Friday, August 5, 2016

Treat Boy!!

Ok, if you've read our blog for a while, you probably know that Leo does not like treats! It's hard enough to get him to eat much of his nightly snack of stinky goodness. He eats crunchy food, no problem. Which makes me wonder why he doesn't like crunchy treats? He looks at us with disdain if we try to offer him people foods.

The epitome of finicky cat!

We don't even offer him treats any more because we know what his response will be. He'll look at us like "What the H. E. Double hockey sticks is wrong with you?" Then he'll turn his tail up and walk away, all affronted.

Of course, if I'm opening treats for the girls and filling their treat balls (of which we have many) then he comes over, nose twitching like "Hey, whatcha got?" But one sniff, and.. see the above paragraph.

So the other day I opened up some Party Mix treats and he couldn't get close enough to have his usual sniff because of the clamoring girls. I gave Greg a few and asked him to show them to Leo then give them to the girls while I was filling a couple of treat balls. Giving a few to the girls early keeps my fingers intact and allows me to fill without bouncing treats off of persistent noses..

Greg took the treats, on the sly so the girls wouldn't follow, and showed them to Leo. AND HE ATE A FEW!!

Knock me over with a feather! Seriously!

Ok, had to think about it. We haven't had Party Mix in a long time, sticking mostly to Temptations and their huge variety of flavors (minus anything with fish. Because of Leo. Who doesn't even eat them. Are we weird/paranoid or what?)  So maybe he does like treats, just not temptations?

Cut to this morning. The kitties never got their 'after the humans eat' snack because the humans didn't eat.. the humans haven't been feeling well and decided to sleep instead of eat or anything else. So I decided they should at least get a little treat to make up for it. I mean, they don't get a snacky every single day, just about 98% of the time!

I decided I wanted photographic evidence of Leo eating treats! So I filled the girls treat balls first, put those down to keep them occupied (Leo has never used a treat ball, didn't want to confuse him when he's just starting to like treats, so he didn't get a treat ball) Then Greg put a small handful down on some ads so Leo could have a nibble in peace away from the vacuum cleaner girls.

We forgot about one thing though.. Cashmere. She MUST inspect everything anyone else gets in case it's different than what she has. Or in case it's easier to eat than what she has. For instance, She prefers her stinky goodness piled up, but once she smooches it down, she trades bowls with someone else in case theirs is still piled up. Another for instance, She lets Glitter bat around the treat balls and noses in to get the treats that fall out, trying to get as many as she can before Glitter makes her whap her own. Glitter, on the other hand, is a soft, gentle, lady when it coms to treats or snacks. She carefully turns over treat balls, not really smacking them, just encouraging them "Please won't you give me some of your lovely inners? Thank you darlin'." You want to trade snack bowls with her? Ok, that's fine, she doesn't mind in the least.

Anyway! Pictures from this morning! Well, I tried.. Cashmere heard Leo crunch or something and ran over to see what he had, and it was easier to get than using the treat balls!

Greg brought her treat ball over to her, to try to distract her, but she'd already distracted Leo from his little pile of treats.

Cashmere: Yes, I see the ball thingie. I know there are treats in there. But why should I use the treat trap when those treats are siting right out in the open?
Leo: Treat trap? What kind of a horrible device is that?

 Almost immediately, Glitter left her treat ball and rushed over to see what Leo and Cashmere were doing..
Glitter: Oh hey! There's your treat ball, Cashy, don't you want it?
Cashmere: Not really, unless you knock some out for me. Leo's are sitting right out in the open!
Leo: I had one.. *thurrrp*
 In case you can't tell, he is licking his lips in that picture. (squeee, kitty tongue!)  Here's a close up:
Leo: *thurrp*

And THEN! Leo came over to see Glitter's treat ball! Which was almost under where I was so I aimed and shot and wound up with several pictures of Leo sans head and then this one, completely dark with only a partial head. I lightened it as much as I could..
Leo: Hmm, I don't know why your treats are hidden. I may have to work at this to see why they are so hard to get to..

When I retrieved the empty treat ball later, it was almost fully opened up flat.. do you think it's a coincidence that it was Leo's first time with it??
I'm gonna take the weekend to think about that.. Hope your weekend is full of treats and new interesting things!
(And I hope you can recover from how long winded I was today and knowing the intricate details of treat/snack at our house! lol)


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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We all love Party Mix at this end (they call it "Goody Bag" in England!. Glad to hear that Leo has discovered them!

The Chans

Eastside Cats said...

It's always a marvel when our cats do something new! And I've yet to see a cat wait his or her turn for a!

Kitties Blue said...

We kitties all have a different purrsonalities and tastes. Our Calista Jo won't eat any brand or flavor of treats, but she eats dry food. Fiona eats lots of treats since she has been sick, but changes her mind from day to day as to what she likes. We kitties like to keep you humans on your toes. We really like you new look! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Random Felines said...

too funny....around here, it is every cat for himself when treats are available

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Twee doesn't eat treats either.. it's kinda odd

Summer said...

So you finally found something he likes! He deals with treat balls the same way Binga does - search and destroy.

Katie Isabella said...

Leo? You were gonna carry over a bag of treats for me? Please. And now, we will share. Come on over handsome.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Party Mix is the best, I can see why he likes it.

modern nomad said...

We vote for party mix!
have a super weekend...

Noodle and crew