobster/crab claw split:
This was several years ago, look, no toe hawk!
That's my "What The Freak?" moment with Leo. Do your kitties have one?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Glitter's At It Again!

Remember last month when Glitter was busy jumping into and sliding across the bed, bunching up the top sheet? Well, she did it again! And again, Greg couldn't get his cell phone working in time to get any of it on camera, just the aftermath.

This time, she dived into the window after rumpling up the sheet and Greg caught her coming back out from under the temporary (only temporarily up for the last five years..) curtain. Her eyes are still huge and playful! Wild girl!

What? There was a squirrel... Out the window I mean. No idea what happened to the sheet.. again.

Apparently all worn out from 'just looking at a squirrel' she had to take a rest break in her most favorite "comfortable" spot. (seriously, does that look remotely comfy to anyone??)
I keep telling you.. I'm just a sweet innocent girl who just keeps getting accused of all manner of naughtiness.. *sneaky side eye*

I don't buy it, I've seen her attack sheets before! Not that I've had any better luck getting it on camera than Greg does. Girlfriend is FAST!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Leo: ZzzzZZZZzzzz hmm what? Oh, hi..

Ok, it's true, my mom shares her blanket with me. She even gives me my very own pillow. Say what you want. I'm pretty thankful for them, and for her. Because daddy sometimes keeps the house too cold for me and for mom!

Besides, I'm a special boy and I get special privileges and.... Oh hecks no.. hang on a sec!

I see you Cashmere! So NO, you cannot steal my spot or my pillow or my blanket this time! So there THHHHPPPP!
So yeah, anyway, pretty thankful boy here! Now, g'night, it's my naptime.

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